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  1. you really shouldn't paint others as negligent or of ill intent for the sake of extorting a concession
  2. :notworthy: as expected of the truly venerable
  3. cobra should legit be put on the spot for being absolutely terrible at guesstimating dates but if you wanted to live up to some virtuous ethos of being equitable and tolerant yall ought to just accept his ineptitude like maybe hes just bad with calendars cant help it you know lmao just multiply all his eta's by a whole magnitude: 1 day = 1 month 1 month = 1 year 1 year = 1 decade if youve been around you know this is spot on so theres my wisdom for you new guys
  4. enjoy the outdoors while you can there will be time enough to coop yourself up with the tube down the line
  5. really bad also the old forums were iconic, you always knew right away which forum you were looking at this is just generic forum #1208392347
  6. this illusory target audience of people who are 'not ready for dcs' will never play mac because their pride and vanity will never allow them to suffer what they will see as the indignity of a downgrade
  7. probad


    would be nice to have a decent simulation so we can put the 'cant turn = can't fight' meme to bed oh who am i kidding
  8. probad

    Message to GB

    think twice before you advocate and support wanton recruitment of simply 'more players' because once you stink up a community with some turds, the smes leave and once the smes leave everyone leaves because theres no point holding hands with the posers thats how you kill a community
  9. systems and flight dynamics modelling is indeed held to a higher standard in dcs than than any other consumer entertainment product and if you want to be snarky playing internet lawyer shame on you
  10. it absolutely is a sensitivity because while you alone are not in control of what ed does, there is an existing phenomenon where people try to backseat manage a company's decisions by engineering democratic pressure through a community democratic or not a bad idea is a bad idea and people here have learned their lesson on what a bad idea is, and so even if it's a joke, it remains a bad idea therefore a bad joke nobodys gonna hold anything against you if you just let the thread die in peace like i get it, you're excited, everyone gets excited and its a good thing, but its also why it ne
  11. sure for a lot of people playing around with pixel airplanes is something of a fashion thing, cuz theyre only interested in the toys they think makes them look good however they are not the sort of people that kept the flightsim lifesupport running all this time though so they can go kick rocks for all i care
  12. oh yeah here's the 'its always someone else's fault' attitude which is exactly why we cant have nice things sorry your thread blew up in your face and now you're trying to backpedal out of it 'haha trolled u all it was just a joke'
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