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  1. Took a little searching on my part, doesn't seem to be directly reachable in discord but got there via this:
  2. Same, I used to be a small time miner. I kept some of my lesser known alt coins but the main stuff got sold off years ago. Made a few $1000 off it but if I had just sat on it, I'd of made 10x that. I keep thinking it's just a bubble and it will burst. And so far, I've been right every time but then it jumps right back to the "bubble" amount a few months later and then repeats with a new bubble value. I don't know where this is going, there is no value in most crypto currencies and yet they keep going up. It doesn't seem like a fad anymore but there still isn't any value outside the privacy coins. And those both the banking system and governments hate with a passion, for the obvious reasons. So I just don't know. Right now I'm sitting on a few alt coins and the new bitcoin I'm getting through nicehash. Maybe some day that few hundred bucks worth of crap coins I have will be worth millions.
  3. Yes. I have both my laptop (RTX 2070) and desktop (RTX 2080 Super) mining around half the day. If I had them both running 24/7 since January, both would have paid for the entire systems several times over by now. And these aren't mining rigs, just an ordinary gaming PC and gaming laptop from 2 years ago. Wonder who's paying $2500 for a GPU? It's people who expect to profit by $200+ per month off it. That may not sound like much, but think about it, over the course of a year you will make $2400 and still have a high end GPU at the end of it that you could keep using or resell. Even an ancient RX 480 from ages ago is profitable to mine with. Estimated profits are around $50 a month. Run it for 5 months and it will generate more money than it cost brand new when it first came out. Think about that. Obvious question is how long this can last and for that I have no idea. It will either collapse entirely or just go on seemingly forever. Given the history of crypto, I suspect it isn't going anywhere.
  4. Very unlikely, unless you are just referring to a video. My guess is we'll get tutorials spread over a month or two
  5. My guess is we'll start getting tutorial videos as it approaches, just like with the Hind and other recent modules. I wouldn't expect it to hit our PC's until all the basics are covered (startup, navigation, shooting).
  6. Back on topic, I expect the Apache to be very easy to fly. My guess is it will be similar to the Ka-50 in terms of stability but will suffer from torque unlike the Ka-50. As for what's hardest? Definitely not the Huey. Completely ignoring systems and just looking at takeoff, fly around, landing, the Huey is probably the third easiest, behind the Ka-50 (with all autopilot channels off) and the hilariously unrealistic flight model of the Gazelle. Hardest is either the Hip or Hind I think. Once again, that's with the autopilot off. I don't consider either to be difficult, but they are bit more susceptible to VRS and side slipping all over the place. Systems wise, I expect the Apache to be a nightmare of endless MFD pages where firing an unguided rocket pair requires 407 button presses much like the A-10 and F-18. I am really looking forwards to it, but like so many of those 80's and 90's aircraft, it uses early iterations of glass cockpits where engineers hadn't really figured out how UI should work yet. So really dumb useless stuff will be easy to access or the default mode while the most critical time sensitive things will be buried in many cases and lack direct access.
  7. IFF in DCS is magic for pretty much everything. If you are getting killed by friendlies equipped with radar, then they are just team killing for a laugh or don't know how to use the radar. If we're talking about aircraft that lack radar, such as other choppers, harriers or some with sketchy radar like MiG-21's and F-5's, then yeah, fair mistake as it's basically impossible to tell who is who unless aircraft are side restricted.
  8. Won't work, miners will just buy them. You have to understand that even right now, a dinky RX 5700XT will generate $128 a month profit on nicehash (which takes a decent cut) with $0.1 kW/h cost. Hell, even my laptop's RTX 2070 can generate over $100 a month. Mining is going no where, the supply of GPU's is not even remotely close to demand and with mining being as profitable as it is at the moment, the gaming GPU market is basically non-existent. Virtually all cards are for mining. The core problem is the chip manufacturers were running at capacity prior to COVID and then demand went up dramatically from everyone working at home. Throw in some supply disruptions from lockdowns and an unexpected mining boom and we have what we currently have. The only solution is to build new chip factories, but those take years to build. Some are in progress, but I've heard they are expected to come online in around 3-4 years. So this problem is here to stay.
  9. I find the near 90 fps claim with the Reverb G2 rather difficult to believe. On medium-high settings (visibility high, basic shadows but not flat), 50% resolution (in steam VR, the physical native resolution of the G2) and no anti-aliasing, I typically get 45-50 fps with reprojection forced off. This is with a 2080 Super. Admittedly a 6900XT is a fair bit faster, but I find it hard to believe it's that much faster especially since the 45-50 fps cap is due to the CPU in most cases (10600k at 4.9 GHz). Please share the full list of settings FETUS, if you really are getting performance on that level I'd love to know how.
  10. I picked one up a couple weeks ago too (stick as well). Coming from an X-55, I'm used to a simple hat switch for TDC control. With that said, I'm not sure I can reproduce your problem. There is an ever so slight deadzone built into the TDC but it is very slight. Feels almost like the TDC flexing slightly as pressure is applied rather than moving. Once it actually moves, simapp and DCS both detect the movement. I have noticed that the TDC in the hornet doesn't take these direct inputs though. It seems to have a pretty heavy response curve in it making much of the initial movement do basically nothing. But that has nothing to do with the control itself, that's a DCS F-18C specific issue. It may or may not be realistic. Either way, I don't find precise control to be a problem.
  11. Avrocar, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avro_Canada_VZ-9_Avrocar
  12. I used the X-55 (X-56 with fewer mini sticks but more hats) for 5-6 years. I had ghosting issues off and on for a long time. A powered USB hub fixed most of it but not always. One thing I eventually noticed is it seems heavily susceptible to interference. Using a powered USB hub (PCI-E card with extra power plug from PSU) and routing the wires well away from the PSU, GPU, any case fans and my desktop speakers seemed to resolve the issues completely. Obviously that's a whole lot of junk that shouldn't be needed, but I never had any ghosting problems once doing that unless the wires drifted back towards something they shouldn't.
  13. I've only had the CH Pro Pedals, they are indestructible but also rough and clunky. I've heard their stick/throttle are the same way. Basically their designs are stuck in the 1980's, but they do last. There is the old Logitech X-52 that might be worth considering. They are cheaply made and have had QC issues in the past (don't know about after Logitech merger). I had one a decade ago and it lasted about 4-5 years of heavy use. I used a Saitek X-55 until a couple weeks ago, it lasted about 6 years and still works fine, save for one button (ironically the least used). The X-55 was replaced with the X-56, which has an MSRP of around $200 but currently sell on Amazon for $350+. Currently I use a WinWing Super Taurus/Libra but that's way outside the price range given.
  14. Same issue for me tbh. When I got the throttle/stick/startup panel, I went through and did the updates. What I found is that for each device, I had to click the update button, which would apparently do nothing, restart windows, then go back and press update for that same device again and it would do the update. The program would crash once backing out of that device page and so required a second reboot to proceed. I had to repeat this for all 5 devices (stick handle, stick base, throttle handle, throttle base, startup panel). Massive pain but I've got it all updated and working.
  15. MFD's and alpha. MFD's because I don't need a microscope to see them, alpha cause I don't have time to fool around with you chasing your own tail. Edit: That said, I do like the maverick + GBU-97 spam of the viper.
  16. For the HOTAS itself (including most of the startup panel), I pretty much left it at default. Only things I changed were exterior light knobs to instrument lights, bleed air to radar control (off, stby, on, etc) and I replaced some of the top right switches to things like master arm instead of ground power junk I'll never, ever use. Nearly everything was already mapped in DCS, so I didn't have to do a whole lot for the F-18 thankfully. Converting it to the F-16 was a bit of a chore but I have that mostly done. I don't have the 2 panels at this time, I haven't decided if I'll add them. I also added center VR and VR zoom to the up/down positions of the countermeasures hat since it's only a 2 way hat in DCS but the actual hat on the throttle is 5 way. I also added flaps up/down to the recce hat.
  17. Mine is new, having only arrived a few days ago. I agree with the above, pressing it and accidentally slewing isn't an issue for me either on either the throttle TDC or the Recce button/hat.
  18. Setup showed up early yesterday morning. Ordered on 7-10, showed up on 7-19 on the east coast USA for those that are curious on delivery times. There were no import fees, as expected. Everything seems to work fine so far, definitely an upgrade over my old X-55 though it will take some getting used to after using the X-45/52/55 for the last 15-20 years. Nearly everything was pre-configured for the Hornet, so in game setup was minimal for that particular module. All other module require the usual delete all assignments and start from scratch, except for the F-16 (or was it the Hind) which had absolutely nothing assigned.
  19. Indeed, there is a bit of luck involved. I'm fairly happy with the edge to edge clarity of my Reverb G2 but that was pure luck tbh. I always hated the RIft S ergonomics and it was a terrible pain getting it in the sweet spot. I have a 2080 Super and it can't properly handle the G2 in DCS either. I run about 50% steam resolution and that works ok-ish. It's still far clearer than the old Rift S, can't comment on the Index as I've never seen one in person. I'm planning to grab a 4080 Super/Ti or RX 7800XT when they come out in the winter or spring.
  20. Heh, I know how ya feel. I ended up grabbing a stick and throttle separately last night. It is $100 more that way but realistically, it's the only way to get them it seems. I've been waiting around for a couple months for a package deal to be available and finally gave up. You get a 1.5 hour reserve period during the checkout process and so I took a few minutes to contemplate if I really wanted to pay $300 USD in shipping. I hadn't previously considered it would be that high and so it put the setup at $1400 total (assuming no import fees) which was enough to make me reconsider. While thinking, I checked the store page and noticed the throttles were sold out again, so it seems I had the last one in my cart at the time. I do have some concerns that I'll get an email this week saying "oh sorry, we sold out but we're keeping your money, we'll ship to you in 5 years when they are back in stock." Alternatively I'm dreading the possibility of a defective unit. If that happens and they don't pay return shipping, that puts it into the category of better to toss it in the trash can than send it back and then dispute the credit card charge. Hopefully it all goes well, but they really need to get their distribution situation sorted.
  21. Reread what I wrote, you're agreeing with me while trying to argue that I'm wrong.
  22. Bullet ballistics are trivial though, if spread across our modern 12-64 thread CPU's instead of just using 1. The calculations themselves are reasonably simple even. But as said, I'm sure DCS is sufficiently messy under the hood that fixing the single thread problem is a monumental task.
  23. That lag is due to DCS being single threaded (not counting sound). Each CPU thread can only handle so much, currently it has the physics for all objects (including bullets and aircraft), the AI and the graphics all on the same thread (or so has been claimed and appears to be true). Ideally things like bullets would be spread across all the cores along with the graphics but DCS is ultimately just a very heavily updated version of Flanker from the 1990's. I can only imagine how messy it is under the hood and updating it to utilize modern CPU's would likely be an absolute nightmare. Needs to happen though, that lag from firing those guns shouldn't be a thing. It's a completely trivial amount of work for modern CPU's if the workload is properly balanced across the CPU. Assuming the Vulkan API conversion happens, proper multi-threading support would be the next logical step. So hopefully we can go completely nuts with a full flight of hinds doing that in the future without any loss of FPS or stuttering.
  24. Using a mouse in VR is very easy. I have a normal desk setup with an X-55 desktop hotas. Throttle is on the left, keyboard in the middle, stick on the right and mouse just to the right of that. If I take my hand off the stick and move my hand down to the right side, the mouse and pad are right there. Very easy to find and very easy to use blind. The keyboard is the problem, I basically only use that for gear and maybe flaps on some aircraft, but f and g are fairly easy to find given the bump on the f key.
  25. It occurred to me to try this as well. How'd you convert it? I've built a fair few missions but never bothered with the campaign side of things.
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