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  1. I got two silly questions: 1. Is there a list of associated "shapename" and "cargotype" available anywhere for the DCS objects? 2. What is the best way to bring closer the "spawned" crate regardless of the position of your helicopter inside the "pickzone" ? I want the crate to spawn closer to the helicopter instead of the 75-100ft away from it (forcing a "cleared area" for pickup to be bigger) Adding an offset to x and y can't work (unless I am doing it wrong). ---------------------------------- _crate = { ["shape_name"] = shapena
  2. Are you %$#@%$# kidding me?! man, that was so newbie on my part !!! Thanks @dark_wood . I am retreating to my basement in shame now
  3. My apology @dark_wood . I load 3 scripts at the mission start; Moose, MIST and my TargetMenu (which include the EWRS - Thanks Bob7hebuilder). From there, I spawn the tank from the F10 menu and the script goes from there (line 728 of the targetmenu.lua) test_marktoall.miz
  4. My apology for the newbie 101 question here. I am trying to put a markToAll on the F10 map as soon as my "tank" is activated. The spawning is working as it should. Problem is the mark appears regardless if the "tank" has been spawned or not. The way I understood is if the "tank" is not on the map, mission1:isExist() == false. Where am I wrong? -------------------------------------------------------------- local function softmenu() Spawnsoft = SPAWN:New( "tank" ) Spawnsoft_Group = Spawnsoft:Spawn() end mission1 = Group.getByNa
  5. If the unit dies yes...but if you deactivate or, explode or destroy the unit, the mist.respawnGroup will not work....unless I am doing something wrong.
  6. Indeed, that is a good way to do it, I was just looking for an easy and quick one liner Building one using your idea will work as long as the other missions are already pre-loaded in my flag listing and if the mission names don't change. So definitely doable, just more management on my side. Thank you sir for the feedback.
  7. I searched the forums, hoggit and google without luck. I am looking for a "load random mission" feature similar to what the ME "load mission" action offers. THIS IS NOT about in game missions but rather the .miz loading. Hoggit mention the load_next_mission (https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_func_load_next_mission) but that is pretty much it. Any of you ever coded such feature (or I am just dumb and it is already available in plain sight ) Any help totally appreciated.
  8. Is there an easy way to despawn every unit of a specific country/coalition? I am asking because I am spawning several missions (through the F10 menus) and seems the be the cleanest/easiest way to wipe/reset them all up (assuming there is a function). From what I found so far, the destroy() function will not do it and will not allow respawns afterward.
  9. @JDingo Thanks for all the information above. I tried it and unfortunately, seems to have issues with a trial with Apache (mission attached) Did I miss something? test_apache_CAP.miz
  10. Quick question for the coding GURUs out there; Is there a way to force a weapon and/or fuel tank jettison on the player's aircraft? Example: An airplane enters a safe zone and fire its missile(s). I would like at that point to jettison everything he got left. Doable?
  11. If you guys are interested to use the MOOSE version of it, here is all you need to know; https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DOCS_DEVELOP/Documentation/Ops.Atis.html Very Very simple.
  12. Hey, have you look in JOW or the 425th ?
  13. Not to sound a prick but what is so difficult for you in AAR ? I mean, sure, if you are trying to do with a keyboard it might not be easy but if we go that route, what is next? being able to do everything with a console controller?
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