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  1. Hey, thanks! They're in the campaigns folder next to the campaign missions mods/campaigns/Zone5 - scroll to the bottom to find them
  2. Thank you, looking forward to hearing about your experience
  3. "Hi, I'm Dave Baranek, callsign Bio. I have twenty-five hundred flight hours as an F-14 RIO and was an instructor in the fighter tactics and weapons school for two and a half years in the 1980s. I've teamed up with Reflected Simulations to bring this training experience to DCS. Welcome to...Zone 5." Ever since I was a kid and saw Top Gun for the first time I dreamed about being there and train with the best, flying the majestic F-14 Tomcat. Who didn't? I got closer to that fantasy than I ever dared to dream thanks to DCS World and Heatblur's amazing, high-fidelity F-14A module. Last year
  4. I had the honor of being invited to an interview with the guys at the Air Combat Sim podcast, where Bio and I talk about the upcoming Zone 5 campaign, what you can expect and what it was like to build it. If you follow my page then you’ve already heard about some of it from me, now it’s time you hear it from Bio himself, he explains these things so much better than I can https://youtu.be/lJ_t42WOIo0
  5. Can I play 'Zone 5' with a human RIO? This is probably the most frequently asked question regarding the upcoming 'Zone 5' campaign. The answer is: no, but yes. Let me explain: I designed the campaign in a way that the player's aircraft was set to 'client' so you can either occupy it alone, or with a friend. Then came final testing, and it turned out that triggered radio messages didn't work in MP/ multicrew, they get into an endless loop and the subtitles just flood the screen. This is completely in ED's hands, I reported the bug to them. Maybe they already
  6. Wow, 23 kills? Man, that's amazing! Well done! I'm also very glad you enjoyed the campaign
  7. Yeah, give it a go, but check if there's a thread already about this. Post it in the AI section please, as I don't think ED devs are checking this section.
  8. Air start this time. Used 1.4 ATA for about 40 seconds: 109failure3.trk
  9. Holy mackerel... Try to record tracks of these and report it in the 2.5 AI section. Especially since the new DM AI got a few new glitches added to its regular ones.
  10. Same issue, I was well within limitations: 109failure2.trk
  11. I have a track. Did not seem to exceed oil pressure limits. Took off at 1.3 ATA, flew at 1.42 for not more than 30 seconds, did not use MW50 at all, then mostly 1.3. My engine lost power and died soon. 109failure.trk
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