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  1. 6小时前,zhukov032186说:

    So... you're worried about your SSD wearing out? I know that was a popular rumor in the early days, but it has since been exhaustively proven to NOT be an issue. Barring a fluke failure, or some other sort of random ''stuff happens'' situation, you're not going to wear your SSD out, period. Ever. In order to even try you would need to write/erase data 24/7 for years on end, and that's just not something that is going to happen in a home setting. When you trashcan your SSD it will be to replace it with something faster/better, not because DCS ''wore it out''.


    Tldr : this isn't something you need to be concerned about, so forget about it.



    There have been tests conducted online you can look up where people ran 24/7 tests until complete failure ''rating''. All of them made it well past the ''rated number'', most of them simply never failed period and they got tired of waiting for them to. It's really not an issue.



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