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  1. I cannot figure out how to fix this: a8d0ba2122aa1cfebab572c8b7677ba1.png


    I've performed re-installs, Steam's "verify integrity of game files", (This is for steam DCS so sadly I can't use the updater.exe) deleting the files that are not passing the check then re-verifying, everything that I could have thought of.


    I bought the M2K on steam because of the sale. (I don't mind having to switch over to the Steam DCS just to fly it, thud I bought it on there) But I can't seem to figure out how to fix this integrity check issue. (please help)

  2. Normally when I plan a mission I put waypoints over some easily recognizable geographic feature that can be seen visually or on radar--river openings, islands, lakes, etc.--so I can easily update the INS. However, when I'm flying missions out to sea my INS will drift 10-20km away and I become lost on RTB. Obviously there are no landmarks over the ocean, so what's the best procedure to keep the INS updated over water?

    I try to keep myself close enough to shore to be able to see a large landmark like a busy harbor or river opening or peninsula at maximum radar range to get a rough INS update to get near base for TERNAV updates and/or navigation assistance from the ATC. There is also the strategy of keeping some stationary ships at a waypoint for better precision, but that seems somewhat unrealistic for me.

  3. Thanks for the response, I'm about to take a flight to test things out, I'll let you know for sure whether or not the HOTAS works.


    And yeah, it's extremely incredible. I have almost every module, save for most choppers, ( I only have the Huey, and don't care to own any more unless an apache is ever developed. ) and this is my second favorite, only after the F-5.




    Np, and thanks :)


    Haha learn the databus and computer well, and you'll find its probably the most capable jet it DCS.



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  4. So, if I'm reading this correctly, using the mouse to activate the countermeasure switch doesn't work? What if I map the key to my warthog, will that allow it to work properly?


    I just purchased the Viggen two days ago, and I'm still learning this amazing aircraft, so I haven't had much use to play with the countermeasures yet.




    Yeah for the most part you are correct. More clearly it doesn't work if you click it, I don't think it works if you map it to your HOTAS, and I KNOW it works when you map it to a keyboard key. Also congrats. Its an incredible module :)



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  5. Yes Landing Waypoint is set, the problem only seems to happen to the person that is hosting the game. When entering the Airport ID L Mål is where it should be. so that is working. Still it is very strange. Thank´s for the tip on entering the ID, will have to use this workournd until it´s fixed.




    The manual says that before takeoff, but after data cartridge loading, it is recommended to enter the ID of starting and landing field(s). So for all we know, it could be an intended feature to make us follow the procedures or something...either that or indeed a glitch.



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  6. This has nothing to do with making up situations that don't exist: Ie. guiding your SARH missile in using some form of SARH mode.


    The INS and M-Link is there very specifically to deal with the seeker's inability to lock on to its target at the maximum launch ranges. The fire control system does the same exact thing at all times regardless of missile TOF: It generates the M-Link ONLY when in STT, and likewise tuned the missile when you pull the trigger ONLY when in STT.


    It also doesn't use CW - everything is HSTT with no CW whatsoever - CW is very old news.


    Wow. RIP flanker fans then...I never knew that. So you've mentioned these things weren't in the

    real weapons employment manual
    . Is it possible for me to view it? I'd love to read it.
  7. Not 'due to lack of funding', they were never anything more than a Sukhoi mock-up.




    I don't see why my F-15 couldn't carry AIM-54s or PAC-3's, NASA did the first and Raytheon mocked up the latter - oh wait, realism! That's why. Because the real aircraft doesn't and won't have them.




    No you shouldn't ... because the real deal doesn't.




    It's not in because that's not how things work. Could you please not make things up? This is very obviously made up stuff, there's no hint in the real weapons employment manual that you can use the weapon in this way :)


    Yeah you're correct on all of those (I just gripe about all this stuff because I love the flanker family) :D


    However if we look in the manual:

    Figure 67: R-27ER missile

    R-27ER. "Product 470ER" (AA-10C Alamo) is a radar-guided, medium-range missile that is a

    modification of the R-27R with a larger motor. The missile has inertial navigation guidance system

    with radio correction. For terminal guidance, the R-27ER has a semi-active radar seeker.


    It does use INS guidance with radio correction, and only uses the radar's CW to perform final stages of guidance. It has been noted on another forum thread and I'd like to see how it would improve BVR performance of the Vympel 27R/ERs

  8. Hello Mirknir.


    Is it possible for the flankers to be put into groups of two or four in the aircraft selection screen (making flights consist of 2 or 4 planes instead of each plane being an individual flight) so the datalink systems can be used more effectively? When it is like this a flight leader of 2-4 could much more quickly tell his/her wingman or wingmen to go after a target marked with a number and other info instead of having to give a heading, radar elevation setting, possibly an expected distance setting, and other info, or having to wait for awacs to find something then relay it to others.

  9. IIRC didn't the Su-33 used to have R-77s and the "Sunburn" ASM in early LOMAC? I knew it could carry other things like KH-31As, Ps, and another ASM that I can't remember the name of, however due to a lack of funding never received these...I still don't see why some of these couldn't be in the game though. A simple ASM mode where you just fire the missiles on maybe a wind-corrected bearing/heading and they use active radar to find anything in front of them like the RB-04. And seeing that the R-77 is in service, we should at least get to use it. We could get by with the same HUD screens as launching an R-27, just the enemies' rwr doesn't instantly go off until "pitbull".


    Heck. The R-27R/ER should be able to fly off the rail, close-in with a radio datalink, and the enemy RWR should be receiving a lock but no launch warning until the seeker is within a certain range, but even that isn't in yet.

  10. so what you want is another Super tucano then? Razbams (WIP) Super Tucano is far more Widespread in Light attack and COin, also offers FLir, a glass pit etc.


    A37 is not just Another trainer ( the T-37 would be an actual trainer jet) . By that logic So is the Super Tucano "just" a mere trainer. It was very much a light attack/ coin jet. during the Vietnam It performed combat sorties.


    But then again if you want Such modern technology, you already have much more rugged, more effective A10C thunderbolt to fly for 21st century. ( evnetually you will also have the ST from Razbam) the A10 has Also performed (s) COIN operations apart from Tank busting, or being used as a CAS platform. , if you look at recent Operation INherent Resolve over Syria for EG, or even former operations over Afghanistan or OIF campagin.


    Yeah that is the main problem with my idea. Razbam is going to top it with a glass pitted, turbo-propped dank meme of a machine. :lol:


    I just wished for a good Bronco for it's slightly (imo) greater weapons payload and pretty amazing STOL performance. But you're right...there is now no use for an OV-10 and to be honest the A-10C already did it in. :cry:

  11. An OV-10D, D+/M maybe...as long as it gets a FLIR and RWR, I'd fly that a bit as a counter insurgency and AFAC aircraft. But as for adding yet another trainer, no. We don't need the A-37.


    OV-10 is still seeing combat even today. Fighting militias in the Philippines.

  12. When flying with the countermeasures pod, the quick release works for me (the one with the switch on the throttle), but none of the fancier modes seem to. I.e., setting the pod mode selector to 3 and the KB release switch on the canopy to continuous neither releases chaff in external view, nor sets off the MOTVERK light on the right-side indicator panel. Is this expected behavior for now, or am I doing something wrong?


    1. Are you using keys to control that switch on the canopy? Because it doesn't work with clicks. Only key-presses. I have one button to set the switch to KONT (continuous) and one to put the switch back into the neutral position (ceases all dispensing unless you're using quick release).


    2. Are you making sure the streak selector (dial next to the countermeasure mode selector), is set to "0" instead of "4"?

  13. Not sure if this helps...


    "An optional electro-optical mode presents on the cockpit display video information such as that obtained

    from the Maverick air-to-surface missile. The image is made up of 16 shades of grey and can be expanded by a factor of two if required. "


    "It was initially offered in four separate models with the same radar electronics, but different displays. The APQ-159-1 and -2 models used a display that could operate in television mode to operate the AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground missile, while the -3 and -4 lacked this capability. The -1 and -3 models had a single display, while the -2 and -4's had dual displays for use in the two seater F-5F."




    Thank you for posting this. Mavs on the F5E would make it easily my fav jet next to the Viggen.

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