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  1. I think it may have to do with the growling tone itself rather than the seeker's performance. I was doing merge dogfights with a friend (I was armed with 3x Rb-24J and a singular countermeasures pod) who was in the Mig-21 and I was diving down onto him from a loop and he was just reaching the bottom of a split S with full afterburner and I could quite easily make-out the burner plume along with the fact that his tail was closer to me than his nose (He was still--to an extent--rear-aspect to me). I was ver surprised to not get any lock tone and thought "**** it" as I launched a missile anyway and the missile instantly tracked him coming off the rail despite the growling tone still representing a no-lock. Also happens with the Rb-74...seems to be lock-on after launch thing with the sidewinders, or some kind of bug with the seeker growling tone. Also on a multi-player server (SVK battle server Mig-21Bis V.S. F5E and AJS-37) I was getting revenge on two fishbeds that were scrambling back to base for shooting-down my wingman after successfully taking out an SA-3's TR radar vehicle. Anyway the Migs finally realized I was there, and I was only down to my nearly empty KB pod and 2x Rb-24J. They both sharply pulled up in burner (not towards the sun so its a no-factor), and I ended-up getting tone at such a close range that the gun-pods probably would have been a better choice. They still both died though. = P Please note that yes, in both cases the missile seeker was un-caged and when I launched. The "IR-circle" was kinda...shifting around both vertically and horizontal, but definitely not tracking his exhaust...also both cases occurred on the same day (The first one being on a server I temporarily put up)
  2. The ranging definitely works (or at least the radar is definitely locking onto the target plane and giving me prompts on when to fire...), the question is if it can direct the seekers on the robot-74/24J/24s... Also on another thread, an LNS member said that the sight isn't leading because by default, the leading is off and you need to enter the TAKT code before you shoot to re-enable lead computing. However he may of been talking to another person on the thread talking about leading the rockets and gunpods in A2G/A2S mode...I'll see if I can find it.
  3. Was doing some dogfights with a friend (he was flying Mig-21) and I can confirm that the radar while in any of the air to air modes in both SP and MP the elevation is fixed in the neutral position despite using even the keyboard inputs for the radar positive and negative elevation controls. Also a question, the manual says, Despite the elevation being fixed, I can put the radar into air to air direct ranging mode by holding down the TV radar stick trigger. I'm having a hard time telling if this should be giving me leading information for shooting the AKAN pods, or rather simply calculating the ballistics for the rounds when shooting at a straight and level target (an optimized fixed gunsight).
  4. It happened to me as well and unfortunately resets all controls you've mapped...:( However, if you set up controls for any other plane, hit "OK", and it brings you back to the menu with no problems, mapping controls for the Viggen should work after that initial black screen problem. :smilewink:
  5. In the "adjust controls" section of the settings tab theres a section for the "Tape Player". Map any button or keyboard keys to those controls. ;) ...God I love this feature :P
  6. I entirely agree. Its an amazingly well-modeled system! :D I believe I saw this on a google slide (Shown to me by RagnarDa):https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cRKo8IY4GF8bXhUq8LJeRJKLc4oXJwwLeUp2_xXy7C8/edit ...PRF A and B just tell you which "crystal" is recieving the transmissions to better tell the range of PRF being recorded.
  7. Thats very similar to my fav/most wanted JA-37 skin ever...I love you! :lol:
  8. Yeah the RB-75B and T do not bore-sight themselves upon going from T-1 to T-0 and they don't unlock the target going from TV to T-1. They keep locking random things on the ground while I'm slewing and the radar stick trigger isn't pulled to the TV detent. Moreover, once any of the RB-75s lock onto something (which in my case can unfortunately be a street-lamp, power-line tower, or anything in-between...and rather amusingly I was trying to kill an SA-3 launcher and he launched right as I tried to lock him with the mav seeker. I ended up locking onto his own missile instead of the launcher and I couldn't un-lock it to acquire the launcher and get the mav off and evade, so I just evaded without launching anyway.) It doesn't seem to want to un-lock or bore-sight once going off to T-1 or T-0 on the radar trigger.
  9. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem with the mavericks, but once they lock onto something they won't unlock until I break away from the target so much that I get out of the slew cone. Then they'll lock onto something else automatically even though the "TV" trigger isn't pressed.
  10. I'm going to try to set up the snap views for the Viggen in a few hours but heres what I've found so far that can help you. Keep in mind he is talking about the A-10C but it might work for the Viggen. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1743483&postcount=3 This may help (or at least help explain the previous link's instructions): http://en.wiki.eagle.ru/wiki/Snap_views
  11. What surprised me was how the artist actually made fictional paint trims for nations that bought/upgraded their Mig-21s as well such as Latvia, Croatia, Finland, and Romania above others. I knew by this time that the Peruvian Air Force (supplement or replace their Su-22s), or México's Fuerza Aérea Méxicana may have also considered the aircraft, but I never knew that Spain actually considered it...The more you know! :) Come to think of it the Viggen would suite almost any nation's needs perfectly! Btw heres the last of the 3 paint trims he made for the SAF (In-case if you haven't seen it yet): Thanks for the info, Ice_Cougar
  12. I'm going for either Swedish or German as soon as I finish Latin :D
  13. Don't forget this one too https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=178101 :smilewink:
  14. Thats a good idea! I just picked up a Saitek av8r from an X-box owner and if it doesn't work-out well I can always use an afterglow PS3 USB controller I've used for a while. :joystick:
  15. Thanked him already, and you are welcome. :D
  16. https://forums.mudspike.com/t/leatherneck-ajs-37-viggen/2319/452
  17. Making each one shorter and shorter! :lol: Still the best thing ever to watch during lunch :D ...Next to re-watching Wag's interdiction mission.
  18. This is going to be awesome on so many levels and I'm not even Swedish :D
  19. I JUST managed to get a point where he hovered his mouse over the missile tab on one of the fuselage hardpoints...Its almost like he didn't want us to see the goodies of the missile tab. :lol: One thing tho...Shouldn't the BK-90s be in the bomb category? *EDIT* Got it!
  20. This video was awesome on so many damn levels :D
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