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  1. Thanks for the event guys. As a chopper jockey flying in the event I have to say the mission was not very acommodating to rotary wing whatsoever, possibly something to think about next time, either tweak objectives or remove the helo slots entirely? From my position we contributed literally nothing to the event and it just became the stream gushing over A2A duels.
  2. Captain Jack, Lonewolf, Red F-14B (Jester) or Ka-50 UK, Ping to sever ~130 Would like to be squadded with Tyrannik/ /simg/
  3. All 3 of them if the popularity of the WW2 asset pack is anything to go by.
  4. I was using WW2 as a different example of the same issue and you've misunderstood what I was trying to say entirely. Please make sure you understand what I write before you try to be smart with your reply. I don't CARE about the bells and whistlses of the carrier module. I just want to be able to have proper ATC in my flight sim without having to pay a premium.
  5. I wonder how much he's paid per post
  6. I'd like to submit this image for the sake of arguing that having a full control setup has no bearing on getting the full experience out of the software.
  7. The controllers have nothing to do with the full experience. I know guys who flew the A-10 with a Logitech 3d pro and a rigged up cheapo open source head tracking. He still gets the full experience of the module regardless of his controls. You don't need a £3000 setup to get the full experience and I'm back onto my point of elitism in the community.
  8. Because where does it end. I've got to pay $40 per plane and then $60 for the map and the map assets so I don't have to shoot at BMP-2s if I want to play WW2 I now need to pay for an aircraft carrier module I won't use just because I want some proper ATC and no other part of it. By your argument why shouldn't ED just charge us for every content addition to the game full stop? Why should we get anything for free from this point on?
  9. When you put it like that they should start charging us per new weapon they add to the Hornet/Viper, we already paid for it after all and what's $10 for a TGP when you've spent thousands already.
  10. Aaaaand this is the sort of elitism that has made me come to resent this community.
  11. I guess I'm sticking with the incorrectly scaled Stennis then
  12. I'd argue that carrier ATC is a core feature for simulation considering we now have strong naval aviation representation in the game at the minute. It's sorely needed considering the wild-west of carrier airpsace in public servers now too.
  13. While it's a shame that the ATC for the carrier will be locked behind a paywall since I have no interest in the other aspects of the boat, this is indeed welcome news at least.
  14. Is the land based ATC re-work planned for a paid update too?
  15. So will the land based ATC re-work be behind a paid for addon too?
  16. I noticed the AIM-7M doing the same thing when fired from the F-18
  17. CPU: Intel i7 3770 @ 3.4ghz RAM: 16GB DDR3 GPU: R9 290X Running off an SSD too, Tomcat takes a while to load in when on SP but in MP it will just kick me from the server on loading up quoting a connection time out.
  18. This patch certainly has performance issues, planes take ages to load in for me now, and the F-14 just boots me out of any server when I try to load into it.
  19. Not a major bug but just thought I'd report that the canopy de-ice dial over-rotates and snaps back to the lowest value when cranked all the way up. You can't increase it again from the "over" 0 value but bringing it back from that snaps it to the "max" again. I'll submit a video when I have time if need be
  20. I think it was a bit far to ban me just because I was asking for clarity on the Harrier situation. I was even trying to be helpful suggesting things (Which you never told me if you tried them or not) I wasn't being rude, or hateful to anyone, I didn't even swear.
  21. Hi Skate, I'm having an issue with the utility where it will show as open in the task bar, but when selecting the icon the window doesn't pop up. Not sure what could be causing this but it only just started happening today. **EDIT** Nevermind I fixed the issue
  22. I was having really bad flickering in the Su-25 when looking left or right out of the cockpit, I have no idea what causes this issue but after ejecting from my aircraft the flickering had stopped. It was also not happening when looking straight ahead out of the cockpit too
  23. Event: 1v1 Squadron Name: N/A Teamspeak/Discord: N/A Contact person: Me Aircraft Selection: F/A-18C Pilot: Captain Jack
  24. Not at all surprising considering they opened another (or two more) studio(s) for flight sim development.
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