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  1. Okay I'm back, the updater is version and the actual version of the game I'm using is My computer specs are i7 7700k 4.2 GHz GTX 1060 6GB and 16GB of ram. This should be the logs folder.. Logs.zip
  2. So this started yesterday and what exactly started yesterday was my game started crashing. Now at first I thought okay it's just a crash DCS is kinda known for crashing from time to time but then it kept happening(btw it kept crashing on startup, meaning I would launch DCS it would go to that cloud loading hud thing and when that reached 100% the screen would go black and then the dcs.exe has stopped working pop up appeared)so I looked up a few posts on crashing one of the things to try was to unplug all my USB's and plug them back in one by one to see what was causing a problem, turns out my headphones was what was causing the game to crash but it wasn't just my headphones, it was any playback device. I knew this because I had disabled my headphones and launched the game and it worked fine with the obvious exception of no sound and when I enabled my headphones again the game crashed and I tried this with a couple of my other headphones and they all did the same thing so I looked up my problem the best I could with none of the posts Google is recommending to me even having the slightest problem I am so that's why I'm here typing cause by the looks of it no one else seems to of had this problem or if they have Google certainly isn't showing the correct results. All my drivers are up-to-date(graphics, and audio) I have launching DCS from the root files I always have DCS running as admin I have tried repairing DCS and finally I have tried reinstalling DCS all of which to no avail I do not know how to posts logs of the crash, if someone can tell me how to do that I will gladly do it when I come back online as currently its 4:30am for me and I've spent the whole night stressed out and annoyed at this problem so it's made me a bit tired. I do hope someone can help me. Regards, Coolmint
  3. It's not installing it at all, it's not even giving me a option to put in the activation key. EDIT: Nevermind.... Restarting my game a few times helped xD
  4. So not too long ago I had to reset my computer and I just now am getting back into playing DCS and I could put it all of my plane keys except for the Tiger and I have no clue why, I've had it before it was even released and it does say I have it purchased. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I do play online a lot, so Tiger it is :D
  6. Title says it all I have 60 bucks and I'm not sure which one to get.
  7. I would love to fly a B-29, just like ahhhh! that would be a dream come true. :D
  8. Ahh okay ;-;, Thanks for helping me ^-^
  9. Sorry Im asking of so much I just came from Steam so. I'm new to this Bonus thing.
  10. Nvm figured it out so going with the MiG-15 but it only says I can use 15?
  11. So can I use my 30 dollar bonus on getting the MiG-21?
  12. How do I use bonus money? I have 30 bucks in bonus money and Im trying to get the MiG-21 as I got another 20 bucks and It says I can use 0 of my 30? why is that? ;-;
  13. http://strawpoll.me/6726670
  14. One of my friends told me to do this so I did, but I have a quick question, can I move over my planes and helicopters from Steam over to this now? I have the UH-1H, F-15C, And a KA-50 to me that's a lot of money and if I can't transfer them to here then I will just go back to the Steam version.
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