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  1. 'its never as easy as it sounds' t. clawswits
  2. when even subs says its fake you know its fake
  3. that tells us absolutely nothing really
  4. i think if you have enough imagination to play fictionistan ace combat scenarios you have enough imagination to make do with what we already have
  5. i think 30mph faster is a pretty big deal when you get passed on the highway by a guy doing 30mph faster he is out of sight real soon
  6. this thread: acting like you can afford to walk away doesn't work so well when you're the one making demands lmao
  7. tbh i dont care if dcs is world of warcraft as long as it can all be disabled
  8. you want to poison the dcs community further with low investment audience? sometimes more is not automatically better.
  9. sorry im having trouble finding them can you direct me???
  10. he wont keep having to relock at the edge of gimbal range if he was actually anywhere close to making a guns shot
  11. your gun cant shoot offbore so why do you need to lock it hobs??? you think you're gonna snap a front crossing shot? sounds like you need to solve the bfm problem first.
  12. imagine if i made you shoot a target while rolling over on the ground and then chastised you for missing youd tell me to sod right off and just let you stay in whichever position you started in
  13. well if you need it to play, fine. but if you need it to win, thats not very sporting, and shame on you.
  14. you tellin me there are speed brakes in the fuel tanks?
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