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  1. This. You can hide behind mountains even. They always know where you are.
  2. I think a lot of people would, if it was as complete as the A-10, Apache, etc. That, and we got more than just empty fields of grain and trees on the ground.
  3. Combined arms is totally screwed, and we're just going to have to wait for it to be completely overhauled. Realistically, they should just start making vehicle modules.
  4. Yeah, once Apache comes out, I'm thinking a lot of heli pilots are going to dump the Shark. It's too old. We need Ka-52. This guy just gave us the grand tour of the aircraft, and told us all it can do. What is so secret about it? Why can't it be modeled? Many other games, including war thunder, have modeled it. Not a word said. Personally, I think I'll be going with Apache when it comes out. Ka-50 will be no match against it. We need a Ka-52 to take it on.
  5. It's this way in all fps'. Thin sign posts will dent a tank.
  6. From what bits have been said, it'll be after the Apache release.
  7. It would be interesting, but definitely empty. Definitely aimed at the 40k feet crowd.
  8. Annddd this is what I hate and mistrust about online licenses. There should only be a check if you are going online to play on a server. Offline should be check free. Otherwise, you run into problems like this.
  9. Sorry, but a LOT of us DO want obsession over the fine details. That is what makes this sim different from something like Arma. And how do you know you won't need to be able to fly an aircraft one day? But, yeah, there are a lot of bugs still that do need to be corrected, and we desperately need a Dynamic AI Engine (e.g. Falcon IV). It all takes time. I started playing this game when Black Shark first came out. So many years ago. Still watching it all come together.
  10. Auto-tuning worked for me on the updates! Thanks man! Getting around 23 MB / sec now.
  11. Yeah, a few realistic vehicle modules should probably come first, so the team isn't overwhelmed.
  12. Even if the FPS players don't want to learn to fly or drive real armor, they would still enjoy the challenge of a realistic battlefield. As long as they were given infantry defenses against armor, like LAW, METIS, and Javelin. Also AA like Igla and Stinger. At proportionate squad and platoon levels, of course. This was how it was in the UT mod Infiltration that I used to play. We had a map where F-16's were coming in and doing bombing runs on us as we attempted to secure a package in the open. There were caves nearby, so we had to listen for the sound of jets, and seek cover immediately, or we were toast for sure. While not very realistic, Battlefield seems to be going this route, where you can attack infantry FPS with tanks and aircraft. I used to play Crysis, and it was an INTENSE experience when people saved enough points to start buying aircraft.
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