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  1. hey miles i havent had success making the script work... have you got an example mission handy? id be grate full for it tx
  2. hi folks It would be awesome to have IR strobes modeled for infantry units, that can be defined in the mission editor. Flying CAS, especially for the ones doing it with a live JTAC and/or FACA.
  3. Depends on where the Jet would be chained down on the Deck. And also wich Cats are up. The taxi Deal is managed by the Yellowshirts. One Aircraft-Handler gives the Jet to next one up/down the Deck till it reaches a Point behind the JBD. After that its the Catapult Crew that takes over and goes from there.
  4. -It encourages a bad scan -it aint realistic -it can be distracting, as in you focus on it to much -another source of error --> MAYBE at some point down the road (bug?!) the overlay dosent show the same state as the actual Lense would. -and its cheating
  5. Sadly we dont know that yet. 9-Line said they are working along Heatblur to make it happen.
  6. i guess its just a small percentage being worried about it
  7. Yes, 402 holding hands with 410 marking moms 150 for 35 angels 12 low state 5.2
  8. It should not be necessary to use 3rd party scripts in order to use the Super-C the right way. And after all you need the Wind-Direction and Wind-Speed on the fly which as of now, DCS does not give that. Add dynamic Weather and its even more painfull to set it up. But we will see
  9. Yes, i just ran a Mission with 4+ People on the CV and it crashed randomly with no crash log. DCS just froze, i had Sound for a bit and at some point DCS did not respond and crashed for good. No crash log
  10. Havent noticed that, did they announce it somewhere?
  11. i cant find a read me for the install, realy want to try it out
  12. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=213662 This the Script i/we use in our Missions, i cant recall ever hanving issue's with it. Till now it seems. This is what it does: -Turn the Ship for 25-30 knots wind over angled Deck -Makes a Recovery Cycle which is defined by by a Do Script -Up on request, it tells you TACAN, ICLS, BRC, if Signal Charlie or returning and Position regards to Bullseye and your own Position Requestet by Comm menu --> F10 etc. Also an Option to Overide the Script to make it steam into the Wind period until you tell it to start Recovery Cycle over ag
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