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  1. Hi Infinity, Once I got my throttle slider set to the zoom axis, I simply turned off the zoom function in the TrackIR for z axis, after so many years using TrackIR without zoom I can't get used to it. I've heard some good feedback about Helios, however, I just went a 'old school' way, change the lua file in the monitor setup and I got 2 HUGE MFCDS displayed on my second monitor, the only problem is in the multiplayer server my framerate will drop especially when I place MAV screen on the left and TGP screen on the right in A10C.
  2. Guys, I found the zoom view setting in the very bottom at the axis page... thank to @SCPanda Now I feel like an idoit... I even spend 3 hours to exports MFCD to my second screen. Anyway, thank you guys.
  3. Thank you! I will take a look right now!
  4. Hello fellow pilots, I knew this question might be asked before, but I couldn't find any answers, so I will post it here. I'm using TM Warthog throttle and sticks, I set 'throttle friction INCR and DECR (the slider)' to zoom in/out for most of the aircrafts, for example, in the A-10C and F18C, I could rotate this axis forward to get zoom in (or decrease the FOV), so I can see either targets or MFCD more closely. When I move the axis back to the center position, I will be back to the normal zoom, and move axis backward does the opposite. However, in the F5, F16 and UH1,
  5. Hi, I think it's worth to bring up the 'pitch up issues' in F18, I had this problem too, for me, there are 2 solutions: - Flaps down below 195kts. - Flaps down with gear while during the turn. I felt really uncomfortable sometimes, because sometimes in order to counter the pitch up movement, I have to apply forward stick, and this should not be the case in real life. According to A.E. W., he mentioned this pitch up issues in his video as well, however, it's during the takeoff stage, after the aircraft left the carrier, the plane will pitch up like crazy and you have to apply almost full f
  6. Hi guys, after update to 1.5 release version, I found out that PAPI light in Batumi is acting really funny. When I approach to runway 12, the PAPI light is disappear, but when I flying parallel with runway from runway 30 to runway 12, I can see the PAPI light is working! Is it just me or anyone else have the same problem?
  7. Hi Halcyon, Do you still have this for sale?
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