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  1. i feel you bro, the autism on this forum never ceases to amaze.
  2. to those having the tgp locked in CZ, try hitting tms right, it has unlocked the slew for me most times.
  3. have you seen a MICA launch? there is no way that thing has 80km range, unless you are talking about some storybook 55k ft mach 2.0 launch against a cooperative target.
  4. backing off or pulling the handle, either one will fix it :megalol:
  5. are you saying that is has more or less range than 20km? with how small it is, and the short burn duration, I could definitely buy that it can't make much past 25km.
  6. all these "next module" threads on this subforum are ****ing cringe. I am sure they will tell us when they have stuff to show.
  7. you can make that argument, but its alot easier to make the arguement that the viper shits on the hornet in most everything that doesn't have to do with landing on a boat. (hotas config comes to mind first) The real RWR in viper has amazing audio cues that once you learn, calling threats without having to even look becomes possible.
  8. yeah the amraam symbology in the viper is all kinds of ****ed. JHMCS diamond follows the jhmcs way too far, never separates. Raero circle is for some reason currently being used to show the MPRF active range. HPRF active is straight up missing from DCS as a whole and as such the symbology and countdown for it are absent. there's more that i can't think of off the top, but you get it.
  9. f-16 players before g limit patch: "we're not winning we must need higher g limits" f-16 players after the g limit patch: "oh no we're still not winning the g's must be being used against us make it go away"
  10. its probably going to be implemented but way way late because people ar much more interested in more types of bombs
  11. since the update if you watch the fuel flow meter its pulling A LOT more fuel in AB, you can watch it peg the fuel flow meter at 80000 lbs/hr now where before even on the deck the most you'd ever see was about 60000.
  12. dude, they closed the last thread on this because it just ended with a bunch of toxicity. The decision has been made Stop crying Just stop. If you don't want more than 2 harms on your aircraft, don't take them.
  13. I'll just leave these here, kek. keep in mind that in late vietnam there would ALSO be an apr-25/apr-26 in the small space to the right of the front seat radar display.
  14. "The definitive guide to getting your dumb ass out of a deepstall (and other lessons)" by the senior experimental test pilot of the YF-16/F-16 program. http://www.codeonemagazine.com/images/C1_SemperViper_1_1271449318_9999.pdf
  15. it seems pretty clear from all the dated previously posted that it IS possible to take 4 harms.
  16. try holding full aft stick, this will put more downforce on the maingear and should theoretically allow for harder braking.
  17. if this does indeed have a G onset rate or >10G/s I can't wait to watch how many dudes black themselves out in 3 seconds flat with the current G-LOC modelling. The FC3 F15 has about 13G/s with a max of 13G and you see people blacking out QUICK when they do the "instant stick to gut" maneuver.
  18. When doing the last mission, my wingman spawned in the lower deck; and never started engines or left the hanger deck.
  19. yeah, i believe i noticed this on a few missions, may want to check.
  20. seems like the missions were not given extra time to account for the 8 min INS alignment now required in the hornet.
  21. shoot the mig 29 that doesnt have the 104th skin on it :lol:
  22. Was able to S-J a fuel tank earlier today (post patch) with the master arm switch in the neutral (SAFE) position. Was the centerline tank, did not try to do the wing bags to verify if it is pylon specific issue or not.
  23. 1.download -1 and -34 for the given US plane. 2.Attempt to execute what you read until dcs stops you because its not implemented. 3. make forum post asking where feature XYZ is.
  24. Something to consider for all ED aircraft, not just viper. Stores overloading is completely absent. F15, F16, F18, F5....etc. In pretty much all ED modules it is impossible to over-G your stores/tanks/pods. If ED is really trying to be the best, it would be a gross oversight to not include this.
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