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  1. Thank you for clearing that up Deano87! btw. verry nice Avatar you have there. ;-)
  2. YOU DON'T SAY... I was hoping to get more info on the subject and not only a 'NO' Is it possible to do IRL and or planed to be added? Mark Points would be nice. There is even a MARK botton in the ICP. I was hoping to get some info from you folks in how to utilize the systems we have in the current version.
  3. So thats a no to all? - no Mark Point - no Slave TGP to JHMCS damn shame. ;-D
  4. Hi folks, is there an option to use the JHMCS in A-G modes? Would it be possible to use it like the Ka-50 HMS, I wonder? And are there any Plans to give the TGP Mark Point like the A-10 has?
  5. Could someone explain which steps are necessary to get the smoke Hydra to work. And is it possible to use this ordnance on multiplayer servers?
  6. I also found a sabre mod at: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=139150
  7. I found a Way! be praised 'Werewolf1025' I did as follows: add these 3 lines to .\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\F-86\Input\F-86F\keyboard\default.lua & make sure that you eliminate the duplicates 'AN/ARN-6 Audio Volume Control - Down' , 'Battery-Starter Switch - Up' by setting the combo to 'LShift' -- my NVG mod {combos = {{key = 'H', reformers = {'RShift'}}} , down = iCommandViewNightVisionGogglesOn , name = _('Night Vision Goggles') , category = _('Sensors')}, {combos = {{key = 'H', reformers = {'RCtrl','RShift'}}}, pressed = iCommandPlane_Helmet_Brightess_Up , name = _('Night Vision Goggles Gain Up') , category = _('Sensors')}, {combos = {{key = 'H', reformers = {'RAlt','RShift'}}} , pressed = iCommandPlane_Helmet_Brightess_Down, name = _('Night Vision Goggles Gain Down'), category = _('Sensors')},add this line to .\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\F-86\Cockpit\Scripts\devices.lua devices["HELMET_DEVICE"] = counter() -- my NVG modadd this line to .\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\F-86\Cockpit\Scripts\device_init.lua creators[devices.HELMET_DEVICE] = {"avNightVisionGoggles"} --my NVG mod
  8. Hello community, is it possible to add night vision into the sabre? How can I accomplish such a mod? I know it's not realistic but I want to fly this baby all day(&night) long:)
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