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  1. Obviously my work is not really worth to talk about. So, please delete this Thread !!
  2. Lol, just reinstalled!! Nice Vid!! :thumbup:
  3. Not sure, if it makes sense to fly a Twoseater alone?? :huh:
  4. But, the Question was, how many Rounds they are able to fire. I have survived 5 Rockets shot by 1 Igla within 5 Minutes!! (It was only a Test) :music_whistling: Ok, in Rl they probably run away after the first shot, but in Game this is way too much. Isґnt it possible the manage their stock via meinit.Xml?? I read somewhere, a Manpad Team can reload within a Minute (or so), but i dont think this is practicable or useful ?!?
  5. Thanks for Reply, but i know those Links. ;) So thats all?? No one in all these Years was interested in changed Colours of the Vehicles? Ok, its maybe useless in high Altitude, but maybe it would be cool for Movies and Stuff. (that was my Idea) Never mind, i will stay on that.
  6. Is there anywhere a Mod available, that changes the default Camo of Vehicles?? I think this russian Green is not really uptodate!?! And the Nato-Camo doesґnt look even better. :( Iґve played around with some Textures this afternoon, this is my lalala -Result of the BTR-70. But it would take almost Weeks to edit every single Vehic.:music_whistling: So, any Link??
  7. Good Choice to put these Files into Cdds. I didnt have any Problem to run that great MOD!:thumbup: Looks soo good!!
  8. Uhh!! That could hardly hit the F-rate, mhh?? there are so many UAZ as Static Object in the Scenery, or am I wrong and this high Poly-Model makes no Effect??
  9. WOOHAA!! :thumbup: Old, but still a Beauty! I´m ready to get in!
  10. Nice one! Did you create the 3D-Model by yourself and if yes, how many Polys does it have? I know, you took the Texture from here and here (hope there is no issue about Copyright):D :music_whistling: Are you now working on it to make the Windows transparent?
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