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  1. Uncomfortable because it has sharp edges around the nose, or because it lets in too much light, or does not stay on, or too much pressure around face? I guess if there is no choice, and the frankenfov does not help ... seems very drastic
  2. So I want my nose gap back! In both the Rift S and the G1 the gasket could just be popped out. With the G2, it seems glued on. I can rip it out, but that seems like a permanent / damaging solution rather than the modular one of the Rift S/G1. Am I missing something, or is this the only way to remove the nose gasket in the G2?
  3. You know, I don't know. I've never actually done it myself. I imagine it will turn up if you search for "HSD" or under the category "HSD" based on the Lua. And if it is an axis bind, you should be able to bind it to any axis.
  4. It should appear as a row in the control setup page.
  5. Awesome! Thanks. I use a left-hand roller ball mouse, but I think a trackpad would work a lot better. My mouse just sits on my lap for now (I had it velcroed to the side of my throttle when I used to have the TMWH, but with the WinWing it's too far away LOL). I think with a track pad I might need to secure it more strongly.
  6. With the latest patch, we see that the AIM-54 uses distance vs time to go active. Previously, when using ~16s TTI, we could see on the TID the countdown and have an idea of when the missile would go active, planning our maneuvers accordingly (i.e., when/if to crank etc.). (1) What can we use now? Is there a ballpark of time based on distances? E.g., large ~16s, medium ~10s, etc.? (2) Also, will the countdown timer still flash when the missile goes active or is there any other indication that the missile has gone active?
  7. I've never had a single F-14 track ever work. Ever. :(
  8. Could you share the setup? E.g., which trackpad? And how do you attach it to the strap?
  9. Add me to the "crosswinds needing recalibration every few weeks" club. Just the left brake axis, weirdly. And, just as weirdly, when it goes out of calibration it outputs something like 15%--68%. That is, there is always some residual left brake, and I cannot ever go to 100%. I notice that I need recalibration when I start to drift left on a take-off roll or when I spin right when I apply full brake during landing. Had the pedals since 2015, and only noticed it over the last year or so.
  10. Ok, this is cool. Very, very, very, very cool.
  11. I would like a data cartridge just to not need to laboriously plug in coordinates in VR! For this and other GPS weapons (JDAM, JSOW) It would be nice to go from user mark points on the F10 map to a data cartridge like both the VIggen and the Harrier can do. So, what is the range increase between Paveway II and III? Wikipedia etc FWIW says from ~9-10 miles to ~11-12 miles. Of course, altitude and speed dependent. Which stills puts you inside the threat radius of SA-11's and -6's (and, of course, well inside the belly of the SA-10).
  12. Hi, Please add me to the list. Do I PM you my email etc.?
  13. SCS depress over track in the air-to-air radar page will IFF the track.
  14. Hind vs Cobra in the Iran-Iraq war:
  15. I too find JSOW A's extremely unreliable (OB). Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Not sure if it is my switchology/,echaniszation. This thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-f-a-18c-hornet/bugs-aa/7112978-need-track-replay-agm-154-jsow-always-off-target-or-simply-disappears/page2 suggests that it might be range issue. @Bunny Clark perhaps it would be worth seeing if you can consistently get failures when > 25nm and successes when less?
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