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  1. Lol, if you play offline missions, you WILL be engaging enemy helicopters, whether you like it or not. When you spawn, and there are enemy heli's around, immediately dive for cover. I made the mistake on Battle of staying high for about a minute after I spawned, and immediately ate a TOW from the Cobra.
  2. @dimitriov And how many casual players are going to train for that long? I've been playing for many years as well, and I still can't get the jets and heli's to lock at even 4 or 5 kilometers. It's VERY frustrating. I would never want to fly real combat in a heli this weak. It's suicide against AI flyers. And they COME AT YOU! When AH-64 comes out, all players will ditch the Ka-50 in favor for the Apache, and then they will proceed to SLAUGHTER the Ka-50 pilots. At night, we won't be able to fly against anything at all, as the West will dominate the skies with FLIR. Is R
  3. @dimitriov Well, in my experience, the only way to get a lock on a jet or heli, is when they are coming straight at you, and then it is still many presses of the lock key. If they're flying to either side of you, it's impossible to lock. As for people saying that heli's should not hunt each other, than why do the AI helicopters IMMEDIATELY start moving towards me the minute I spawn? In the mission Battle, I had a Cobra chase me all the way to the lake that lies beyond the battlefield. So, people acting like the enemy heli's and jet's won't attack you is BS. You've got to get
  4. Nice. Also - https://virpil.com/en/ https://vkbcontrollers.com/
  5. That's ok. I find the Ka-50 to be somewhat of a fantasy myself. How many of them were made again? 12? All of different flavors. They were just experiments that led to the 2 seat Ka-52 (which has RWR, Igla's, and FLIR).
  6. THAT does not inspire confidence in me as a customer of yours. THAT is "We really don't plan to do much more with this sim" talk. First, you cancel BS3. Now, you say something like that. What exactly would keep you from making armor modules? Have you even read some of the suggestions I and others have given up above? I have already said you would not need to change the maps, only very small portions of them. If you can't even see vehicle modules, then you need rename yourself "DCS: SKY".
  7. Lol, wait till the Longbow starts SLAUGHTERING the Ka-50 pilots. Then we'll see if we get Igla's and FLIR, or not. And yes, the function switch for AA IS on the collective, and YES, there I believe there are other nations besides US, that do arm their export AH-64's with stingers. So the function is there. Same as Igla is for the Ka-50. That, and the Ka-50N did have FLIR capability. All the experiments were eventually merged, an extra seat was added, and they became the Ka-52. The Ka-50 never was anything but a FANTASY. Only 12 experimental
  8. Exactly. It's hard enough to get the shkval to lock on ANY air target, sometimes impossible. But when you are surprised, or the enemy has gotten too close, you're only hope of surviving a fatal encounter with the AI (or a skilled player) is a quick shot with a fire and forget missile, like an Igla. It just might buy you enough time to break for cover. And yes, I prefer the modern battlefield. Not much interest in WW2 or Cold War Era.
  9. Oh God, NO ONE wants COD. That's why the Ground Pounders like me are here in DCS. I don't even like ARMA. They have FPS and tanks, but it's so unrealistic, it's like playing with Barbie dolls. The ground cover however, is decent. I think I can speak for the Ground / FPS people in that we want Armor Modules ( just like the planes ). Completely modeled down to every last function. Realistic damage models. Think Steel Beasts. I don't know why you let them steal the armor simulation from you, when you have so much better of a World. Yes, your World will have to become more det
  10. The problem is, even the Ka-50 is no match for the Longbow. Much less a Longbow being piloted by a human. Without Igla's and FLIR, there's not much point in it. The tech is just too old. The Ka-50 needs a major upgrade for the modern battlefield. We have nothing to FLIR, but FLIR itself.
  11. THIS. The planes are great, but all that trouble learning them, and then there's really nothing to do. All the ground targets may as well be cardboard cutouts that can fire at you with the skill of ACE sniper. We need a WORLD. As for better maps, yeah we get the size problem. But the whole map doesn't need to be improved. A few Crysis size areas would be fine, where we could have fps and heli / attack plane battles. Arma size areas would be nice, but I'd settle for Cysis sized maps. The rest of the map could just be fly over for the jets. More hills / canyons et
  12. Yeah, when the Apache comes out, I will be ditching the Ka-50 as an outdated 1970's level helicopter that never had much capability. And SOOOO tired of that suicidal blade clash. I have little to no interest in the Hind, as even the Ka-50 is more capable than it.
  13. @Volk. Yeah, I mean 3rd rail near the wing tip for Igla's, like ED was planning on. Trying to lock up another heli or aircraft with the vhikers just gets too difficult at times while trying to maneuver, and sometimes you absolutely cannot get a contrast lock on it. That, and most jets are too fast to lock with the vhikers, which means your dead without any chance if a jet gets the jump on you.
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