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  1. The radars clip through each other when the model is in the non-combat state. (see attached pic, taken in encyclopedia)
  2. bump Are these features planned? is there a rough timeline? Is ED waiting on the HTS pod to finish development before putting more attention on HARM?
  3. you should probably re read my post then.....
  4. Was hoping with completion of POS submodes we would get an updated HARM. Still missing TI and GS settings, and Loss-of-track glide / Equations-of-motion glide features. I assume we will probably never get Datalink submode, but thats also missing. Any word ED?
  5. Husky is not modeled in DCS; on any missile.
  6. use FPAS page, it tells you best speeds an d altitudes for range and endurance. set speed, press auto throttle, PROFIT
  7. When looking at the MGW of the apache comparing it to the KA-50 we have, The KA-50 has 2x 2400 ShHP motors. D model apache is running 2x 1890 ShHP (uprated from the 1690 ShHP motors of the A). Comparison of power vs. max takeoff weight.... KA-50: 23,810 lbs max takeoff / 4800 shaft HP = ~4.96 lb/HP AH-64D: 23,000 lbs max takeoff / 3780 shaft HP = ~6.08 lb/HP Add to that the lack of an anti-torque rotor which will suck 10-15% power; the KA-50 is well ahead in power to weight. These calcs don't tell the whole story, however they may give you a rough idea of what kind of performance to expect compared to a KA-50 when taking a fully loaded chopper.
  8. when the emitters fade he says something i can't understand at all, wtf is he saying?
  9. why dont we just ask for F-16XL while we're at it, then you can carry like 20 GBU-12s
  10. host it on google drive, or set up a mission that will exhibit the behavior quickly and then spend as small amount of time as you need to do it. (thus making the track smaller)
  11. It is my understanding we are to get the AT-6(9K114) and AT-9(9M120) as our guided missile choices. My questions is which variants of these? 9K114M1 and M2 variants have increased range compared to baseline weapon. 9M220O proximity fused missile for a2a would be sweet, too.
  12. when it was first announced, I was a bit bummed. However, when I considered how useless 7.62mm and 12.7mm weapons are in DCS, the 30mm fixed gun grew on me.
  13. probably never coming out, mig-23 is hardly even started with coding, most razbam projects are an assortment of art assets that are intended to keep a perpetual hype train afloat.
  14. https://www.quora.com/Is-it-normal-practice-to-boresight-the-AGM65-on-aircraft-as-opposed-to-using-a-ground-target k
  15. I should add that these observations were from the backseat. I have noticed there are some things that desync, between pilot and RIO, I did not ask my pilot if he was seeing different behavior.
  16. to the guys trying to boresight on the ground...If it does not work, it's because its not supposed to work. The boresight is supposed to be done in the air. This is done because taxing/takeoff bounce the seekers and rails around on the mavs, and their final rest place in the air will be different. Also real mavs have 60min of battery time, 30min if they are producing a video feed. IMHO ramp boresighting is unrealistic and shouldn't work. but they need to address the infinite maverick power-on time first.
  17. Another issue i find with all glide weapons in DCS is that if you release at low airspeed, they engage in some very weird high AoA behavior, and never lower the nose to gain the required speed to maneuver. This results in JDAMs/JSOWs/GB6s/etc. falling way short, the autopilot never understands that the airspeed it is carrying is not enough to achieve the maneuvers, and makes no attempt to correct the situation.
  18. After spending a decent amount of time backseating for some guys in the last 2 weeks, I noticed a recurring theme. The trackfile flashing indication that tells the crew that the phoenix has gone active is beginning its flash right at 16second TTI, which is where the phoenix went pitbull before the update. Despite different aspects, missile launch parameters and most importantly Different target size switch settings the TID always indicates pitbull at 16sec TTI. My understanding is that when the switch is in the NORM position, pitbull should be roughly around this time, but when switching to small, or even large target, the pitbull indication on the TID is being shown at 16TTI. All of the referenced shots were done in multiplayer blueflag persian gulf server, with mk47A and mk47C model phoenix missiles. I have no track files but I feel like this is very easy to reproduce.
  19. the only large correction i see is the initial pitchdown to get you on glideslope, try being better aligned before engaging ACLS.
  20. Big newy said only steam users are able to update right now for whatever reason, at least this means they are aware of the problem. UPDATE: patcher seems to work
  21. try doing these manuvers and looking at the track, or better yet, view the AOA meter while you are doing them.
  22. i bet he either waited too long to turn on the bleed air cooling and they overheated or he didn't turn on the bleed air at all. this will cause all kinds of problems with the electronics in the plane
  23. direct is a quick designation mode, COO is to input coords from a 9-line or other source. manual is to setup a super stealthy approach and giggle as it flies the waypoints.
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