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  1. Whelp.... now we can say DCS has civilian aircraft. Perhaps that drives some civil-players to DCS. Though it sounds like a bit of a longshot. Then again, with the upcoming 2.5, the scenery for flying such a bird is top notch... but... c'mon! I'm throwing all my hopes on that plural "surprises".
  2. I did another test and I confirm, after 3 minutes AHARS aligns normally! So long topple-bug!
  3. Hmm... it still could be that I was under the 3-minute mark since I did not follow an exact startup procedure. I will test and report my findings - this indeed could just be me being *so fast*. But, at the very least the crazy toppling bug seems to be fixed.
  4. Nope. 1.5.8 and it's the stock cold start day -mission. EDIT: Also I just briefli tested this twice today, so I need to investigate further what is a actually going on. I can confirm though, that on both instances the AHARS didn't start aligning before I started to move the aircraft (aling started approx 15-30 seconds after I started taxiing). On both occations I waited patiently for the align to start before taxiing, but to no avail.
  5. Hey Pman, I checked the aircraft and I can confirm you certainly did *something* to the AHARS :D At startup it didn't start aligning at all until I started to taxi, at which point it started rolling violently, though not as violently as before. After a while the rolling didn't stop, so I started to fiddle with the alignment knob. It seemed to me that the knob is initialized to the other end of the scale and has to be centered to make the rolling stop. I don't know if there is anything else going on, because once I centered the knob the AHARS seemed to work perfectly! Very good news. The progress is slow, but I have my hopes up for an eventual aircraft that is working as advertised ;) EDIT: For some reason the HSI doesn't seem to point at VOR stations atm... Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  6. I bet the hints have been purposefully built to create a massive anticipation for something like the SuperGaleb (to make people think this is going to be a flop) and then they pull the ultimate ace out of their pockets. Dolphin must literally be laughing his lungs out at this thread :D
  7. Apparently these were not disclosed in EDs newsletter? I better go check out my bird...
  8. Nah... the most use of the word disappointed/similar is in the VEAO Hawk threads unfortunately...
  9. Yes please! This has been a PITA for a while now. Not really a problem during navigation (distance shows on the HUD), but when in combat and I need to call B/E info, I can't read the distance from the HUD if I'm on certain weapon modes...
  10. Indeed. Visual effects seem to be ignored or downplayed by some with the premise of "it is about the combat and the systems, not the looks", but they fail to realize that the effects play a role in the combat and system usage. Some effects aid, some hinder - like canopy scratches, the HUD unreadable due to the sun or bright lights, displays being illegible due to high-g buffeting etc. There are a lot more factors in the thing we try to simulate here than some admit. Aircraft abd air combat are not sterile environments at all when it comes to effects and what they cause. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  11. While I wholly understand your concern, you need also to keep in mind, that the developers should not be thinking "Oh, our customer base cannot upgrade, so let us leave the simulator to a level that can be run on a lower end hardware - thus leaving out graphical and simulated content". DCS improves, and unfortunately, so do the requirements to play. Otherwise we will never get forward. That said, from what I've understood from Sithspawn having tested some future builds - the new versions should be roughly comparable with the current 2.1. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  12. I have a similar issue after the Harrier hotfix. Before the hotfix game ran fine, but after it MP stutters so much I can't play properly. Joining, immediately logging out and rejoining lessens the stutter but does not eliminate it. Happens in MP regardless of aircraft and even in spectator cameras. Singleplayer runs normally. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  13. It didn't work for me completely. The stutters are not as severe after one or two reconnects, but certainly there. I'll post the issue on the 1.5. version bugs-subforum just to be sure. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  14. Hello! On MP my game started doing serious, constant FPS suttering after the latest hotfix (that supposedly fixed the FPS problems caused by simultanious rendering of FLIR, DMT and TPOD). Strange thing is that this happens on MP regardless of aircraft. This did not happen just prior to downloading the update. The stutter is constant regardless of aircraft or camera-mode (F2 camera, aerodrome-camera or spectating other players), not just with the Harrier, so I'm currently unable to fly MP at all in openbeta. Should I report this on the 1.5. subforums since this clearly affects the whole game, not just the Harrier - though the Hotfix was clearly what caused it? Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  15. If it is indeed coming in a few weeks I would expect some sort of technical information prior.
  16. According to the pocket guide it is 20,750lbs. It's right there on the first page after the table of contents.
  17. One thing to note is that if your flight is of any length, you may exceed max continuous power, which is 102% OR 645°C for 15 minutes straight... So if you say you've been flying approximately between 100-105%, remember that you might have been over the 102 mark for too long OR, more likely you have exceeded the 645° limit without noticing. I'm not saying this is absolutely the case, but I've found that you need to watch your engine all the time with this bird. The lazy flying allowed by previous "perfect condition" aircraft is really biting back here at least on me. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  18. Yes, this has been requested by me and others on multiple different threads. There have also been requests for several control-method options for both VR and non-VR users to improve cockpit interaction. Good that it is brought up again. Perhaps one day... Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  19. Is there a changelog available to the public? I believe EDs log did not mention the Hawk at all. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  20. Try to learn to unlearn past connotations. Though difficult, I try to take things as they are and not as popular culture tried to make me think they are. I know, easier said thab done. When it works it really shows things in a more fresh and less tainted light. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  21. That is true as well. Though ED has typically announced release dates on their newsletters. In this case it was only announced by RAZBAM and rather casually at that. Well. What matters is that it is coming and we know when.
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