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  1. Maybe I am struggling to understand what this means in terms of the aircraft's characteristics.... But, shouldn't the nose stay parked where we put it with L/G gains and AoA < 10 ? I am further confused by the reports that with weight on wheels this 0-pitchrate behavior still applies, AKA when I am on takeoff roll and i park my nose 9 degrees high it should stay there, correct? same with landing rolls?
  2. i reported a very similar bug a while back, was told it was already reported.
  3. please send my regards to wags for the SAM-DTT vid. However, unless I am completely misunderstanding what I am seeing, the video does not demonstrate dynamic scan volume. I take it you are implying this is something still planned but not yet implemented @BIGNEWY?
  4. AFAIK fox2 seeker cooling is only simulated in two modules, the tomcat and the JF-17; for everything else the related systems are just window dressing.
  5. IDM simulation would give me the warm fuzzies
  6. with dual target track being implemented perhaps we can hope for the dynamic scan volume that SAM is supposed to carry
  7. @BIGNEWY Hi im trying to report a bug, its aboiut aim-120s and barrel rolls. my thread is getting a bit side tracked, i think i need an adult.
  8. do a barrel roll.txt.acmi https://www.mediafire.com/file/nyc58yx0tig9cuf/Server_1_Operation_Urban_Thunder_V6.2.1-20210722-213126.trk/file ED's "barrel roll patch" is.....questionable to say the least. see ACMI, Track on mediafire.
  9. Takeaways from this thread: EF2K in 2 weeks, and true grit confirms tornado IDS for 2021 release.
  10. all sarcasm aside, still waiting for word from ED
  11. if we ever get more advanced radar simulation, where different programs actually matter, semi mode is a great idea, given the CMDS will choose the best program to counter a given threat.
  12. ran the same mission with minor edits this past monday. here is the server track, similar harm behavior exhibited. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KBvV5mbKeb8kevJLNKnt41PitKY_r9i0/view?usp=sharing
  13. never heard of decoy radars, i know one of the lesser talked about benefits of AESA is the small sidelobes and backlobes when compared to mechanical or even PESA systems. when you talk about sidelobe reflectors, are you talking about a physical device used to bounce sidelobes? wouldn't that mess with the automatic gain functions?
  14. guess i'll just put this in here.... add to the list:
  15. yeah i wasn't implying they were submodes of POS. I was asking about these other settings/features since they play a much bigger role when using POS modes with long range and long time-of-flight on inertial guidance. Also, with the upcoming HTS pod these features will play an even bigger role. All AGM-88Cs started on block IV software, with block V being fielded 1999 time frame. If this is a 2005 viper it stands a good chance we are using AGM-88C with blockk V software. so... stands to reason we could get these.
  16. bump, still hopin ED might chime in and tell me if these are on the roadmap.
  17. radar elevation is borked in your screenshot.
  18. I will try and ask my wingmen for their tracks, otherwise it will probably be a week before we run the mission again. If you view the ACMI file you will see the harms obviously misguiding. although i know you can't extrapolate causal factors, at least you will be able to verify that it's a true bug. EDIT: attached is server track server-20210419-185857.trk
  19. (apologies if this should've been posted in weapons section instead of FA-18) Flew a mission tonight that had 3x SA-2 sites in a line 20-miles apart perpendicular to the vector of attack. Behind these sites were a pair of SA-6 sites 6-miles apart. ALL SAM SITES HAD WAYPOINTS DIRECTLY ON TOP OF THEIR RADAR SITES. Using HARM PB (A/C Pullup) we had 3 separate hornets prosecuting the Fan Songs at the same time, all hornets engages from ~30k MSL at around 30 miles. The HARM from the center aircraft made a hard turn (~50 degrees azimuth) off the rail and went for the righthand most SA-2 site, which he had not designated nor was he facing. The SA-6 prosecution did not fair any better. with 2 hornets designated on separate sites; the first HARM guided on the correct site, but the second HARM fired by the other hornet decided to guide on the wrong SA-6 radar, then switched to the correct site after the one it was targeting was destroyed. Cool to see flex-logic working, sad to see it working when there's a large bug in the mix. Attached is a zipped ACMI of the shots Trackfile too large to attach, google drive link included: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KBvV5mbKeb8kevJLNKnt41PitKY_r9i0/view?usp=sharing Bugged HARM PBclipped.zip
  20. the glare is amazing, had to put my hud repeater on in the hornet for the first time today
  21. btw, good job on the new kub models, loving the details
  22. cat 3 lowers AoA limit, which will reduce G, but not a hard limiter.
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