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  1. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] allow me to show you Exhibit A. Archer pulls over 270 degrees, can can be seen in the corner of the frame at 00:17 almost hitting the eagle.....the second time around.
  2. Sorry if you are a razbam customer..... no, i'm coming from the hornet. Where is the TGP? (the real one) Where is A/G radar? where is TWS? where is full Link-16? where is MUMI? i could go on and on. FFS you couldn't even over G the airframe until last week. you oculd pull the breakers, yank the stick for 30+G's and then laugh all the way home. wings and stores perfectly intact. if quality and % of completeness are dictating price at realase, this should probably be a $360 module, since its got about 4 times the features the 18 did on release.
  3. Please do not remove something you have worked so hard to make just because of a small minority of whiny players. If people don't like it, they can just not use it. Simple. If it needs to be tweaked, I have total confidence that you and your team will make the appropriate changes. Just so you know, the majority of the community think the BRM-1 is an AWESOME addition to DCS in its current state; it would be a shame to have it removed or artificially nerfed in an attempt to satisfy perpetual crybabies.
  4. the way you described the functionality in the A2A video is reasonable. I think it will allow the module to integrate with any change ED makes towards a more realistic IFF system in the future.
  5. So, in the A-10 in its current state, the mav is boresighted perfectly, however there is no "TGP Handoff" being completed when you use the "slew all sensor to spi" command. If i understand correctly, the viper has the ability to point track with the TGP and cause the target to be handed off to newer mav's (D's for sure, don't know exactly which others). If the process is successful, the mav is not only slaved to the TGP, but the missile seeker has acquired an optical lock and is ready to fire. There are some more seperate root issues here that go back to the poor missile simulation by ED, for example: 1. Real agm-65s can experience an optical breaklock in flight; (the greatest chance of this is during the initial launch) to minimize breaklock, missiles are typically fired with the target near the middle of the seeker FOV. DCS mavs can be fired at even the very edge of the FOV and still maintain lock. 2. Real agm-65s can and do loft for shots that are longer range, this would seriously help the Rmax of mavs in game and reduce the number of people climbing to 30kft just so they can get 15 mile AGM-65E shots 3. The artificial limiting of EO/IR maverick seekers ability to lock based on range. These seekers lock based on contrast, if the target has enough contrast, you should theoretically be able to lock many (read: >7) miles away. These types of issues are going to seriously hinder the fidelity of the F16 overall, and they can't just be fixed with changes to the module.
  6. repository down, 51st link and other ip nonfunctional.
  7. i think the fact that it doesn't blow apart into 6+ pieces make people think its "tanky" but really most of the damage is systems damage, the INS dies, the hydralics quickly drain, the engines (if not catastrophically damaged) cannot function correctly. One thing i have noticed is that f14 does tend to almost never be lit on fire; historically a lot of missile hits end in a fire that disintegrates the plane in the time following the impact. The end result is a much more realistic progression of failures and loss of control, rather than the typical video game explosion and fireball. compare this to gunshot wounds in hollywood vs real life: in hollywood the bad guy gets shot, flies through the air and is dead before he hits the ground. In real life most GSW's kill you over minutes or hours. it appears you hit him with an aim 9, i'm sure you are aware smaller missiles do less damage. With a sample size of one its hard to draw any concrete conclusions from this encounter
  8. yes, man-in-the-loop weapons are certainly fun to play with. However, i believe the SLAM/SLAM-ER are going to be banned on most multiplayer servers when people see the absurd range they have.
  9. excluding SFWs like cbu-97. cluster bombs are still devastating weapons IRL, just google some vids. the rockeye and CBU-87 should certainly be able to defeat most armor, and definitely defeat softer targets like SAM TELs and radars. With the JSOW-A coming shortly i would truely appreciate the devs looking into why conventional cluster bombs are so weak.
  10. Ahh, if this is truely how the 154C operates then it is identical to the SPICE family in that respect. I was hoping for a bit more guidance logic... EG: coordiante XYZ is targetted, when JSOW arrives on terminal approach, it looks for an object that qualifies as a target closest to XYZ coords.
  11. Will the reclined seat help resist blacking out when there is desync?
  12. THIS. I wondered why no one had mentioned that AMRAAMs are generally fired first in combat, thus when you get to the merge you have higher roll rate by removing the farthest weight from the CG first.
  13. simplest answer is, one of you learns how to RIO. fly in one tomcat, problem solved.
  14. Hi ED, Can you make really good looking modules and maps that are huge? Hi ED, My toaster is having trouble running DCS since the new modules and huge maps and i dont know why.
  15. you will see the nozzles move from just above 0 setting to 0 when you go from nominal to mil. thats how you can tell
  16. the auto dysfunction issue can persist even after the initial fix. if you notice the wings not sweeping, the first thing you should check is the auto flag, if that is present and you still have a desync, immediately look at the idiot lights, if "wingsweep" or other idiot lights are present, hit the master reset and master caution. This fixes it every time.
  17. i have experienced the same issue, even the RIO in ownship can experience the desync
  18. yes, what you think is mil power is nominal power, you are advancing to mil Mig19, f5, and other jets exhibit the same behavior.
  19. its called mil power. if you are at 99% or 100% with low TIT and low FF, you are in nominal power.
  20. For ACM: Disable roll SAS or you will be fighting the retard wallows with any amount of AoA on the jet. Flying the hornet is just about the worst prep you could have for the 'cat. It has way more in common with ww2 planes, mig21, and the like. Read the manual. Heatblur included very well made training missions. Go to the training tab on the DCS main menu. They are not beneath you.
  21. So it is my understanding from your post that people can turn off their own jester for MP but not as a serverwide setting for the server creator? Sorry to see you had to go through the same closed minded zealotry and flaming when bringing up a proposed optional feature. I have other reasons than balance for this request, and the one you bring up is certainly one of them.
  22. My take away from all this is you like to make assumptions and not actually understand why people at least want the option of not having Jester. It has been covered before that you will have a consent window before allowing a human into your RIO seat. The fact that you can't even fathom how jester could be abused means you fundamentally misunderstand how AI works in DCS. IT IS OMNISCIENT. The only reason it "makes a mistake" is because it was programmed to.
  23. so what i take away from this is, no one in this thread wants to RIO so theres no way to tomcat without jester? interesting logic.
  24. this seems to have gotten derailed into a "possibilities of a dumbass in the back seat" discussion. The question still stands, will there be the option of setting up a multiplayer server with no jester?
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