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  1. any update on this issue?
  2. good news, i pass the mission on steam 2.5 beta
  3. 感觉现在官网和Steam价格差不多了
  4. i just try on steam beta, still have this issue.....
  5. still have this issue on steam beta version
  6. this happens very frenquency when i exit missons. im using latest 1.5.7 beta version on steam
  7. good news, there will be more and more VR players
  8. yes,it is unrealistic to see manual/screen whatever it is when using VR......
  9. yes, the Circle banding in the night sky/ sunset
  10. i try every settings, the graphic texture of the sky alway very low. CFG: i7-4790K GTX 1070 16G RAM 256G SSD
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