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  1. Just tried it in MP by binding the pump selector and it worked. Strangely going back and forth between the keyboard binding and the mouse does not seem to move the selector at all.
  2. Thanks. The MW-50 part wasn't in the title so I did not read every post to see that MW-50 is tied to the pump selector issue.
  3. In multiplayer when applying fuel throttle and activating MW-50 in the Bf 109 the fuel pressure drops to zero within less than a minute. I have not noticed this in single player mode. The pressure starts to drop within 20 seconds of MW-50 activation and the engine starts to sputter at around 45 seconds. By this time the needle on the gauge is bottomed out. There is MW-50 in the tank, the MW-50 switch is on, and the MW-50 vs Fuel switch is set to MW-50. When engaged the MW-50 pressure gauge has the needle between the marks. I have replicated this on several different MP servers at various altitudes. Up until a few weeks ago I had been out a year from DCS so I don't know if this is a feature or bug. I did not see any recent postings about this issue but saw a similar one on the forums from early 2015. I have flown the 109 on DCS in MP for several thousand hours since 2016 and this was completely new to me. If I am doing something wrong please let me know. Posting of similar issue from 2015: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/115619-engine-rough-running-fuel-pressure-issue/?tab=comments#comment-2397112
  4. On the bright side it caused me to get better at using the MG 131s :)
  5. Tried it out and it works. Thanks for the info Flying-Kane. Would have been nice if we got a heads up on that one from ED.
  6. This happened to me as well in a different multiplayer server yesterday.
  7. Since the last update the mk-108 30mm cannon on the 109 is not working in multiplayer. I have tried it in different servers with the same result. I have checked my bindings and they were correct and my flight stick is functioning properly. The cannon works properly in single player missions. I asked other 109 pilots in chat and they had the same problem.
  8. I crash to the DCS main screen after different lengths of time in the server. My friends are experiencing the same issue with one saying it's happening to him in Nevada as well. Yesterday we were all dropping at the same time (3 times). Most are having the studdering issue when looking around as if the frames are dropping, even though my frame counter doesn't register a drop. These are most likely 2.2 issues and not Burning Skies.
  9. There are a few out there who team kill on purpose. Luckily I haven't encountered that too much. I believe most occurrences are inexperienced pilots misidentifying.
  10. DarkRaiderss USA 1. Bf 109 2. Fw 190 3. P-51 4. Spitfire IX
  11. Please don't take all the flare guns out. I use it for signaling to teammates as well as warding off friendlies who think my 109 is a mustang.
  12. Nice video Mad. I love how the camera follows the action and the music was good too. :)
  13. ".....ultimately leads to a deadlock, that is until one pilot makes an error". We have all these pages about the "turkey shoot" and the unstoppable UFO 109 and you say this. If this is not a contradiction to all your rhetoric then I don't know what is. Then you call me a troll because I make light of it? You make it out like the spit is crap, yet it is a very capable aircraft and difficult to beat in a 109 based on MY experience. Is it the ultimate plane? No, it has disadvantages. So does the 109. There are very good spit pilots (and you are not one of them) who are only going to get better as they continue to learn their machine. I don't see them coming on here with your complaints about the unstoppable UFO 109 that they are somehow, against all odds, able to defeat. BS is not a turkey shoot and as much as you to portray it that way will not make it so. So continue to fret about your inability to beat a 109 while the good spit pilots take care of business every day.
  14. I guess I personally have more advantages 1 on 1 then and as you stated the two planes are well balanced for that. Ultimately this isn't War Thunder and the planes will never be balanced. There will always be a slower plane. It's also not like the spit can't disengage from a fight, I see it all the time and it's more likely in multiple plane engagements as the other pilots can have their attention focused elsewhere. In 1 on 1 far from friends your chance of successful disengagement is unlikely if the 109 itself doesn't run.
  15. How is me starting MY experience in multiple plane engagements vs 1 on 1 flawed? According to the other poster I should enjoy this great advantage and should theoretically perform better. I lose more in multiple plane engagements than 1 on 1. Are you disputing my personal experience?
  16. If it changes in my favor then why do I lose more in those types of engagements than 1 on 1?
  17. Most of my losses were in greater than 1 v 1 engagements. Multiple planes changes the dynamic for all involved.
  18. +1 This is from one of the best spit pilots. He had 112 air victories in the February "Turkey Shoot" and with only 2 months flying the plane. That put him 7th in air wins behind two other great spit pilots who scored 131 and 129 kills. He's probably shot down my UFO more times than I did his and I expect he will only get better. :)
  19. I don't think he is asking for a TS ban but rather he has seen people call for it in other forums. This is how I read it.
  20. For the top 20 in air kills on burning skies these are the kills for each plane type: Spitfire - 606 kills 109 - 572 kills P-51- 329 kills 190- 298 kills The anomaly that is DavidRed :) was excluded to put the stats in a better prospective (so it's #2 through #21).
  21. That video is from Sep 2015. The fuel pressure gauge currently does not move with plane off. This has at least been this way since I started flying 109 in Dec 2015. Just as Default said, no need to prime before starting engine. I have flown the 109 over 1000 hours in the last year and do not prime as a normal startup procedure. I have only used the pump a couple times on a very cold server and even then the gauge did not move until the engine was started.
  22. Yeah, I heard some kind of hydraulic sound as well.
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