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  1. It's .... complicated https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/licensed-third-party-projects/heatblur-simulations/dcs-f-14a-b/285136-multiple-radar-awg-9-phoenix-issues-since-patch-2-5-6-52437 In general, yes, especially in multiplayer, you have no idea whether going into breach whether you are going to get Jester, the trusty guy who knows his stuff and is on the same page as you as far as what the job is and how to do it, or this guy ... ... less "Jester" and more (demonic lunatic villian) "Joker"
  2. Am I correct in thinking that in ACM mode, SCS functions are yet again different if GUN is selected weapon rather than any of the missiles (or is it GUN is selected AND JHCMS is on?)?
  3. Stick a dead zone on your slew axes.
  4. Anyone have a guide on this? I've managed to do it for two. But I cannot do it consistently. Most times, bizarrely, the missiles all head toward the target OK, but then just sort of slow down and start diving and crash into the sea/ground well short of the target. And yes, I'm in range! Note that I have to use waypoints for the location programming, and thus TOO mode, because currently we cannot set elevation in PP mode. Here's the recipe I have: Like I said, using the above I've managed to guide two SLAM's on to two different targets in very close time (20 seconds apart) -- could see the explosion from the first one through the seeker view of the second. But every time I try to run with 4, they ALL fly into the ground well short of the coordinates. It's not even close. It's possible that with 4 weapons I'm messing up things, especially with the datalink correlation. I also am not sure if 4.2 is needed: do you need the datalink correlation while programming the weapon, or just at launch?
  5. The trick is in actually remembering whether left-to-right = top-down or the other way around! My brain always forgets. I will use your "right-bank" = "the right way" as a mnemonic ..
  6. Because I ALWAYS forget, here it is: +---------------- | SLAM DL13 | | S | L [sTATION 2] | A | M | | S | L [sTATION 3] | A | M | | S | L [sTATION 7] | A | M | | S | L [sTATION 8] | A | M | +----------------
  7. Can anyone who has the WinWing throttle and mount let me know how far back from the table edge the throttle throw starts and ends? So, | desk/table | +-------------------------+ | | <--- mount arms | | |___| <--- throttle base starts |+++| |+..| <--- throttle sweep starts (max after burn) |+--| |+..| <--- throttle sweep ends (min/idle cutoff) |+++| ----- <--- throttle base ends (I would like to know whether my current seat position relative to the desk is too far to use the throttle on the mount on the desk. Due to the throw ofmy 20cm joystick, and because my seat has no cut-out, there is a minimum distance I must set away from my desk)
  8. This one is GREAT. I just discovered it the other day. I always found it very frustrating that I could not get TACAN or waypoint cues in the SA page and datalink in the HSI page. So when navigating while wanting to keep an eye out for trouble I had to sacrifice the right DDI for the HSI instead of EW. But being able to easily switch back and forth to quickly get the nav cues and back to SA (or vice versa) makes all the difference in the world. I think the key to a nice description would be to avoid the standard way its done by diagramming it on an image of the controls so they are ordered by button, but order it by DDI format.
  9. Excellent forensics! I think you should post these tracks to the bug thread, b/c it seems that ED testers failed to explore the issue sufficiently to reproduce the issue, and this will certainly help them (which, of course, helps us!). https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=288438
  10. As it happens, this has been reported: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=288438 But then someone marked as it " [CAN NOT REPRODUCE]". Could we get a tester to look at this again? Or get some other tester to look at it?
  11. This has been marked and [CAN NOT REPRODUCE]. Unfortunately, it was all too easy to reproduce for me, and I cannot NOT reproduce it! I did not realize that this had been reported as a bug, and was asking if this was working as intended here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=289156 As can be seen, it depends on map, version, and some other conditions.
  12. Ok, will try this tonight and report back here. Thanks for working on this issue to pin it down!
  13. It's either more complicated or more simple than that, unfortunately ... ALL my runs were done with AIR start using the default 1688 code (i.e., your case I). And at least since a couple of days ago, cannot fire from Mav DDI as SOI.
  14. Yes, it's weird. I was just getting into learning the Hornet + Mav these last few days. The day before yesterday, I thought I had figured it out. It worked following the tutorials. Last night it did not. I thought I was missing a step that i had previously got right, so tried again and again. But nope. Then accidentally moved SOI back to TGP and voila! I assumed that I had been dojng this the previous night without realizing it and maybe missed a step in tutorials/document. But, checking the tutorials/docs again confirmed "no" to the second. And your report makes me thing "no" to the first as well -- it's possible I had it working the previous night because it did work as advertised the previous night? Could DCS have updated/changed silently in the background???
  15. Hi Frederf, Thanks for sharing your insight. I believe the issue I am describing may have only developed with the most recent update (Open Beta), based on speaking to some folks finding the same thing going on from where it did not before. With the current Open Beta, assuming all the other ducks in a row, I can reliably and consistently fire laser Maverick on a moving point track as long, and only as long, as the TGP is SOI. Conversely, in the exact same conditions, I cannot fire the Maverick if the Mav page is SOI. Yes, and this is the issue. Laser is firing. Upside down triangle on HUD at the right spot. X on Mav page on the right angle. But it's an "X" not an block. Switch SOI to TGP, and without anything else moving/changing (i.e., no update of Maverick seeker), the laser can now be seen and the Maverick can be fired. This makes sense, and definitely I need to switch the SOI back to the Maverick page (and sometimes cage/uncage) to get the Maverick seeker to slew to the laser designation. But still it will not fire until I switch SOI back to the TGP.
  16. SOI is on Maverick page to uncage. But Maverick does not launch or actually see the laser (cross, not block) even though laser is firing while I am on Mavrick page --- pressing weapon release does nothing. SCS right to make TGP SOI and then maverick fires on weapon release immediately. Every time. So I have to: (1) With TGP as SOI, designate. (2) SCS left to Maverick page as SOI, uncage. (3) SCS right to TGP as SOI (4) Press weapon release. Without (3) I cannot launch, With (3) I can launch without problem. (I'm using the Open Beta, no mods).
  17. I've encountered this as well. As I am just learning to use the Maverick (and the Hornet!), I didn't know if I was doing something wrong. I figured out that I have to switch the SOI back to the TGP for it to all work. I don't know if this is a bug, a DCS-ism, or I am still missing something.I just posted a question about this here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=289156
  18. I've been through a number of tutorials and documentation on this procedure, but I'm finding that I have to have the TGP as SOI before I'm allowed to fire a maverick, which is not covered anywhere. Am I doing something wrong? In brief: (1) I set up everything -- A/G mode, Master Arm on, Mav selected, laser code set, FLIR page open, Laser code set and armed etc. etc. Maverick page on left DDI, TGP on right. (2) Find the target on the TGP. With moving target -- point track and designate. (3) Switch to Maverick format on left DDI. Maverick uncages. Wait till in range. (4) Press weapon release. Laser is firing. Maverick sees laser. But Maverick still crossed out and will not launch. (Also, there is the "X" on the maverick page showing the laser in the maverick FOV, but no solid box even though the laser is firing (flashing symbol).) (5) SCS right to make TGP SOI again. All is good: weapon release launches maverick. I find this highly repeatable -- that is, unless I make the TGP soi, I just cannot get the Maverick to launch. Whether or not the laser is on manual or auto. Does it work this way for everyone? Or am I doing something wrong? None of the documentation or tutorials say that you have to go back to the TGP page to launch a maverick. They all seem to indicate you can launch even if the Maverick page is SOI. No big deal either way. Just want to know if this is how it's supposed to work and the way it works for everyone, or I am missing something.
  19. Ok, figured it out. Two separate issues: (1) There are multiple VSL Hi/Lo commands, one set under the Jester Radar menu and the other under the "Left Instrument Panel". I had previously bound the latter. Then a controller reset, and the second time around I bound the former. The former does NOTHING. Or rather, nothing useful that I recognize. I guess it instructs Jester to got VSL Hi or Lo, but he always goes back to his own thing anyway so it doesn't last long. It's the latter that I wanted (the set under "Left Instrument Panel"): this is the pilot override for BFM. THIS is the useful one. (2) Yep, you folks are right --- I confused PLM with PAL. I previously had PAL bound. With the controller reset I bound PLM and was expecting PAL behavior. So, mea culpa on both counts. And not a bug. Thank you all for you input. It helped greatly into figuring this out.
  20. This one is totally new, and not related (it seems) to the other Jester/AWG-9/Phoenix/TWS/RWS issues documented elsewhere (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=282566). It's easy to replicate -- single player or multi, no matter what configuration the aircraft is. Just take her up and try to switch to PLM or VSL. Jester switches you back forcibly into whatever radar mode he prefers (TWS-A if there are any contacts). I cannot dogfight because I cannot stay in PLM. With the controls indicator on, you can see me switch to PLM and Jester forcing the switch to TWS. No mods, tried a clear/repair. No joy. Is it just me? I can post a track if needed.
  21. Yes. Part of a complex of issues. Jester needs meds. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=282566
  22. So what EXACTLY are you folks who are demanding the g-limits be changed asking for --- MORE "realism" or LESS "realism" in the rules? If MORE realism, then I think the input of the currently-rated or recently-rated professionals of what the realistic rules of a tournament like this should be would certainly carry quite a bit of weight? Perhaps more weight than a cool story of something that someone once did. Once. Which to be clear, was "cheating", i.e., actually breaking the rules. Which actually provides support for having the rules along the proposed lines in the first place? If LESS realism (based on your rejection of the perspectives of multiple real life professionals because their real life world views are not applicable in this gaming world), then why bring in ANY real life professional into this discussion at all? Snodgrass or otherwise? Just say you would prefer more arcade game-like parameters for whatever reasons, and be done with it. No need to dress it up by scouring the universe to find that one guy who (you THINK) supports your position (but really does not: you missed the forest for the trees on that one). So are you asking for more realism or less realism? Or are you really just asking for G-limits > 7.5G for the Tomcats and you really don't really give a rat's caboose whether this is more or less realistic: that's just the way you personally are comfortable flying and are pretty sure that with this restriction you won't be as hot as you think you are or want to be. (Narrator's Voice: "this was, in fact, it").
  23. From this user's perspective, anyway, key binds are GREATLY preferred to the Jester menu as well -- easier to map to StreamDeck/VoiceAttack, and no need for reading text and head-bobbing in the heat of the moment.
  24. I think "Jester, hook next track" / "Jester, hook prev track" commands on the Jester menu or keybinds would work well to help "guide" Jester's thought process and solve this problem. A big limitation with the Jester logic seems to be that Jester does not take into account datalink HAFU info in deciding prioritization of actions. (Peripherally related: IMHO the "Jester, hit next launch" command is desperately needed for a number of reasons, but this lack on consideration of datalink contact status is one of them. Many times we see first launch priority is given to the closer unknown, but the upside down HAFU clearly puts in as a friendly. In the mean time there are other hot tracks that are clearly hostile that have launch priority 2, 3, or 4. What can we do? NOTHING if you don't want to kill friendly. Just wait and wait and wait and wait tile Jester changes the threat prioritization by eventually classifying the unknown as firendly, while the real danger is getting closer and closer and closer).
  25. [Not a pilot, but from a bio/physiological perspective ...] The lights on the ground can look like stars in the sky, and the visual signal can have such a strong influence on the mind that it disregards or sometimes even reverse-reads the body's inertial sense (from the vestibular system). Not exactly the same, but related, VR nausea "goes away" when you learn to ignore your vestibular system telling you that you are not moving when eyes are telling you that you are.
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