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  1. I remember the AI shooting with random inaccuracy from the perfect trajectory in a certain WW2 flight sim released in 2001, it was pretty hilarious. They would aim on the perfect trajectory and laser beam an arc, 1m short or 90 degrees off in the wrong direction, once again with perfect tracking not counting the offset. I understand these sound like simple requests, but they really aren't. I would like to see the AI improved in general but I don't think there are any quick fixes, at least none that would be an actual improvement. This is a core game engine rework we are talking about, and for
  2. Buzz around an airbase on the Syria map for a bit with some targets to get a feel for the chopper, weapons and startup. After that hop into an unrestricted MP server and try it out in the world of Hornets, Vipers and FC3 planes. I expect it will go fairly well tbh.
  3. Honestly, massive AI changes are not realistic expectation or request at this stage. For right now it is what it is. I do hope they redesign the AI at some point but that's likely a long ways off. I don't see it as the massive problem for the Hind as a few people in this thread though. I think the Hind will do just fine in the game as it is.
  4. I don't doubt it, NVG's aren't magical devices that let you see in total darkness. Early models in particular often required IR illuminators with very limited range. Then there is the issue of being able to see instruments and depth perception. Most NVG's until very recently were monoculars.
  5. There is absolutely nothing stopping a pilot from throwing on some infantry type nvg's in any aircraft ever made save for their finances or what they are issued. How useful such NVG's would be is another matter. This does fall into the category of doctrine vs possibility. Officially the Mi-8's bomb selection is limited to a few Soviet designed bombs, in reality the Syrian airforce has been rolling 55 gallon oil drums (and other random stuff) filled with explosives out the cargo doors for a while. Similarly I'm sure more than a few pilots around the world with legacy aircraft are breaking out y
  6. Agreed with Northstar, for me the most important skins are present day Syria and Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and 1980's Iraq should also be high priorities but should be secondary. Beyond that I'll take as many as we can get, including some of the weird airshow ones. But Syria and Russia really ought to come first. We have a map where this exact model of aircraft has been in combat use for years, that is the most logical starting point. It would be odd if they didn't do it that way, like releasing a P-38 for use on the Normandy map... with a Japanese skin.
  7. I don't see how it's a new role. The Hind is an attack helicopter, just design missions like you would for the Ka-50, A-10, Viggen or Harrier.
  8. I think the SPO-10 will be sufficient for radar threats from a defensive standpoint but something fancier would be nice if going out to actively hunt SAM/EWR sites. The real problem is going to be IR missiles and the occasional laser guided ATGM. That said, I think radar threats are worse than laser threats in DCS, so I'll take the SPO-10 over the Ka-50's laser warning system any day.
  9. Impossible to say when as not even Wags knows tbh, but we got our first official tutorial video (just an intro) yesterday. So I suspect it's not more than a month or two out.
  10. Don't overestimate how tough aircraft are in real life. The odds of an aircraft surviving a missile hit are vanishingly small. A near miss is a maybe, depending on angles, how close and blind luck. 12.7mm rounds should in theory, be stopped by some of the armor plate at long range (for 12.7mm) but of course, there are lots of vital things with no armor. The purpose of armor in most ground attack aircraft is to protect against handheld weapons, such as 5.56 and 7.62x39. And even then it's to protect the crew and the most vital systems so that they can hopefully limp home or ditch so that they c
  11. I think you might want to think about this a little differently, the direct competition in DCS for the upcoming AH-64 is the Ka-50, not the Mi-24. The Mi-24 will have its place though, just up to mission designers to create reasonable scenarios for it. Of course, it can surprise some people too, I'm sure there will be more than a few videos out there once the Mi-24 is released of people gunning down F-16's dumb enough to try to flat turn with a chopper or go head on. Bonus point for smacking a fighter with an AT missile or unguided rocket.
  12. My guess is it is very simple; they have access to a Mi-24P with the SPO-10 and so that is what they are modeling. It is a very pragmatic choice on that basis alone. There is also the argument that when modeling an aircraft, it should represent the typical configuration. If the SPO-10 is more common in the Mi-24P, then it is rational to use that system in game.
  13. Flanker 2 I think. Played off and on ever since. It does strike me as odd someone thinking currently that this isn't one of the better known flight sims as I'm pretty sure it's the best known combat flight sim unless you count some free to play sim-light stuff.
  14. Nearly all modern games use at least 8 CPU threads reasonably well. DCS uses 1 fully and about half of a second. For CPU reviews, take a look at their CS:GO benchmarks as those are going to be more representative of the kind of difference you can expect in DCS. VR is an FPS challenge and while one can always make the game GPU limited, if we're going for 90 fps (or more), then it tends to be a battle with CPU limitations on that single heavily used thread.
  15. That's the other side of it. I don't post anything particularly controversial anywhere but Facebook/Google/etc are not known for being fair, consistent or even remotely rational when it comes to banning people. Steam does carry a risk too of course, but I've not heard of steam running around banning people on a whim. They seem to be one of our more benign tech overlords. No agenda to push, they just want everyone's money.
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