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  1. So I made a mission in the editor to practice landing in the Dora and after the mission, on the ''mission results screen'' I hit fly again to replay the mission from the beginning, but instead of loading a fresh new mission it loaded my previous track and I could not control the plane. Tried it mulitple times and I had the same results everytime.
  2. +1 I noticed the same problem in NTTR today(march 13th 2017)
  3. I noticed the magic II sensor is looking at the + instead of the circle in NTTR map so i have to point the + at the IR source for it to track. I don't have 1.5 installed and was wondering if it's like that in 1.5 also and if Razbam is aware of the situation? Pilsner
  4. Bump, I'm having the same problem, never blown a tire before in the other aircrafts, but in The F-5, Tires blow up as soon as i rotate on take off, even on a clean aircraft.
  5. There's some nice info on those progress report videos, wing sweep speed, speed envelope etc... [ame] [/ame]
  6. Anyone know the version of the radar that will be in the F-5E? AN/APQ 159, AN/APG-67, AN/APG-69? I think there were versions that featured a tv display allowing to control and fire Mavericks?
  7. Well that clear things out. Thanks NeilWillis
  8. Hi there. Not too sure in what category I should post this... I notice that the atmospheric pressure in the Nevada map is often so low that we cannot adjust our barometric altimeter to the value the ATC gives us when he clears us to Takeoff/land to properly indicate 0 when we are on the ground. This is a problem because our barometric altimeter shows erronus altitudes (off sometimes by 1000-2000 feets) and make it totally useless. I know there s a radar altimeter in the a-10c, but it only works for the 1st 5000` AGL And when I`m making IFR approachs, It would be really nice to have my altimeter working properly. Best regards
  9. Is everyone missing the pdf files for the briefing or is it just a bunch of us? I'm missing them and I have the f-15C addon not FC3. I also purchased it on steam and then made the switch to the standalone. Don't know if it is related in anyway...
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