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  1. Quick question for the coding GURUs out there; Is there a way to force a weapon and/or fuel tank jettison on the player's aircraft? Example: An airplane enters a safe zone and fire its missile(s). I would like at that point to jettison everything he got left. Doable?
  2. If you guys are interested to use the MOOSE version of it, here is all you need to know; https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DOCS_DEVELOP/Documentation/Ops.Atis.html Very Very simple.
  3. Hey, have you look in JOW or the 425th ?
  4. Not to sound a prick but what is so difficult for you in AAR ? I mean, sure, if you are trying to do with a keyboard it might not be easy but if we go that route, what is next? being able to do everything with a console controller?
  5. My apology for the necroposting but my question is directly link to this; Are the Tacan X and Tacan Y supposed to work differently? I know when I set to a X Tacan, I get the HDG, DIST and TIME in my HSI. If I set to a Y Tacan, I only get the HDG. Example; I got a KC-135 Tanker set to 24Y. I turn my TCN ON. I set my F/A-18 TCN to 24Y. I set to A/A. If I look in my HSI and box the TCN, I get the HDG in the top left corner. If I change my TCN to 24X, I then get the HDG, DIST and Time. Now keep in mind, the mission editor set the tanker TCN to 24Y so I am not even sure why 24X would
  6. If the military forces were ran the way you guys are asking ED to be, not a single force in the world would be combat ready. What is next? a public forum for Microsoft or Apple? Is communication important? yes, it can't be. Should you communicate all the time? No, you should not. Regardless of what you say or do, you will never please everybody so for those you make happy by saying XYZ, you will have as many people whining about the same things. Is ED bad with communication? sure. Do I care? Not really, I will simply communicate with my wallet when I will care enough. In the meantime, in
  7. I just copied my "cockpit" folder from the KA-50 Mods folder to my apache cockpit folder and it worked.
  8. In my search for scripting understanding, I have decided to try a simple air defense script. Unfortunately, it looks like my MIST flag is not good at all; While I get my "no plane in defensive perimeter" message every second, my flag never gets TRUE while the blufor is in the Maykop zone. What am I doing wrong? airdefense_example.miz
  9. In reality, I would like to assume that not all 125 ED people are working on fixing the problems ;) So yes, it is most likely possible that ED have "departments" such modeling, core coding, troubleshooting, research, map maker, etc. I doubt the guy doing 3D meshing is of a great value for the "cloud" department or the core coding so let him work his magic on new airplanes, maps or whatever while the other guys/girls pull their hair off trying to figure out why it is not working as it should... but hey, it is just my 0.02cents...
  10. You guys are so a million miles/km away from the topic ....my gawd!!! This thread about a roadmap update, not your laundry list of problems. There are plenty of other threads for that.
  11. I am trying to script a respawn script in a LUA file. According to MIST; Question; Why do I need to use a CONDITIONS if the code itself already check if my 'groupname' is dead? I am saying "WHY" because I tried to use just the code above and nothing happens with my "groupname" after getting shut down. If I use the ME, I always wrote; as soon as dead, the 'groupname' respawns....as intended.
  12. I know, it is most likely a LUA newbie 101 kind of question but the more I look into it, the more confused I am getting :( My task is stupidly simple; As soon as you start the mission, I want to announce every so hour that the server will reset in so many hours. I already do it with the mission editor with a series of trigger. I now want to move away from the triggers and code all of it into a LUA file (to minimize the triggers amount). Unless I am wrong, I should not be using MOOSE, MIST or any other 3rd party script just for such simple coding, right? If I look on HOGGIT, it gives m
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