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  1. Hi, not sure if this is of interest for you guys, but i just upgraded from a 3900x to a 5900x. Quite some improvement. Fyi is with a 2080ti. 3900x + 32GB CL16 3200Mhz cinebench r23: single: 1302 multi: 16732 dcs frametimes VR preset + Valve Index: p51 cold start krymsk: 10ms f18 super carrier cold start: 20,5ms (23 fps) --- 5900x + 32GB CL17 4000Mhz (running at 3800Mhz with Infinity Fabric (Fclk) at 1900), Fclk 2000 was not working with Asus X570 Gaming cinebench r23: single: 1599 multi: 20739 dcs frametimes VR preset + Valve Ind
  2. just delete the dlc from disk manually. e.g. steamapps/dcs/mods/aircraft/... Or in steam manage your dlcs and uncheck them there.
  3. Would be nice to have one Thread per AI if thats somehow possible :) That can scale nicely with Future cpu Gens. Keep up the good work. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  4. yeah i think it's not about hardware, it's about code. i just disconnected my vr gear to see what kind of performance i get with my "good" system specs in 2d. 55fps with the supercarrier cold start mission (vsync off) 2080ti, 3900x, 32gb LOW preset settings, except shadow on low 1080p! So i would expect a little more from those specs tbh.
  5. @grammaton There are a lot of nice VR features in the nvidia sdk :) But regarding single pass, i guess they are already working on a vendor agnostic implementation (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=269320&page=2). At least sounds like it. Also the predominance of the green team could possibly change with upcoming rdna2 from AMD.
  6. yep noticed this too. I only hear the clicking sounds of the throttle itself, but no variation in engine sound. Maybe a very subtle change in tone, but very irritating in general :)
  7. This is just a calculated value to point out the difference. dcs fps counter shows 22fps vs 45fps.
  8. On the supercarrier cold start mission shadow has a huge impact. Between shadow off (8ms) and shadow low (18ms) there is a difference of 77fps (cockpit view) 2080ti/3900x
  9. Would the i9-9900k mind to retest with super sampling 1.0?
  10. thx, that was a typo. fixed.
  11. Well my personal conclusion is, that a high end ryzen performs on the same level as a high end intel. That suprised me the most. Even with way less core clock. But 10900k is around the corner. though i cannot verify all results, except my own. Due to lack of more data I cannot give more conclusions at the moment ;)
  12. Hi pilots, i would like to collect some data on which system components have the most impact on VR performance. That's why i would ask you to take part in the following voluntary survey (no personal data is collected, only system specs). E.g. what i would like to know if the latest high core count amd cpus perform better in a Steam VR environment than some older but fast single core cpus. I will share and present the results later, but you can already watch the current data yourself after you complete the survey. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdp6019Z5WOcl4hUt9CUhVJqPSqHn0X-T
  13. I would rather use the frametime from the steamvr widget as a metric for performance. FPS do not necessarily change in linear steps due to how vr works.
  14. ... but it could also be a cpu bottleneck. i think 30% is the overall across all cores. could be that one certain thread is hitting the limit.
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