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  1. I understand your frustration, but at the same time I ask you, where did I say that this ought to take priority as no.1 fix for the F-15? The way you have formed your answer gives out the impression that no bugs/oversights are allowed to be reported before every bug/oversight more important than the one being reported are addressed. And by making that priorisation you also imply that you know the absolute order of issues to be fixed/improved on the module. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet Thank you!
  2. Hello, most of you probably know this already, but I'm bringing this up again. The F-15C (and the A-10A) does not have any altimeter setting keybinds. This effectively means that the barometric altimeter cannot be adjusted, which is a critical oversight especially considering the probable rise of instrument flying due to the new (amazing) clouds and the upcoming weathersystem overhaul. This has been an issue for years. I believe I last posted about this like 4 years ago. The other FC3 aircraft apart from the A-10A have the binds (so the A-10 should get these too, along with the F-15) and the do work, for reference. The name for the keybinds are: "Altimeter Pressure Decrease" and "... Increase". I hope this is finally resolved to bring all the modules to the same state systems-wise within the FC3. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  3. Yeah, I'm aware. Must be an oversight by ED because the keybinds are there but they do nothing... I think a reminder might be in order
  4. Ah, now I get what you were after! Yeah that makes sense. I believe when you set altitudes to waypoints you can set it either AMSL or AGL, but I've found these are almost never exactly what I set them to (theres probably something missing in how the altimetry is handled there)... so technically it is there already but does not quite work as one would hope. And of course the STD setting is not there. Sure, the controls for altitude could be more clear for AI. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  5. Why would you need to choose this in the mission editor? There is already a weather selection system that allows for differing pressures (albeit a poor one, but luckily that will be all remade in the 2.7. patch) if that is what you mean. If you mean an option to preset the aircraft to show QNH/QFE/STD from the getgo then I really would call that more of a waste of resources... there is a knob in each cockpit to alter that already when in game. Making a feature to save a couple of seconds in a game is simply a lazy request I'm afraid.
  6. I support the original idea. perhaps combine the abilities to both set it off via ME (or even in-game) + disable the ATC when a palyer takes an ATC-slot. Why both, you ask? Because quite a lot of people use Lotatc as their controller interface without opening DCS at all. So the AI needs to be able to be muted even if no-one takes an in-game ATC-slot. As for the problem with FC3-aircraft, yes their systems are simplified to the point that they actually hinder gameplay rather than boost it. But there is a keybind that allows you to toggle the radio chatter to players's own comms + answers only. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  7. It has been a long, long time, but I've finally managed to rework the whole document. New link is in the OP. Have a gander and send a message here or on Discord (I'm on ED discord if you need me). The document undoubtedly still need some tweaking and I know of a few small inclusions that did not make the cut at this point (vacation calls!), but should suffice for most of your VFR and IFR -needs. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  8. I think it is naive to think that it wouldn't. The scoreboard makes it possible to confirm kills in situations where you shouldn't be able to with absolute certainty - say, BVR in IFR. Sure, you can see if the enemy disappeared, but that's no guarantee that he is dead. Not knowing for sure ought to keep a player more on their toes. That is a definite behaviour change. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  9. ... and of course it would be *an option*. You could always set it back ON from server settings etc.
  10. Agreed. This is truly needed for more realistic missions! Live scoreboard allows for kill confirmation and in part promotes K/D over actual mission objectives. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  11. Or simply have both. A slider for sea roughness/size of swells or waves, and have the wind affect the waves on top of that. Then you just mix and match to get what you want. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  12. I support this. Many say that transport aircraft have no room in the current maps ("too small map sizes"), but I would say the opposite. An aircraft like the C-130 has and is being used in inter-theater mobility operations. There are a LOT of things to do even on shorter distances. A proper TAT aircraft (Tactical Air Transport) can be used to great effect on multiplayer servers to move larger troops around and faster that we currently do with helicopters. It would also offer interesting targets for allied fighters to protect and for enemy fighters to destroy. And the choice for the 130 is great especially due to the mentioned multi-capabilities of the airframe in different versions. This would be a great multi-purpose module that would most likely find a lot of use in MP scenarios if handled properly. Plus I bet a proper multicrew military transport aircraft would attract a lot of positive attentiont in the general flight sim market. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  13. Indeed a long time coming, but here it is. Now we've gotten rid of the annoying zoomout upon entering a cockpit and this. Many times it's the little things that bug you.
  14. I've got a request that has a bunch to do with "realism" (haha, since what's real about being able to respawn after being killed in a fighter jet...) but also with cheating/gaming the system. Death. You get shot into the cockpit and what do you see? You see no cockpit - but you see around you as if you were on a parachute though not decending. You can see missile launces around you, aircraft, tracers... and you can communicate these things to your teammates if you are on comms (bar SRS since it cut's your comms on death). I think a better way would be as abrupt as the instant death - a black screen with no info on it except a button to return to spectator and open the slot menu. This would prevent you being a "god's eye" in the area which is particularly troubling if you just died doing CAS and can now be an indirect camera for your wingman. Currently you can in some situation get a marked benefit post-mortem to your wingmen when they should have just lost not just another aircraft, but the eyes on that aircraft. I feel many people would appreciate this feature as a promoter of fair play and "realism". Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  15. Now I just wish we had a pilot model with no habds rendered since it's impossible to operate a large part of the cockpit when you don't see anything... though I took care of the problem by binding the show-pilot-body to ly hotas so I can flick it off whenever I need to fiddle with something besides the front console. Otherwise this is a nice feature. I hope we see it in every other module as well. Also it perhaps need a separate resolution setting in the options menu to make it more readable? Now I need to modify my custom kneeboards/datacards to be readable in that.. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  16. From Wags himself posted January 1st: Case closed. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  17. For a time in my life I just *had to have* all them cool games I wanted to play but never did... then I started to pay attention to how much money I spent on games monthly, and how much time I spent browsing and I rationalzed that I really don't need all that... And now I actually just buy what I intend to fly or play, be it DCS or other games. My hardware space is limited, my money is limited, my time is limited. And I usually tend to go pretty indepth with each module... so I've lost the whole "but I must have it" though altogether. That money is well spent in other things as well. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  18. I'm not sure developing the aircraft would be that simple. The navigation, targeting and other systems have a lot of missing features just going by the amount of switches in the cockpit.. But I do completely agree that the Su-25 would be a brilliant aircraft to have as a full fidelity module. I know doezens of pilots in our group who would all enjoy it full fidelity. Let us hope we will se it happen sometime in the future. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  19. This should be posted in Chit-Chat, not on DCS Wishlist. Please doublecheck where you are posting before doing so.
  20. I have no certain answers, but judging by how the info has been formulated I'd say every aircraft and every aircraft. If this is not the case initially then we just have to wait for the effect to be implemented to other aircraft. I don't see why this wouldn't consider every airframe in the sim eventually. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  21. DCS kneeboard is woefully outdated. I understand we don't yet have taxi charts etc. on fresh maps, but there are now so many errors in even the Caucasus plates that they are at times unusable. Prime example is Senak aerodrome chart which doesn't correspond to the actual taxiway markings in-game. I haven't checked all plates, but I've spotted several errors here and there making the kneeboard unreliable to use in scenarios where players actually communicate their intentions on the ground. I am aware of external sources for charts. The problem is not that I can't find correct material. The problem is that DCS presents incomplete/obsolete/incorrect material in the kneeboard which is used by default. This must be fixed. Regards, MikeMikeJuliet
  22. I meant use both systems - fly at times in VR, at times on desktop. If one already owns everything else except for the TIR/equivalent then why choose. VR is amazing for many things, but if you want to see what you are doing instrumentwse then monitor ia the way to go.
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