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  1. Adding my support to this; in 132nd we have mission makers who create missions for many assets that they don't own themselves, for both land and sea based aircraft. Not being able to utilise the super carrier unless they buy it - when they personally have no interest in using it - is a big limitation for mission creators when making complex and involving missions.
  2. Thanks for the replies, gents. TBH, my install could be a bit broken due to move from one SDD to another; I think I will to do a full reinstall to fix all that anyway...
  3. So... today I DL'd the latest version of the Beta, which appears to be: I then tried to install the Persian Gulf map, but it is requesting version: ...does that mean that the Persian Gulf map does not work with the latest version of the Beta?
  4. Yep, excellent work. Thank you. Big helicopter next? Go-on, you know you want too....... ;-)
  5. ...the proper implementation of multi-crew maybe? :smilewink:
  6. Thanks SnowTiger My controller does not come with its own software, so my only option is through the DCS control mapping. All other aircraft allow me to map controls to my (several) controllers, apart from the Gazelle - therefore seems like a bug (or or missing functionality) to me... evilivan
  7. Hi Not sure if this is a bug or intentional (or even if I'm doing something wrong), but it is only possible to map the Intercom radio volume controls to keyboard keys, and not to other controllers... Any chance this can be changed? Thanks evilivan
  8. Thanks for the replies, gents (and hello Looney). So for numpty here, to confirm my understanding of the logic: - Ice starts to build - Deice is activated - There is a risk that the breakdown of any ice already formed could be in ingested by the engine and stop it - Therefore the left engine is manual only to mitigate losing both engines That it? Thanks
  9. Many thanks for that - much appreciated. Can you explain why the left engine de-icing is manual only? Am I missing something obvious?
  10. I'm one of the 229th referred to by Cibit - posting to get in the count if I can. I am up for the UH1 or the Gazelle (but most proficient in the UH1).
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