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    All Maps + WWII Assets, Super-Carrier, Viper, Hornet, Mustang, Spitfire, Sabre, Huey, Flaming Cliffs 3, and Combined Arms. I started flying on PC SIMs in the 80s, and have flown about 30+ simulations. My real flying started in 2001 through the US Air Force AeroClub.
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    Aerospace Think-Tank, General Aviation, Human Factors for Aviation, Aircrew Survival and Physiology.
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    US Air Force, Retired - Aerospace Industry
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  1. I had problems recently using the GARMIN 430 and C-101 for the first time. Had to clear all the fields TrackIR entries that were left over in the old days of FTNOIR using a .dll file to mimic track ir files. Anyone know how to remove all saved TrackIR inputs from showing up on the controller list in settings? It would be like removing old joystick columns after switching to a new device. I'm not sure how to do that...anyone?
  2. FIXED...I had to Clear out the AXIS INPUT for TRACK IR Column. The problem and fix is described in this video's description section and comments.
  3. Hey guys, I'm having a big problem. I just got the C-101 today, and have been using FaceTrackNoIR wonderfully for 8 years. Everything is great! And today, I got the C-101, flew it around and all is superb. Then, just a few hours ago, I got the C-101 Garmin ADDONs for both models and the base GNS430 module required. As soon as I got in the jet with the Garmin installed, my head tracker starts to jump all around vibrating like crazy. And, the Axis movements are reversed and the screen is unusable. Same mission, I can switch to a Hornet or Viper with no problems...but when I go back to the
  4. Thanks Ziptie...I find it hard navigating these Forums
  5. Take a look at Beirut International, Runway 17 approach end...terrain texture buildings obstruct the approach to the runway. Hope this gets considered in the fixes and updates...great map so far!
  6. UPDATE: Are we going to get the F-16C Aggressor Skins installed for the USAF AGGRESSORS Coalition? Currently, we can only load the aggressors on Blue Coalitions.
  7. JUICE


    I've been using FACETRACKNOIR for years and love it...recently dialed it in and have helped others with this video playlist...you may consider this less expensive alternative, especially if you are considering VR in the future. Cost $3 USD Donation and the price of an HD Webcam is all you need. Check out the 3-part video series at the Air Warfare Group YouTube and contact me at Tactical DCS if you need any help setting it up. JUICE Tactical DCS: https://discord.gg/3vRZadr
  8. Check your CURVES AND DEADZONE, even for the Throttle and TDC Slew! JUICE
  9. Set your FOV first for each aircraft...they are all different in depth of view. JUICE
  10. Deadzone and Curves are different for everyone...set them up to make it great for you bud!
  11. Havremonster, check out this video on FOV settings and try some adjustments. I found it changes the speed perception and the proper look of the terrain as the default settings are designed around maximum FOV without consideration that head tracking is used. It starts off way to fisheyed if you ask me. JUICE
  12. You would think that ED could consult some of the Carrier SMEs for their advice on how to number the bort number on the static aircraft.
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