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  1. It'll be super fun in combat too. Don't forget this is not only the only Russian naval bird, but its the only one capable of aerial refueling. Its my most flown jet on OC by far (Viggen coming in second ;)) Its large missile capacity allows it to go through multiple engagements, with my longest mission involving 3 aerial refuelings and 4 kills with many assists. So to have this capability with a flight model that feels anything remotely like the Su-27's (amazing flight model), it'll probably be a contender for the best FC3 jet.
  2. Loving that Flanker-D banner ;)
  3. Don't forget the R-13M and R-13M1. They have a longer range and IMO a better seeker than the R-60M. I usually take 2x R13M and 2x R3R (R3R only for Head-on engagements against F5Es)
  4. My most wanted model would probably be an F-model (either with or without special modifications) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_F-105_Thunderchief#Special_modifications F-105 F had all bombs and rockets while maintaining the SEAD capability, dual controls, and some special field-units (mentioned in the link above) had better radars with better resolution for super dangerous missions. If I remember correctly, two F-105 crews received the medal of Honor in F-105Fs
  5. Rather surprised here that the Mig-19P had the same TWR as the MiG-19...Interesting! I really like the way you think ;) Just imagine an F4 with AN/ALQ-131 ECM pods and AIM-7F or M in DCS like the EJ Kai... even if it doesn't get a TGP I'd be in love.
  6. The J and S phantoms (probably the S) would AFAIK be the best dogfighters. Best tech for any naval and marine variants, retained the boundary layer air over slats and flaps, and didn't have the gun, which DID make it lighter. Also they were used for ACM/BFM training a lot. As for out-turning a MiG-21 we have to remember the earlier MiG 21 MFs, PFs, and F13s were much lighter than the BIS and probably more maneuverable. But as for a MiG-21BIS I'd say theres actually a chance of a phantom being able to definitely keep up with one in a turn fight, and depending on fuel levels, may just be able to out-turn it in certain situations. I'd still definitely prefer either an F4S or an F4E (block-53 or higher) An F4G V would be amazing but probably still classified in some avionics (so would some EW on F4S possibly) We shouldn't really consider any upgraded export variants sadly like the F4 2020 Terminator of the Turkish Air Force, F4E AUP/ICE/KWS of Germany or Greece, Israel's F4 Kurnass project, or Japan's F4EJ or EJ-Kai (my fav), as their avionics are most likely largely classified (unless Germany or Japan is willing to give some data on the upgrades of their retired Phantoms :D) However we tend to never get foreign upgrades of aircraft in DCS so thats the biggest reason against an upgraded Phantom. Thus the best we can hope for is an F4S or an F4E (again, block-53 or higher).
  7. We get it. Our great grandchildren might live long enough into their 90's-100's to see a Mig-23MLD come into DCS, only to have it fight F-22s, F-35s, and F15SEs :noexpression: Can we get back onto the topic of muh' Phantom? :pilotfly:
  8. Try holding down LSHIFT while using mouse wheel. It makes the knob scroll rather quickly.
  9. Considering the time the Yak-38 was made and the size Yakolev had to work with to cram 3 engines into that small fuselage...Its a pretty good plane dude. The engines seem to make enough thrust and the damn thing carries 2x anti-shipping missiles, or 2x AGMs, or 4x rocket pods and/or 250kg bombs, or two 500kg bombs...Its basically (payload-wise) a Mig-21 that hovers. Heck, it can carry RN-28 NUKES.
  10. *puts tinfoil hat on* imagine a Mig-29K or Mig29M in DCS :') Or a Yak-38 and mig-27K :D
  11. By six-shooter I'm guessing you mean the vulcan? If so, yes.
  12. IMO the F4E (block 53 and above) and the F4S both would cover all of your needs...If they get ALL of their weapon capabilities (F4E block 53 was first to be able to use GBU-15 and probably GBU-8... and AFAIK it could carry Pave Tack and/or Pave Spike TGP...then add the F4S for a naval/marine variant with most of the E's capabilities) This would all be a massive undertaking though, and would probably be out of the hands of 3rd party devs.
  13. Yeah the independent axis for left and right work but what I need to work (and I'm sure its the same for others) is the main wheel brakes to be able to be bound to an axis (such as a slider on my X-52Pro)...unless ofc theres some way to bind two axis commands to one axis; which there isn't... It works out for those with independent left and right toe brakes but us "twist-stick" users have to use keyboard brake commands... I don't own 2.0 so I don't know...
  14. So its April 6th and I still can't get them to work...any ideas? :cry:
  15. Okay I see. I was curious about this for doing radar fixes on stationary boats when over the Black sea and not being able to get TERNAV updates, then after the anti-shipping mission is done, getting feet-dry and whether TERNAV would work off of your (possibly inaccurate fixes), bring your waypoints back to where they were... Would definitely be interesting to test this over a map with islands potentially. Getting possibly TERNAV fixes over a small island or performing visual/radar fixes on those would be pretty cool. Thanks for the replies guys ;)
  16. Can TERNAV overwrite radar or visual fixes? Or does a fix (upon moving the entire navigational "polygon"/plan), over-write the coordinates that the nav system currently think its at? So for instance, if I were to make a terrible radar fix (say my nav point is at the edge of a lake or town, and after the fix its a while 10 km away), and then fly low and let TERNAV do its business, would the INS be rectified and the nav point returns to its proper position? Thanks! -Ice_Cougar (Kingfisher in-game)
  17. DCS Korean War Era jets are amongst the most enjoyable planes to fly in the sim period. I always have a blast flying them :D. Every so often the Korean war Airquake event happens on a server (I don't remember which...possibly ACG), and the server quickly fills with upwards of 20+ people! Its easily one of the most enjoyable experiences one can have in DCS.
  18. IMHO A.I. flight models need a lot of work. Just setting the F-4's A.I. from 'good' to 'excellent' means a difference of it being a pushover, and being able to somehow turn 9+Gs while decelerating amazingly fast with the RUDDER ONLY. Meanwhile in the MP combat arena the Mig still practically reigns supreme in vertical performance, only being out-ran by the AJS-37 (Love out-running Migs and Mirages in Viggen BTW :D). Even in some cases a Fishbed can hold it's own in a high-speed, lancer-like 'jousting' knife fight with Mirages. The key is keeping your speed up. Afterburner and delta wings on the Mig seem to like being fast constantly, and thus keeping the speed up lets you pull-off some crazy stuff.
  19. F4S or F4E block 53 or higher Phantoms :D
  20. Well, your grandchildren will probably get to experience the first one coming to DCS... :noexpression:
  21. I don't necessarily know if this is the best place to ask this but, do we know if the EP-13 sight is going to get it's two filters that can be changed in the real aircraft with A0, A1, and A2 (auto)?
  22. Thanks so much! :D Wow! I'm really excited now! I've been doing a lot of research into this bird...along with the Phantom and C-101. :thumbup:
  23. do we know which version(s) were chosen? We've seen a cockpit for the CE (I think) and an external model for a twin seater... I just wanted the F1M, and EE :P 1.b 2.a 3.a 4.a
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