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  1. Tried both the G2 and the Q2 - Q2 is better for edge to edge clarity for me! (Reverb G1 is about the same as Q2 )
  2. @zildac , @dburne, and @imacken, Thanks for confirmation that I wasn't just missing something about testing the G1 and G2. It's a pretty big step to return the G2 after waiting six months for it to arrive. Your comments give me confidence. Thanks Dave W.
  3. As far as fpsVR detecting the resolution, it actually causes a "pause" for a second or two in rendering and reads the raw resolution from the headset. It doesn't just query SteamVR but accounts for ALL multipliers including the game/app itself (PD = 1.4 for example in DCS World as well as SteamVR at 80% ). I have utilized it a lot when trying my G1 and then my G2 since I had to try to make very careful measurements to compare clarity - lack of any blurriness when looking at instrument panels with a fixed gaze (example: in Aerofly FS2 with the center of focus on the 777 PFD and then trying to r
  4. The most definitive way to know the final resolution is simply to use the "Detect Headset Resolution" feature of fpsVR. You wait until the application has started and is showing the image of interest, bring up the SteamVR dashboard using a hand controller, bring up the fpsVR menus, and then request the detection. It will include any and all factors - I find it especially helpful as I am trying to carefully decide whether the G1 ( I have both )might actually have a better clarity - sharpness (lack of blurring) from the center to at least 75% of the angular distance to the screen edge - than th
  5. Would anyone who like myself still has their G1 and also the new G2, try to simply evaluate the clarity (reading text and at a given closeness to a panel and then holding your head fixed and looking (gazing) around and looking for clarity comparisons away from the center of the screen - switching back and forth between the two HMDs but making sure you don't change any settings except what is required to get the final resolutions in pixels x pixels the same - at least with two different settings like maybe 2160x2160 and then 3000x3000. Thanks - I want to keep the G2 but not if I am
  6. @imacken, I just wonder whether there was a compromise required when they decided to make the lenses handle adjustable IPD. Also, I wonder if this clarity issue might have to do with our particular corrective lens prescription - mine is: O.D. -2.00 -2.00 92 O.S. -2.75 -2.25 84 IPD = 64.5 Keep us posted on what you find that makes the G2 definitely more clear - especially away from the center of our gaze! I certainly feel that I have to take more care with the G2 to tilt it just so as well as position it high / low just so
  7. @dburne and @imacken, I still have my old faithful G1 AND my new G2 - and I am wondering about image clarity improvement as well. Right now, I am on the fence in that I just might sell the G2. I have tried to compare them both by using Aerofly FS2 (because it starts up quickly ) and just sit in a 777 or Dash-8 where there are plenty of instrument panel objects and lines to measure focus with fixed-head gaze clarity away from center. I am using the detect final headset resolution capability of fpsVR to make sure that I am comparing the same resolution (I use both 2100x2100 and 3000x3
  8. I hope this isn't an old issue that everyone except me has fixed. I still (for many months ) get the image flickering during mission loading while in VR where I have reprojection set (in SteamVR settings) to motionvector (always on) instead of "auto". I prefer the fixed 45 fps with my Reverb instead of sometimes 90 and sometimes 45. This flickering can be avoided by looking away from boresight but it is just really annoying. With the newest (modified ) kegetys mods, performance during actual flight is very steady at 45 and is a pleasure. Any ideas?
  9. Make sure you check the reddit forum /r/HPReverb for preorder issues. You can ask VoodooImaxx (moderator who works for HP) questions directly
  10. Just for information, I finished the upgrade to 2004 and my PC will sleep as usual.
  11. @Yoyo, Are you having the same problem as Imacken? "My Pc will not turn off display or sleep when (any or all of) my joysticks, throttle and pedals are plugged in." I don't want to do the update before I figure out what to do if that happens to everybody.
  12. What version of Steam VR are you running - I have 1.11.11 Have you adjusted IPD - maybe that is your discomfort - some say the only adjustment (which is on the settings page (Headset Display->Calibration ) in Windows 10 WMR Portal ) doesn't do much. There is some sort of IPD adjustment in DCS
  13. A great way to graph your CPU speed is OCCT from ocbase.com - then you can see if your CPU is throttling down.
  14. The one thing I have problems with in this thread is the idea of isolating the problem itself. Isn’t it more that DCS core graphics are just too slow with all the features that some of you want. Simple mathematics would show you that you need over 200 frames per second on a single 2Kx2K monitor in order to get 90 frames per second with the stereo headset and VR. Other core engines like Aerofly FS2 provide anywhere from 200 to 300 frames per second but don’t have other aircraft or ground weapons. If the Core graphics of DCS could be optimized, maybe you might return to VR.
  15. I don't know if this is long enough for you but I added this 6 ft. Display Port Extender cable without problem to my Reverb: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L1K1G74/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but I still use a HTC Vive Link box for the USB extension (I had an Odyssey+ ): https://www.amazon.com/HTC-Vive-Link-Box-pc/dp/B01LXR6DKV and a PCI-E board for USB3.0 anyway: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B6ZCNGM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I don't know if you could eliminate some of the USB boosters - all I know is someone else
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