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  1. Already posted this...but in your defense it wasn't formatted properly. :lol:
  2. That looked difficult but well done. I'm pretty excited for this weapon :) Good video!
  3. T-thanks. Was t-to busy creaming m-myself. (On a more serious note my god that afterburner kept him going with all pylons weighed down in a 5G sustained turn! :shocking:
  4. Woah I forgot. I simply thought it was an American-made system because it was on the tomkitty in the first place. (We tend to always make our parts when it comes to fighters except for radars and some A2G + A2A munitions. Thanks. I should've checked my sources. :thumbup:
  5. I'm grinning uncontrollably at the mudspike pics :D *edit* In the middle of class too. (I had free-time to check the forums)
  6. Looks absolutely amazing! :D You LNS guys rock!!
  7. I still think the way that Viggens (especially the late models of the JA-37) were integrated into STRIL-60 is almost scarily efficient. Being able to launch AMRAAMS at a target just by receiving targeting datalink from ground radar...or if another Viggen possibly kilometers away uses TWS to track two targets for targeting information. It's pretty scary to see what not only the final Viggens turned into. JA-37D at the time of retirement had the F-14's flight computer, an INS system, American-made countermeasure systems that were imbedded into the pylons (eliminating the need for KB pod), and even a small attachment to it's pylons allowing to detect missile launches or laser locks onto the aircraft. I'd think the majority of the Viggen upgrade went into the fighter variant, which is kind of understandable.
  8. True. I should've thought of that. After-all the first conflict to use LGBs on a decent scale (Vietnam War), the U.S. did have overwhelming air-superiority...STRIL-60 really prepared for the worst didn't it..?
  9. The Viggen IMHO isn't a hunter-killer (unless it comes to ships)...However it has a few tricks up it's...sleeve(s)? The radar has reconnoissance modes for mapping and remembering ship-movements, its radar can go into a passive mode that detects jammers, it can use its A2G radar actively to spot large vehicle formations such as encampments of vics or a convoy. However, the AJS/AJ is a strike/attack fighter. Its purpose is similar to a Panavia Tornado's or a Sepecat Jaguar's: Kill an enemy thats been found by someone else (*Cough* SF-37 recce-Viggen *Cough*). At first I thought it would be very difficult to use this in DCS multiplayer, but it can work if you have even the littlest amount of intelligence support. For instance the Viggen has a computer that on top of many other things, can produce calculations for "Time on target" planning for a waypoint. If we treat this waypoint as a sort of,"IP" point like for an A-10, F-15E or other plane designated for CAS/Strike, we could have A-10s or even JTACS spot an enemy vehicle convoy or any land target for that matter and relay GPS coordinates to the Viggen pilot(s) waiting at said IP point. From there they can formulate a plan by either remembering or checking the terrain. F-10 terrain map around the target can be used to plan a distance and heading away from the target waypoint that the Viggens can use to make a pop-up attack waypoint off of the main target waypoint after ingress (Almost exactly what Cobra did in the ARAK rocket attack video). They could even launch BK-90s from ~8km away from the target using the A2G radar to give the BK-90 an actively tracked target, or simply dropping the cluster dispenser using the INS/GPS coordinates given earlier. Somewhat long-post-short the Viggen will definitely be useful and you won't have to rely on the MK-1 eyeball too much if the attack is planned right. ;) P.S. The SF-37 (dedicated recce variant) and SH-37 (Attack viggen but with the capability to use a recce pod to film ships and the mostly same A2G radar but optimized to look for ships...but couldn't use some AGMs) could carry camera pods but nothing for target designation...since LGBs and many forms of precision-guided-munitions wouldn't come to complete fruition until the early 70s...they we're used in Vietnam War, but I doubt Sweden was thinking about that when making a fighter that could deliver even un-guided weapons so accurately. Remember that you'll have not only BK-90, but RB-05 (essentially a Swedish MCLOS missile similar to the American bullpup missile) and RB-75/75T (Maverick missiles)
  10. IMHO its the students bringing America's education system down mostly unless we're talking about college...But based on what I've seen it may be the same issue. But that being a subject for MUCH different websites, I'm pretty good at all my subjects so I should be fine. :smartass: I'm just so damn hyped for this bird! :pilotfly:
  11. *sigh* It will come-out the Friday of my midterm exams week... :cry: Seeing as I've practically done nothing in my school free-time except for memorizing the manual, I doubt I'll be able to focus on anything else.
  12. In theory yes, one could re-wire it to a button, but then you'll lose that button. Also the metal tab controlling the LED would be an ON/OFF function such as a two-way switch since lifting the tab simply,"Closes the circuit" as Krinje said earlier. Since the X-52 doesn't HAVE an actual toggle button (like the power button on an old computer monitor or a radio) or a two-way switch (like a light switch or a Thrust-Master Warthog's two-way APU switch). If the X-52 Pro had one it could be re-wired. However if leatherneck made a control feature to be able to HOLD DOWN a button to lift the arming safety on the Viggen's stick in-game, then in theory it could be done...again only if you're willing to re-wire something on your X-52. My 52 Pro's warranty is gone or soon gone, so I may open it up and change some things up a little ;) (Such as getting rid of the throttle detents so I can more easily control the afterburner...) Again thanks for the reply and interest.
  13. I loved all the clicks and snaps of the dials, switches, and even the throttle. Its like an FSX A2A Productions aircraft! :pilotfly:
  14. I talked a little about the BMS pre-mission planning system and DTS programming stuff on my thread too. I'm sure it would be welcome in the DCS community whole-heartedly. (I too would even pay money for a system like that.) :smilewink:
  15. I had a somewhat weird idea...so any X52 (at least X52 Pro) users know about the weapon safety in the center of the stick near the hats. The little metal tab that the X52 Pro's safety guard presses down to make the "Fire" button green, and when the guard is flipped up (like flipping the weapon safety on the Viggen's stick up) the button "arms" (becomes red). I was wondering if could it be possible to make this metal tab a two-way/on-off switch that could be mapped either through the Saitek programming software from the CD, or through DCS. If not, I'll just make the "Fire" button itself toggle the safety on the stick in-game (I've checked almost everywhere else for anything pertaining on how to actually make this metal tab become a programmable function and found nothing so far. So it wouldn't surprise me if its impossible to make it a programmable function without re-wiring something which would probably get rid of the functionality of a button...) Any help would be appreciated. :thumbup: -Ice_Cougar (Kingfisher in-game)
  16. Well, there IS the JA-37D/Di in Falcon BMS 4.33...but obviously its no attacker. I don't think they even included it's ARAKs for it's secondary ground attack role.
  17. I made a thread pertaining somewhat to the capability to perform pre-mission planning for the Viggen and other aircraft already here and in the future that use a data cartridge loading system for the same reasons you've stated. But I must say that being able to share a .lua file with wingmen and other flights of Viggens would be a really cool idea! :thumbup: Link to thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=178101
  18. Good point. The colors are definitely conflicting with each other. :P ...Did you see the pic with the BK-90s tho? ^^
  19. Yes we should probably assume that all listed functions that aren't labeled with "No function", "Not modeled", or anything else implying that a feature isn't going to be simulated, will be functional in DCS as they either have shown image examples of what it will be like to see/do these things in the sim, or they've shown what it will look like or be like to perform these tasks. So yes, I would expect these things to be in...this might be one of the most realistic modules in the sim once its cleared of bugs :joystick:
  20. I read the manual for a third time and if these autopilot controls are modeled, flying through mountains using the altitude autopilot and steering with trim-hat while navigating with the terrain avoidance radar-mode will be like a very dangerous mini-game! :lol:
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