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  1. Hi guys, Will there be plans for an option to "ban" jester (in multiplayer)? To make it so if someone wants to fly an F14 on a server, that they must have a player as RIO or have no RIO. Jester is an "AI" and as such will be worse than a human in some respects and better in others. A concern has been brought up by a few people that jester will be abused by people figuring out the very specific situations in which jester gives a superhuman advantage, and using it to "cheat". Multiplayer servers already have problems with people exploiting every small thing that can be pushed outside its intended uses. I think that anyone who plays on mainstream multiplayer servers can at least imagine a scenario in which this could be a problem with Jester.
  2. Can dudikoff or tharos provide some info or link where i can learn what an "english bias maneuver" is or what it does in reference to missiles?
  3. ETA on a plate for the Gunfighter pro mk. 2? they have PDF scematics of the base here: http://ftp.vkb-sim.pro/Documentations/GF2_Pro-MCG_Pro-DRW.PDF
  4. this seems like a "I wish my F15 had aim-54" thread in disguise.
  5. well, given that alot of this functionality is supposed to be in the flanker datalink, and that isn't working at all in multiplayer. I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for this.
  6. isnt this the 20th time this has been posted, along with the f14 design evolution and all the other stuff?
  7. why did i read all the way throuigh this CVW-8 circlejerk? yes the 14D would be cool, no we probably won't get it /THREAD
  8. If Deka's intent was to create the J11a late but they dont have access to all the information, then let the current iteration slide until they have a better solution. LOL @ realism. You guys are arguing about realism in an FC3 aircraft, the whole purpose of which is to not be realistic. If realism nazi's ruled DCS: we'd have no early access because the flight models are incomplete and "not realistic". There'd be no A2A missiles because they're "not realistic" No d2m, no FC3. If we wanted to go over every module with a fine tooth comb and check for capabilities that do not correspond with the current cockpit layout, we'd probably get rid of the f15's 120c, because we're using an 80s cockpit and a mid-90's missile. I wonder why all these people that fly blufor even care about whether the J11a has datalink....
  9. j11A has PL-12 capability AFAIK
  10. TLDR: plane goes up, is problem This has been reproduced, can confirm plane goes up and down as described. similar to su25t and f15, goes swifly.
  11. to get my dad started on sims, he recently lost his medical and cannot fly anymore
  12. https://www.funker530.com/video-f-16-fighter-jet-shoots-drone/ That 90 degree off boresight shot is pretty freaking cool to watch.
  13. http://www.quarryhs.co.uk/30mm%20cannon.htm if you look at the table of data, the 30x165mm in the russian cannons has roughly double the muzzle energy of the 30x113mm nato. Not saying this excuses the poor performance of the DEFA in-game, just thought i'd point that out and add info to the discussion
  14. Reg Lonewolf Side: Blue Callsign: Zergburger Preferred Rides: pretty much anything (strikers, choppers, fighters)
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