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  1. "In one instance, during a CAP mission on a moonless night around 0330 local time, I was returning to 8th tactical fighter base near Isfahan when I noticed another F-14 less than 200 metres away flying inverted with its gears extended upwards. I wasn’t sure about what was transpiring before my eyes since it was our standard operating procedure to turn off all aircraft navigational lights in combat conditions. I contacted the tower and they confirmed that my colleague J.Z. was on final approach. I gently radio’d him and said, “Hey, I think you are vertigoed! Just roll right and level off.” Thankfully, he listened and levelled off moments before landing. But this story will always be with me as a good example of what fatigue and combat can do to a pilot.” WOW!!
  2. At launch TWS-A was not implemented. I think many of these issues have to do with TWS-A and Jester's interaction with it.
  3. The vast majority of these problems occur (for me) only on MP (with Jester RIO). Even the problems that occur on both SP and MP seem, to me, occur with a much high prbability in MP. SP play has been mostly trouble free for me. I do not believe that SP play (alone) is a reliable or useful way to replicate, assess, investigate, or fix these bugs.
  4. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=272071
  5. Still borked, I'm afraid. It definitely seems more rare. It took several sessions before the gremlins appeared, whereas before I could reliably count on seeing them eventually. But still, they are still there. :(
  6. The liveries alone, if nothing else, would have been worth it.
  7. Good discussion here, and great to hear from the experts with real world knowledge! One questions is, why is it the Phoenix was never replaced? Or more specifically, why is there was not a missile with the same long range of the Phoenix to give that critical F-pole advantage? Even if the Soviet bomber threat disappeared having a nice long stick would still have been desirable for the the air superiority role no matter what, no? Was this political? Or some sort of strategic perspective where nobody thought you would need to knock down aircraft from > 40nm away?
  8. Thanks IronMike for doing this! I mentioned this on reddit, and Cobra said you were responsible. Appreciate all the work everyone puts in, ofc, and this is a nice extra touch that allows us to explore the new map in our favorite aircraft immediately. :thumbup:
  9. Thanks for sharing. Here are YT links for those who want to avoid that vile cesspool that is Facebook ("we sell your information while selling YOU disinformation!"):
  10. So, this might seem very obvious, but just to check -- you have asked Jester to tune into the AWACS as host on the datalink after the start, right?
  11. Well, looks like the reconciliation honeymoon is over. Jester is back at his raging self. First two spawns/sorties were great. I even thought, maybe this is going to work out? Third one though ... First two phoenixes fired went off OK.Third one: even as it was off the rails, Jester switches to RWS without announcement or warning. All the contacts were still there, no manouevering/jinking (which was what made it more frrustrating, as these would have been pretty high probability of kills), but Jester refused to switch back (or stay after switching back) to TWS. Oh well ....
  12. I definitely have always had upside down HAFU's on the TID, and never had the impression I was missing any. But I could be wrong --- there's a lot going on, and it's hard to say what the AWACS is seeing and I am not seeing. On the busy servers, I switch of the AWACS calls as the non-stop spamming of contacts from 5 to 500 nm away is a useless distraction.
  13. Ok. So, after a long absence from the Tomcat due to all these problems (which makes things sooooooo frustrating!), I decided to give it a spin last night. Busy multiplayer environment (~30-40 players). You know what? Jester behaved IMPECCABLY. No dropping of contacts. No rabidly refusing to change radar modes. 4 Phoenixes launched in TWS mode, with 3 kills. Respawned and tried again. Less success on my part (3 Phoenixes, 1 kill), but that was due to my lack of skill combined with more skillful evasion of the targets. Jester, however, was not to blame -- did his job perfectly. So tonight, hop into Tomcat again. 2 sorties/respawns, 6 kills. Again, perfect behavior from Jester. A couple of weeks ago, before I gave up on the Tomcat, I would run into one or more of the issues reported in the first post on every spawn (same server). Now this is 4 spawns with no issue, I don't know what's going on. I've not changed my system or run a repair or done anything in between. And, of course, there's been no change in code. So I have no doubt the problem(s) are still there, and I was just luck. But thought I would report it anyway for more complete information. Maybe Jester and I just needed some time apart for us to start treating each other nicely again?
  14. [TL;DR -- the C was an improvement over the A in many respects, and one of the major practical goals of this improvement was to take on cruise missiles. There is no documentation to suggest that it was a worse performer in any respect to the A.] The first part of @Southernbear's post (the move to digital avionics as response to the Iranian issue) is incorrect, but not entirely off base. As given by the reference linked to below: "An increased emphasis was placed on the missile [AIM-54C development] after the Iranian revolution to minimize usefuell of any information about the AIM-54A ..." So the C model development was already in the works, independent of anything going on with Iran, and while there was increased motivation for it, it was not in any way a response to Iran. The most specific statement I've seen of how the C is improved over the A is the ability to take on smaller targets, in particular cruise missiles (see attached excerpts). The second part @Southerber's post is, well, much more difficult to accept/justify/defend. There is absolutely no documentation historical or otherwise that I've seen has indicated that the C was a regression in any level or measure of performance. The biggest problems I've read about with the Phoenix in US service is (initially, until procedures were changed) insufficient training for the ordnance crews, rather than design issues. I've attached screenshots of sources. I do remember watching some documentary where the crew had no idea to how to put the fins on the missile and we saw them going through the manual to try and figure it out. I thought it was very odd at the time. Unfortunately, I cannot remember where I saw that, nor of course should this be taken as reflective of the more general situation with the USN! Of course, all this could be wrong. Would be happy to learn from folks who know better, if so.
  15. So I've noticed a few times when refueling/rearming on the ground after a flight, the external tanks do not get filled. I have to remove the tanks and then go back to the rearming menu to add them again (the full versions not the empty ones). Note that this is only AFTER a flight. The first time around, I add 2x full tanks (not the empty ones), and that works OK. I take off, fly around, do stuff, and land with the tanks empy. In the rearm/refuel menu, simply putting 100% fuel does not refill the tanks. Nor does re-adding the tanks in the menu. As I said, I have to fully cycle the tanks off and then on again. I've noticed this happening in multiplayer on a land airbase, in which the initial spawn was a cold & dark start. Not explored other variations. Does this happen to anyone else?
  16. So, I've updated the original list with a new observation that actually replicates some of the symptoms previous described, but puts a different interpretation on them: This is based on: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4448873&postcount=1
  17. Interesting report @goAdA. I wonder if I was originally misrepresenting the problem by saying that "all contacts are dropped and then Jester switches to RWS". Maybe what happens is that Jester just switches to RWS after launching for some reason, which would have the same effect? BTW, this and many other problems with the AWG-9/Phoenix system that seem to have emerged or at least revealed themselves since the last patch are discussed here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=282566
  18. Hoping to build one specifically for VR in DCS. Holding off on the GPU till the 3080 becomes widely available (I can make do with a my ancient 1080Ti for now). But would like to get everything else in order. My understanding is DCS runs single-threaded, so I should just go for a system that maximizes single-core performance. So, I am turning to you gurus to point me in the right direction. (1) What chip/MOBO gives me the best single-core performance? (2) Is now a good time to buy ? I am totally out of touch/naive as far as the hardware world goes, so am not sure if, for e.g., a new generation is just around the corner or 3 months away or 6 months away etc.
  19. Just to put this notion to complete rest once and for all ... Got on to a busy MP server tonight. Got up to 40K, mach 1.2. Tracking contact on TWS. Nice and solid, coming in hot. Waited till about 30nm. Then master arm on, got hot tirgger, press the trigger. Just as the 3 second countdown finishes, the radar mode switches to RWS Jester switches the radar to RWS even as the missile is coming off the rails. I mean we go to RWS before I see the missile in front of me. Cannot switch back to TWS for a while (Jester keeps switch back to RWS), but soon after, RWS picks up contacts again, and sure enough, the same contact is in the same place going the same direction. So, no, absolutely not --- this is not the target maneuverin, either consciously in response to the missile (which there was no way he could have detected) or coincidentally. I'm pretty sure that in all other cases I have had the drop-of-contact-on-Phoenix launch it has been co-occuring like this (i.e.if not simultaneously than near enough with the launch to preclude target manouevering.) Also note that both in this case and in many of the others there were numerous contacts being tracked, friendly and otherwise. So if it was target maneuvering causing this, then ALL of them would have had to notched/cranked/changed direction at the same time, immediately/simultaneously/coincidentally as a Phoenix launch. That simply is not a credible conjecture.
  20. These problems occur even with non-maneuvering contacts (as established in either TacView or simply because we can see what the contact is doing through datalink). So, no, this is not it.
  21. Interesting, and thanks for the feedback. I wonder, now that you have established that your setup is issue free when facing AI opponents, if you could run something similar against humans in MP? The speculation above that lag/rubberbanding causing jumps in player position, leading the the logic of the AWG getting really confused seems (to naive me) quite credible and a promising cause. Maybe only players are subject to the same (quantity/quantum) jumps due to lagspikes ?
  22. Both of you folks need to watch this video to get the correct information:
  23. I've added your (2) to the original post list as (9). For (1), I can add that as a separate issue if you think that it is different from the OP (7) above, or if (7) is just a special case of this issue and can be reworded to include both. With regards to your speculation regarding MP rubberbanding/lag --- you could definitely be on to something. I can only remember encountering any of the issues listed here (since the last patch) in MP. So maybe that would explain it?
  24. Thanks for all the extra info folks. I've updated the original post with notes on whether the issue is with human vs AI RIO. I've also added the known (and I believe already-fixed?) issue regarding the MLC for completeness, but maybe I should leave it out?
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