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  1. Just do what I did (I don't have any head tracker) and set up your own custom snap views. I have one set to put my eye right up against the rubber or bracing of the EP-13, and two others for setting up lights, radio, ck-37 access, weapon settings, and the drop-tank and weapons jett. buttons. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1743483&postcount=3 This link has it all. *EDIT* Follow his instructions for changing that one value in the .lua file. I don't know if it changes whether the Viggen can set it's own snap views or not but its what I did. I find my target on radar, put the target waypoint over it, select RB-75/T/AGM-65B, go to ANF, and put the seeker bore-sight marker right on the HUD's waypoint target ring. It really works well for taking sam sites, air defences, finding convoys, you name it.
  2. Managing the Mig-15's oxygen system was a blast! (Literally...the canopy will pop if one bullet punctures it.) :P Thanks for the updates RagnarDa ;)
  3. I'm pretty sure the U/22A is the only jammer that can xmit proper audio warnings to the pilot about high powered radars on the Viggen due to it's ability to receive and record in order to interpret it's data. Anyone here know if the U/22A has to be in silent recording mode to detect and warn the plot of these radars? Or may I just leave it to automatically jam while it picks up signals? Thank you! :D
  4. The concept of re-creating that photo in DCS makes me moist...
  5. I definitely think its a combination of some units having either un-realistic resistances to certain weapons (for an example a truck having the same resilience to the S-8OFP2 rockets that a main battle tank should have), or some projectiles/weapons not being able to provide enough damage to normal or un-realistic damage models, such as the infantry example in the bug report you've sent. Thanks for that btw. At least I know it isn't mine or the Viggen's fault. :thumbup: Wow...so from what I understand I should be getting somewhere around 6.4x the amount of explosive power from the bombs than the HE M/70 ARAKs rockets? If so, damn. I now really wish they added more weapons load-outs for the Viggens in games like Wargame ALB, EE, and RD. ;)
  6. So I've had a mission set up (that I've probably flown about 100-150 times so far :P), that I use to test treetop level, high-speed-ingresses and/or pop-up attacks with the precision bombing mode (DYK) and level releases (PLAN) with the low-drag M/71s, testing very low level bombing with the high-drags, testing the effectiveness of AP and HE ARAKs, and using AKAN + RB-75/T/AGM-65B. I also mix all load-outs sometimes with the U/22A pod, and/or the FC dispenser for experiencing how much rudder is needed to compensate for having one AKAN or ARAK pod firing on a wing for instance. The targets are a line of trucks (Urals, but I don't remember the exact model number of the urals...I'll check it on Friday, as it might be one with a weird damage model or something...), along with a BMP-2 and T-80U, the two armored vehicles however, are NOT lined up perfectly with the trucks, just to check splash damage capabilities. As stated above I don't know if the urals I've set down have a weird damage model or something, but they seem to always live when the M/71 bombs impact just one meter in-front of the engine compartments! Checking the debriefing I even have "hits" registered for some of the bombs, but no deaths on the urals. (Yes, I gave ample-time for the trucks to explode in-case anything was set on fire. I like landing the AJS-37 a lot anyway.) The exact same results occur with either high or low-drags, and (as it should be) the DYK mode with low-drags seem to wield the greatest accuracy and power. Meanwhile with the ARAKS, (I usually take the inner fuselage pylons with AP M/70 and the inner wing pylons with HE M/70 and if I'm testing an FC dispenser or U/22 I take one AP on a fuselage pylon, and the other fuselage pylon plus the other wing pylon gets HE) the urals instantly die, the BMP-2 is significantly damaged from the sheer splash damage, and the T-80 sometimes takes splash as well! The rockets seem to be amazingly powerful (as I'd expect them to be because of their caliber and being made by Bofors. (any weapon made by Bofors tends to make things go "boom" :D) RB-75/T/AGM-65B are self-explanatory. They make anything go boom ;) Finally with AKAN, I've found that they are VERY accurate and intuitive to use mostly due to the tracers, and fairly balanced recoil. However for 30mm ammunition, they seem to never really explode on impact with either the ground or the target, only producing the small "poofs" that most guns make when impacting metal. I really didn't expect much damage to be dished-out to anything more armored than an M-113 or BMP-1/2, but I was rather surprised to see it cause good damage to these APC/IFVs, and be decently good at killing un-armored trucks...However for firing what I assume to be high-explosive ammunition, it would be nice to either see the pods have more spread when they fire, or actually produce small explosions on impact with the ground similarly to the DEFAs on M2KC or the GAU/8 on the A-10s (obviously not with the same power as the GAU/8 ;)) Let me know what you think! -Ice Cougar (Kingfisher in-game)
  7. I would like JA-37D more than tomkitty :P I prefer planes that don't self-detonate when going above mach-1...(Yes, yes, I know it was an F-14A model, but to be fair LNS IS making an A model and B model.) Plus IIRC the tomcat B's A/G capabilities will be entirely set on whether its a B+, with targeting pod and other doohickeys. I know they can all load four heavy bombs on the pheonix pylons, but other than that + zuni rockets I don't see too much appeal from it compared to an F-15E, F-16, F-100, F-4 PhantomII, Tornado, Jaguar, or JA-37s... Gotta admit though the Tomcats were always pretty planes, but I'd definitely prefer some other aircraft over it...But imho PhantomIIs will be my main requested plane next to Mirage F1M or Gripen + JA-37.
  8. *whispers* Viggennnnnnnn... BK-90 "mjölnir" A/G Radarrrrrrrr ~Best feature~ = Working tape player What can you not love about it?!
  9. You just have to remember that the red range number in the lower right represents the top of the display and guess approximately what range the contacts are at. It isn't focused on the current waypoint, rather its just focused on what the radar sees like in A1 where the lower edge of the display represents range: 0km (you), and the upper edge represents the range the red radar range indicator says...similarly to the F-15's radar display. Based on this part of Ralfi's video: *GO TO 10:22* I believe that the early access Viggen was more...feature-complete since things that don't work even now worked in the early access videos. (for instance the roll trim reset button in the start-up & taxi tutorial could be clicked and produced sound while they don't in the current version.) That aside in the final version or at some point along the road we should hopefully be able to change the position of waypoints using B-scope (As microvax stated) for some gloriously accurate BK-90 deliveries. :D
  10. Yeah theres already several posts and another thread on this. RUTA works but I don't believe the destination indicators work yet. The boundary lines don't work either. It will probably be fixed in the next patch. LNS seems to have a lot of the bugs sorted out, just waiting for the next update from ED. (I think)
  11. In this situation the aircraft would be still flying at 120 knots with that headwind. Your ground speed would be what gets reduced to 80 knots. (Although this depends on your altitude but we'll assume that you're not doing this at an altitude too high over sea level) With the tailwind it would be the opposite. Your ground speed will increase because the air is providing 20knots-worth of less resistance, making your ground speed faster, but 20 knots-worth of IAS will be lost because of this. Also, the second needle in the L-39 I believe is TAS or TRUE airspeed. Not ground speed. *EDIT* alftand beat me to it :)
  12. Okay. First off, your procedure seems indicate that you input the Log/Lat coordinates of your pop-up point. This is unnecessary and AFAIK impossible. The pop-up point is created simply by inputting a 3-digit heading followed by a 3-digit number to represent range along that heading FROM the target waypoint. So your pop-up point (if the system wasn't bugged) would be 9km away from the target position, and you would attack the target flying at a heading of 130. This would be entered into the CK-37 computer as going into TAKT, input mode, code: 130090, then hitting B2 button. HOWEVER Currently the function of pop-up points is a bit bugged. As Fishbreath stated, pop-up points only work for some reason if you leave-out the final zero in the distance part of the code, and make said distance a multiple of 10. Also, enter the code only and keep the waypoint of your target as a normal waypoint. So the closest thing to your pop-up point code procedure that would work is this: Takt, input, enter code: 13001, hit B2 waypoint button, AKT POS output mode. The B2 waypoint will automatically become a target waypoint (don't do the code: 9 thing), and after passing over B1 the destination indicator will become a U2. Follow the hud, not the compass/CI. Hope it helps :)
  13. Someone made some fictional Soviet Airforce/Navy skins and I feel they're desperately needed as default skins so Redfor can have more...realistic liveries for Viggen (Should it be thrown into a conflict with the Soviet Union.) To be quite honest now that I think about it, it might work as is because Sweden was neutral... Also, AJS liveries that look like JA-37s are awesome (good example being Timka's AJS-37 skin)
  14. Oh don't worry. Without a head tracker on and using the keyboard, I can put my head about 5 head-heights above the canopy glass and see everything behind me. (I've never done this in MP though ;))
  15. I see. I suppose it depends for each airfield, but whatever works for you! ;) Great! Don't thank me however, thank the video creator. I just found the video and linked it here! ;) I checked the guy's video description but its not there. Perhaps one could ask him in the comments section...I made a few bad landing condition missions myself and sometimes it can be really stressful to rely so heavily on altimeter, ILS/TILS, CI indicator, HUD, and terrain avoidance radar. Once you get used to it however, it becomes very intuitive and easy. :)
  16. It just gets better and better. One of the coolest RWRs and radars ever introduced into the sim with amazing textures and other things...But these little things that come with the bird are just adding more and more icing to the cake. :D Thanks for everything LNS!
  17. +10000000000000000000... for an LNS F-105 one day, but I'll definitely settle for Viggen "Memphis belle II"s or 335th "Chiefs" skins! Fictional 48th Tactical Fighter Wing Viggen: ...or even some JASDF skins too! :D
  18. Thank you for the link. Its really helpful! :D
  19. This video may help you out in learning to do the ILS approach...One thing though. The TILS antenna that guides your ILS (TILS) system is slightly off-center from the runway, and in the video he tells you to simply look for signs of the runway. However all you really have to do is kinda use your TILS indicators on the ADI to get a good line-up on the runway and just follow the heading in while watching the waypoint circle and line on your radar/CI (central indicator) while ignoring the TILS horizontal directional guides once within ~5 km of the runway, only using the CI indicator to guide you instead for a near perfect ILS/TILS approach. Also, you can use the vertical guidance of the TILS all the way in, since vertical guidance won't really care about the antenna being off-center from the runway. Hope it helps ;)
  20. Perhaps mapping the radar stick to an axis and slowly moving it using whatever you mapped would work? Using a different modifier/mode of your HOTAS to do this would be the trick.
  21. Thank you everyone for the responses. I figured the first pic was of an SH because the EP-13 sight isn't present but then again the AJ didn't have it either (I think...I don't know when Sweden bought/implemented RB-75 and EP-13 into the Viggen's arsenal) I figured it was only to ferry RB-04s as I've seen a picture of other Viggens with impossible loadouts just to either ferry or display (Such as carrying RB-15F with BK-90) so this makes sense. I simply made the thread because I wanted some clarification from the ~2 people I've ever seen ask the question. Thanks again to you all!
  22. Am I the only one who wants it? I mean, I end-up landing with ~60% fuel after D.E.A.D. and maritime-patrol flights using auto-throttle to hold me at an economic airspeed (Even using the burner to get out-of sticky situations with Migs and SAMs) so...Not having the X-tank isn't too big of a problem for me. ;) Could this be possible? :music_whistling: (I'm pretty sure these are SH/AJSH-37s though so I'm not too sure if the Attack Viggens could do this...)
  23. You make what I easily consider to be some of the best modded skins for DCS modules. Keep em' coming! :D
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