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  1. Ya exactly, I do miss when oculus was just focused on pc environment. No fan of social stuff and don't participate with my quest 2 or Rift s. One rumor I saw sad it had two usb c connections but at this point its all dust in the wind until its Released.
  2. Food for thought, we set our Carl rounds to 50 meters beyond the tgt for proper airburst over said target. Be interesting if that is something with the flechete rounds on the Apache as well?
  3. Yes Evga 11gb 1080ti. Shes still rocking but as dcs gets more and more graphically intense and VR headsets resolution goes up, she's getting a little behind. ALso yes i cant comment on Quest 2 pre v33 as i literally just got mine 2 weeks ago. But it was a immediate improvement compared to my rift s. Mi24 i can read basically everything but do realize the most clear resolution area of q2 is in the center. Overall very happy and its dynamic 72hz up to 120hz so you can set it up to what your rig can push best. Now today supposedly Quest pro or whatever may be Announced so curious to see That.
  4. Well the Flechette round for a Carl G is wonderful, Air burst that sucker over a courtyard wall and everyone had a bad day. Granted 84mm probaly has more punch in the bowl..... Regardless will be a great asset to have on Apache when ever the new ground damage model comes.... ya the whole suck flesh off thing, thats dumb Hollywood think right there
  5. good one to witness this is f16 mission Dawn Raiders Persian gulf. When i was testing cloud presets the stock settings for that mission lighting is completely different than when you do a preset, even one with very very low cloud cover. posted pics on discord Crom
  6. Well I haven't found the golden ticket by any means, but I DDU cleaned my nvidia drivers and fresh install of yesterdays new nvidia drivers. Plus as i only fly vr in quest 2 now i have my quest set to native res in Oculus desktop app and then made a sacrifice of dcs pd down to 0.9, granted i also turned off cockpit global lighting, and water down to medium. With that i am atleast able to fly the hind low level and locked at ASW 36fps. So certainly not pre patch awesome but Found some compromise's and enjoying time in the Hind. 1080ti is the gpu i have and it certainly seems a upgrade is in order, but then i see folks with a 3090 having issues. DCS is a strange beast indeed.
  7. Nope, works perfectly on my end. Do the usual drill run a repair and check for odd bindings.
  8. https://discord.com/channels/542985647502393346/543014378643914752/902959497851592824 nope
  9. Well if we are going down this route, then our viper should have APKWS and GBU 54/39 as they are and have used those in Afghanistan, Syria, Among other operational areas. https://theaviationist.com/2020/10/05/lets-have-a-look-at-the-gbu-39-sdb-and-apkws-markings-sported-by-the-f-16s-of-the-510th-fs-buzzards/ Something that is actually Operational.....
  10. Just had this bug in the Instant action mi8 cauc mission convoy attack. After destroying a couple vehicles then they all let up like they where on fire I did change the Mi8 for Mi24 Mi-8MTV2-QS-Convoy Raid.miz
  11. All the more reason we need a full fidelity su25 variant
  12. same here, flat terrain shadows work much better than default for me
  13. Ha you mean the best ground shadow setting is best performance now? Ha maybe its a good thing will try shortly
  14. Thanks to the Dev's for the variants we got. Hind is a masterpiece.
  15. Love to fly this whole campaign but vr wise it stutters too much, all those way far not in play Air defense assets crush the current engine. Other than that this is exactly the type of campaigns Im looking for. Modern scenario in syria. Now just need one for the Hind
  16. Yup Hind is now my favorite module in dcs, you can feel how much detail and love has gone into it just by flying it. I played miles laser tag with the hind in JRTC couple times in my military career and was alway just in Aw when that thing flew at Mach chicken down low over our heads. Been around and operated with all us heli’s and nothing comes close to the Hind for me. ED did such a great job you are flying this thing not some computer. Apache what? No thanks Hind is where it’s at, now let’s get some sweet Syria campaigns and smack ISIS
  17. GI was first thing I turned off after this latest patch, It brought GPU usuage down enough to maintain ASW fps in certain regards. For me right now I get pre patch performance when weather is set to none aka the cloud slider thing in editor.
  18. Good to hear, this is what I saw in dawn raiders mission as I believe it’s set to nothing as well. Really hope the weather gets optimized as it’s just too gorgeous not to fly in it
  19. I’ll be in pit tonight to confirm something, but on Russian side some chatter indicates weather presets are causing the big fps hit. Something bout new volumetric lighting added for the clouds this last patch. I do recall flying stock mission dawn raiders for Persian gulf f16 and it has no clouds or weather. Ran normal for me. I will go later tonight and add a weather preset or two and see what happens. so maybe edit a mission and take out the new clouds. See the results and compare to with new clouds
  20. Mmmmm another Radial, love it
  21. same stuff being talked about on Russian side
  22. Answer I got from Big on discord ”I have no news sorry, and not been able to reproduce. All seems ok my end, but I have a very strong system so maybe missing something”
  23. Never use shader mods so cant speak to them, but had good performance before latest patch, and with the folders being encrypted or whatever I suspect a big change is coming soon. So I look at this in a positive light.
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