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  1. This would be quite good also maybe in the crew contract menu. Also hooking a target allow to use the Navgrid quite effectively even as a single pilot, which a must have when you want to use the bullseye.
  2. Hi, Is there a way to ask Jester to hook on the TID a specific contact ? Hooking a contact allow to have a lot more info on it and greater SA and it will be better to be able to choose the target instead of having it randomly choosen. Maybe i missed it in the Jester wheel, but do you think it will be feasible to add a "Hook specific target" in the BVR menu like the STT menu ? and the derivative function to STT the hooked target ?
  3. I can confirm that if you hold kneel as before, you don't have issue to put back NWS when you land.
  4. You can't have more for less, you pretty much have two cockpit, so double the texture and a lot of jester voice over. It's pretty logical for this one to be larger than other module. I think dev do their best to optimize everything from perf to space but it's still a balance between quality vs perf/space etc
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