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  1. Thanks all...this gives us something to work toward! JUICE Will let you know what we discover...we have an idea!
  2. Cool, that makes more sense to me...as you can be transitioning the wind relative to the Chord Line at any point with low speed, especially the VV will sink below the AoA with the -w- in a total (mostly higher) position anyway. Good answer to me, makes sense.
  3. AND PLEASE...Make an Option in the Editor to have no PILOT in the cockpit!
  4. Yes, but that's a special airshow or display jet...the Combat guys wouldn't be doing that...crazy Belgians! ;^)
  5. Enjoying this JET with a friend on Nevada! Thanks VNAO Simulations!
  6. @Zyll check with @Baldawg and see if he has a tip on this subject...
  7. He should surely do the instant action missions so he can pause it...good call!
  8. Go set up the TF-51D that is Free, fly it and see if you like it...both are great! I have them all and the P47 is a learning platform for me...the Mustang is a dream to fly in DCS...in my humble opinion as a IRL pilot!
  9. @September You can do it with your current gear, you just have to adjust the curves and deadzone to meet your controller capabilities!
  10. This is kind of like a drug dealer, giving out free samples, and then making you pay for the good stuff right? I'd pay for a T-45C Module if it were priced right and came in good working order. I think VNAO Simulations has all the makings of a real commercial software development team! @MadMaxteryou guys rock!
  11. That's a great point! Often pilots in DCS load out full fuel, sometimes full combat loads on other aircraft, and try to do touch n go or carrier traps...is there anything in the T45 NATOPS on carrier trap weight limits?
  12. Are we still on 1.01 version?
  13. @MoverIt takes me a Month to get peach fuzz for the competition! Cheers, JUICE
  14. @Devastator My buddies and I noticed that too...in the role selection, the pilot has to hit fly after the instructor joins the flight...then the back seater will hit fly. At least it works for us that way.
  15. I'm hoping VNAO keeps the aircraft true to the real world training ammo as I don't think this aircraft was ever used by another nation as a strike airplane was it? @NLKiwiflyer About the F-15C Flaming Cliffs, that might be the mission you are using and it could be a requirement...try building a mission from scratch with just the aircraft you have and see if that works.
  16. Anyone have a reference for T-45C CV Ops that shows the carrier's optimum speed/winds over the deck range?
  17. @RogerRamjetWILCO...link your video?
  18. @dmatsch Can you scroll down further...the T45 is not the HAWK which was the BAE HAWK that was discontinued in DCS. Is it turned on in the module manager, Etc...here's a screenshot of me adding the T45 as new aircraft?
  19. @NLKiwiflyer I downloaded the zip folder to my downloads section and then opened it and simply copied the VNAO_T45 file to my c/users/mypcname/saved games/dcs.openbeta/mods/aircraft folder and it worked and SRS works just fine here...perhaps putting the zip file on your pc like this and then copying the files without using the unzip function might work.
  20. @MadMaxter You guys will have to get A T45 silhouette model for Frantz at www.tacview.net soon. Here's a video showing the T45 as a paper airplane overhead starting around 3:12 into the video.
  21. @Rudel_chw If you fly this in single player, you can hit Pause Break and go outside and take screenshots and then unpause to continue the trap.
  22. I think X Top Gun Pilots suck at PC games...LOL
  23. I'm pushing 58 and I fly with guys from 17 to 74.
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