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  1. Ok, I did some work on my wifi router and improved my download speed, and now have successfully downloaded and updated both my stable and beta editions of DCS. No other changes. Good enough for me - now to play a bit. Cheers, Vulture
  2. Have tried updating both stable and beta at least twice, and they all end up stuck the same way. Game works fine, just cannot complete an update. Vulture
  3. Recently, when trying to update both my basic DCS and my Beta install using DCS updated, I get a "Curl Error (6): Couldn't Resolve Host Name when trying to update DCS" near the end of the download. Autoupdate log attached. Have not had any problems previously with same hardware/software configuration; however my download speed has been very slow lately (around 1.5mps most of the time - ugh) and I wonder if that is the problem. Cheers, Vulture autoupdate_log.txt
  4. Beautifully put, and I totally agree. Merry Christmas!
  5. Dont know about the Tomcat, but on the F-4 (which also has a yaw string) there was a hole on the top of the plane, and inside the nose a place on a bulkhead to tie off the string. USAF paintscheme usually has a contrasting line on the top so you could see the string easily. Pretty much only time the string was present was when you picked up a new jet right out of depot; after it wore off it was rarely replaced (in slatted E models, that were not as sensitive to yaw as the the hardwings). OT, but if you check out 1-300's youtube channel you can see some excellent video of JASDAF hardwing EJs
  6. Block 50 is not compatible with Lantirn TF system; only the Block 40s had the necessary WFOV HUD that can display the Nav Flir video and TF symbology. Classmate of mine from the zoo was killed in a Block 40 doing night low level LGB deliveries with the Lantirn system. Having a few flights in Block 40s (including a night TF low level to the range and direct pops - from the pit no less) I can tell you it was pretty challenging! AF finally decided it was just too dangerous for a single seat fighter and dropped it. Vulture
  7. Well, the F-4 does just fine with both ailerons and spoilers; and at high angles of attack, you HAD to use the rudder to roll (cuz using the ailerons would result in a departure!)...and a somewhat "dense" forward view. As long as the final result works... Vulture
  8. Not weird at all. Zuni is a US Navy/Marines weapon, not used by any USAF aircraft.
  9. I rarely do, unless it's something interesting, like a Huey or a P-51. Jets are boring to start, and aligning an INS? Not likely! I did that for 10 years in the real thing and it was never the high point of a flight, trust me. Guess what, real military sims, that are even more expensive and detailed than DCS (although it's getting closer...) often start missions engines & systems running, or in the air, etc. It all depends on what you are trying to do. Starting engines for the sake of starting engines can be fun but can also be a waste of time when you have to fit specific training goal
  10. We played with both Brit Harriers (the early ones) and Marines, and never did anyone use VIFFing - it's a cool trick but really? As far as getting into a turning fight with a Tomcat - yeah, if an F-4 driver was dumb enough to do that he was toast. So don't do it! ACM is fun and all, but real world is really about SA and tactics (and cheating). So yes, a Tomcat will be all over a Harrier in a "dogfight", but if you can get the Harrier into the fight unobserved while the Tomcat is drooling over a kill on a bugging out F-4, it can make for some nice gun tracking film of a Tomcat getting it's
  11. Just a little personal anecdote - back when I was actively flying in F-4Es we didn't worry too much about F-14s as long as we were AIM-7 v AIM-7. Tactics and crew experience were more important. Plus it was nice fighting something that was easier to see (on radar and visually) than the F-4! On occasion we would team up with Marine AV-8Cs to beat up on poor Tomcats coming off a cruise - that was almost like clubbing baby seals...again, all about tactics and being sneaky. As far as it being a more combat effective aircraft than the F-15? One of the two is still in production. It's not the
  12. Hmm, I fly with a TMWH, stiff (blue) spring, 15cm extension. 100 % on all the axes. Gazelle flies just fine - it's not a Huey, but when I compare my stick movement to what is going on in the cockpit it seems to match up pretty close. No problem lifting up to a stable hover, taxi, translation, etc. And I'm a retired F-4 WSO, not a helo driver... Sure, you can't slam the stick around - but I've got a feeling that's how the real thing flies. Vulture
  13. Kirk66


    Some interesting facts about P-47 vs P-51 escort ranges in the ETO. What you read isn't always what really happened! Vulture
  14. Kirk66

    F-15E UFC poll

    I fly F-15E sims for a living (test engineer) and you can relax about not having a WSO - you can do 99% of the system actions from the front seat - but the HOTAS does get a bit complicated! Or jump in the pit and put the jet on A/P and work the systems from there - easier for air-to-ground but you will need a HOTAS stick (left and right hand controller, to be exact) for each hand, plus stick and throttles, so it gets busy there too if you are trying to fly and work the systems at the same time. You still need to be in the front for gear, flaps, master mode and master arm, but landing fro
  15. Kirk66

    F-15E UFC poll

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned earlier, but functionally there is NO difference between the old and new UFCs. It just replaces the display part, not the actual switches. It is not a fancy touchscreen controller like the Superbug's, or have any other function than displaying numbers, letters, and characters in fixed locations. Basically, they replaced LEDs with LCDs. Vulture
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