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  1. That’s weird, it’s not blurred in my original video
  2. Thanks, I know, I reported it to ED. AI bomber formations got messed up by one of the updates, I see lots of collisions, especially after spawn.
  3. Today I’d like to introduce ‘Fortress Europe’ an epic PvP/ PvE WWII multiplayer mission I’m releasing for DCS world. I was inspired by those terrific missions Philstyle is running on his Storm of War server, so I decided to create something like that, but using the Channel map, and beefed up with some of my own ideas. The plan was to create a massive WWII playground. The mission runs for 6 hours, and you can jump into any aircraft at any point, and you’ll still have plenty to do even if you’re the only human player on the server. There are 3 main ground targets assigned to each side, but if you like, you can just roam the countryside looking for road and railway traffic, or ground units near airfields, industrial areas, or ships near the coast. For those who prefer air to air combat, 3 large raids will take off on each side during the mission. You can either escort the friendlies, or intercept the enemy bombers, as directed by your ground controller. There are also 6 smaller scale missions carried out by the AI on each side that are randomized, meaning they will not always happen at the same time if you replay the mission. These are smaller formations attacking secondary targets. On top of this, AI patrols are taking off throughout the mission, and fighters are scrambled when an airfield is under attack. So even if you’re the only human player on the server, you need to watch your six. There is also a photo recon mission available on each side that enables you to take actual photos of the targets. If you feel lonely, you have the option to fly with an AI wingman. If you still find yourself with nothing to do despite all of this happening, you can tune in to the BBC or Radio Berlin for a little entertainment. Oh, did I mention the mission is fully voiced? There are nearly a hundred custom radio messages that will bring your ground controllers to life.(Special thanks to Olaf binder and Edward Sutherland for the voice overs!) Play it all alone, or as a coop with some friends, or run it on a server with dozens of players, ‘Fortress Europe’ will keep you entertained and offer something to do any time you jump into your aircraft of choice. Also, I’m quite inexperienced with multiplayer missions, I’ve always been a SP guy, so if you find any problems or have some suggestions how to make it better, please let me know. Good hunting! DOWNLOAD: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318492/
  4. Hey, thanks for the feedback. You're NOT supposed to overfly Area 51! As for the chit chat, we talked about this with Bio, and he said it would be unprofessional. Since the purpose of this campaign is to recreate real life training as accurately as possible, and not 'Hollywood' style entertainment (like Fear the Bones) we decided not to have any chit chat.
  5. Wow, it looks so much better. I wish it would become part of the module officially. The vanilla 'lines' are not up to the standard otherwise set by the module.
  6. It's a known bug, affects all WW2 modules at the moment, not related to this campaign. It takes 2-3 minutes for me to load WW2 missions...ED is aware though.
  7. Yeah, well, compasses are a bit of a mess in DCS at this moment, very inconsistent. This is one of the main blockers of my Mossie campaign. I don't want to record 100s of voice overs with headings only to change it later when it's fixed. In any case, all compasses should point at infobar + 10 degrees over the Channel map. See Manston runway, that's your magnetic heading.
  8. Was this taken while idling on the ground? I noticed that you need to throttle up quite a bit for the repeater and the DI to align. On a sidenote, there is no magnetic deviation on the Channel map, but I think ED is aware of this.
  9. @Bremspropeller good thinking, makes sense!
  10. I’d also be interested why this safety precaution is not mentioned in the Spitfire’s pilots notes. There you leave it on auto and that’s it
  11. 20-25 knots of wind would be unrealistic for flying. The turbulence levels I described yield a realistic result with 5-10 (-15) kts of wind
  12. Use low gear (MOD) until you climb so high that even full throttles will only give you +7 boost. THEN flip it to auto. That's what the original pilots notes says anyway. I've been wondering why, but @scoobie made a good point there. If the solenoid or whatever that is breaks, it still won't flip it to high gear at low alt and overboost the engine. If you follow the manual's recommendation, there is no way the engine would overboost.
  13. I’m pretty sure it’s not the trim sensitivity nor control sensitivity. The aircraft is just extremely tail heavy and it causes a crazy instability. I need 2-2.5 units of nose down trim for level flight. Surely not realistic if takeoff trim is 1.5 nose down in orser to overcome the nose up pitch caused by the flaps being down. Then you need 2.5 with the flaps up? Nah
  14. Here are some tutorials I made for the Mosquito. They are mainly based on the official Pilots Notes. I hope you'll find them helpful:
  15. The official procedure is: 1: RPM to 1200 2 (optional, unofficial): RPM to 2000 to clean the plugs 3: Pull cutouts 4: when the props stop, shut off the mags 5: Fuel selectors to OFF Of course, this requires the cutouts to be fixed
  16. please post a track if you can. AI orbiting was broken until the last patch, and if it still is, ED will ask for a track so they can fix it. Strangely enough, the mission works for me, I just flew it again.
  17. The 'set course' trigger is only time based, regardless where you are. They even leave without you at the briefed time if you are too slow. If it happens again, please post a track here and I'll forward it to ED.
  18. I just re-checked the mission on the latest OB, the formation sets course and climbs as instructed.
  19. Are you on stable or the latest open beta? There was a core DCS bug that prevented the AI from breaking orbit, but it's fixed now.
  20. Hey. On cold starts you need to charge the cannons first before you can fire them. Airstart missions have everything set up for a fight for you, but when you do a cold start, you have to know how to operate each system of the aircraft, and set them up yourself, that's what I like so much about them
  21. 2 are specifically a2g but there are ground targets in all missions that you can find and strafe on your way home if you have ammo left. I did not come up with the mission types, these are actual missions flown by the 56th in the Spring of 1944
  22. What you see there are WIPers.
  23. After the Mossie is out of EA. I need the skin template
  24. Altitudes and speeds are pre briefed, the pilot confirms the estimated ground speed as he approaches the target. Then the mouse station calculates the release point. you can set up as many as you like using different freqs. But one is complex enough. and yes, oboe didn’t have much range due to the curvature of the earth and the aircraft had to fly at 25-30k feet. Not ideal for Lancs but no problem for Mossies.
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