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  1. In short, yes. They turn either with max g or not at all, when they should take the distance to the target into consideration. I recommend listening to this for the most indepth and up-to-date info and discussion on DCS missiles.
  2. What?! The Hornet and DCS has been updatet bi-weekly for two months now and you are disappointed?! A few years ago DCS got updates barely once a month and many times with very little content in the patches. I've never seen DCS updated this constantly.
  3. Because it should be? Remember that the problem with camera footage from real aircraft is that the camera shows things like the HUD differently than your eye sees it. Typically all HUDs are tinted way too much towards purple.
  4. And what this practically means is longer ranges for missiles on maneuvering targets due to the missiles not bleeding all their energy at the beginning of a long-range shot. A huge gamechanger on BVR combat! It does not add range for non-manuvering targets when shot from optimal parameters (e.g. missile does not need to turn to intercept). Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  5. Patriot got proportional missile navigation! that will later be added to SAMs and AA missiles! Missiles are being improved finally!
  6. Less moving parts = cheaper to produce and easier to maintain.
  7. For those who wonder "what do I do wity this", or "why is this coming out?": Remember that this project is contracted. We are getting it purely as a bonus aircraft. If you don't need it for anything, don't buy it. I myself will fly basic school flights with my squad mates, just enjoy the flightmodel with our current sceneries and annoy the heck out of people by reserving the runway :D Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  8. I'm sorry, I don't really understand what and why you are asking this... Why would you need/want a disc version when the sim updates so frequently that installing from a disk would still require a ton of updates online. Secondly DCS is a single package in regards to singleplayer and multiplayer... why would one need separate discs? DCS can be set to offline mode after installation in the game. And why would the disc have an operating system requirement but not other system requirements? DCS is a high-end program requiring significant horsepower to play well. This would be crucial information. Could you elaborate on what and why you are asking this? It seems pointless to me with the littke info you have provided... Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  9. Please consider your post topics. There are a ton of wishlist threads and forum threads in general. The title should state the core or the name of your message. "I GOT 1" is practically a sort of clickbait title, forcing users to click and read if they want to know if you had anything to say that is relevant to them. By writing good titles you increase the chanse that people find your posts later as well when searching. Also the better you can articulate a message, be it the title or a longer post or idea, the more likely it is that others understand your message correctly. Also properly argumented posts have way more value in developing DCS as a platform than spouting opinions and using capslock. I do not mean this post in a hostile manner. You are very welcome to post on the forums. But you will be best recieved by improving your output. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  10. Fingers crossed you get it out finally. Looks good!
  11. Hello. Just wanted to let you guys know (this must have been reported already, no?) that the MiG-21's taxi / landing light illuminates the whole cockpit through the fuselage. Latest open beta at this time. During low ambient light the cockpit shines as bright as the light of Elendil... you can barely even read the cockpit anymore. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  12. I'm very thrilled that we will be getting more redfor aircraft, but to me, most important items at this time are that RAZBAM finishes the Mirage and Harrier - otherwise they'll soon have 5 WIP modules. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  13. We might all be wrong and you migh indeed be correct. BUT. Given the significant evidence in favor of the currently accepted model of the universe you would need to provide significant proof to every and all of your claims. Just telling "this is how it is" and not providing any evidence aside from truckloads of imagination unfortunately leaves your theory in between "LOL what a joke!" and "Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?" in terms of believeability. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  14. Same issue here since launch.
  15. I cannot stress this enough: The proposed feature would not overwrite the old behaviour of the mouse cursor. Instead it would add an option. An option is a feature that you - the user - have control over. A feature that can be enabled or disabled at will. So why do people resist an obviously important addition to the sim, even if they personally do not need it? Just because you don't need something doesn't mean others shouldn't have it. When browsing the wishlist, please understand what "an option" means. Even if it is not stated outright. Regards MikeMikeJuliet
  16. No. Though I would like to see such units. Background noise jamming aircraft as well. But first the whole electronic sphere in DCS would have to be expanded for this to work well - and I doubt it happening in the near future. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  17. R.I.P. TB has influenced my thinking and given me information and insight on gaming in general for at least 8 years now. WTF is..., gaming news, Terraria with Jesse, TGS Podcast, the Co-optional podcast and the Co-optional animations have made my day countless of times. He has had a great influence on my daily approach to gaming and critical thinking for the better.
  18. I don't have an answer to the comms within a flight nor to AWACS comms, but Wags has stated in the latest Q&As including the one in Crash Laobi's video yesterday that ATC rework is underway. ED currently creates Carrier comms systems. After that is completed they will start working on normal ATC. If other comms are reworked I bet they coincide with future reworks of Air-to-Air AI. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  19. You mean an early access version of the early access version?! Madness!:lol:
  20. This could be coupled with the request to be able to modify aircraft waypoints during a mission when parked on the ground. Both would add a lot to multiplayer and Co-Op v AI missions. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  21. Sorry to hijack your thread @hannibal, but I already started the discussion by way of a few feature requests here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=207568 Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  22. More control options is always welcomed. That way no-one has to change from the current system if they don't want to and those who do can have their preferred control method. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  23. Yes. Pretty much the only thing anyone can tell you. It all depends. Might be a week, might be a month. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  24. As mentioned before the FiAF Hornets use standard ILS + VORDME. PAR approaches have been retired here a couple of years ago. If used outside the main bases the TILS system is used (Tactical ILS). You can do PAR approaches in DCS Multiplayer if the ATC has LotATC in use. I wish there would be an option for the hornet in DCS to change between the carrier landing system and regular ILS. Would be handy for no-carrier missions in foul weather. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
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