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  1. Update: think I've found it. I found that by putting the TPOD into INS mode (sensor select down twice), then hitting NWS twice seemed to work.
  2. Hoping that someone can advise. I was out practising last night in the Harrier and was really struggling to get the TPOD to reset to a boresight position (i.e. to the front, in the middle of the HUD). Can someone please advise.
  3. Here's an estimate: https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/cost-of-buying-operating-fighters.84507/
  4. No one is going to give a simple straight answer to that question. If it were that simple, you'd be able to look it up on Sukhoi.com, choose your configuration and livery and hit the buy button. The reality is that there's going to be a whole bunch of other questions that the Soviets would ask, e.g. how many do you want, do you want training, how many years of spares, what capabilities do you wish for it to have etc. The closest that you might get to that is to look at say an overseas sale (were they sold to India?) to see what the contract included and bas
  5. I believe that there's no ability to map the anti-collision lights to an external controller (please correct me if I'm wrong). Can that please be updated in the future.
  6. I'm almost surprised that the Mossie is not already up for pre-order, if it's going to be launched before the end of March.
  7. One question. Are you running DCS as an admin? I had some CTDs recently and tracked it down to the fact that i wasn't running as an admin.
  8. We were out in a Huey last night using SRS. What we found was that you could "select" say the UHF radio for cross flight communications, and that was "radio 2" in SRS. In the meantime, "radio 1" in SRS was the intercom, meaning that you always had two channels of comms, which makes sense as that's how the real Huey works (or so I understand).
  9. OK, I think that we have a resolution. I wasn't running DCS as an admin (doh!!!!!) Changed that, and it's working fine now.
  10. I've just tried removing all of my mods. Still CTD'ing. It appears that I'm alone with the issue. Just not sure why my system is different to anyone else's.
  11. My Harrier install has seemingly broken. I'm currently experiencing CTDs when I switch between say a Mav F and a Sidearm. It's clearly a local issue, and no one else seems to have reported it, and a squadron friend tried it and couldn't replicate. Attached is my log file. I had a browse through, and couldn't help but notice several errors relating to missing files, e.g. ERROR Lua::Config: load error ./Mods/aircraft/AV8BNA/Cockpit/HUD/indicator/STBY/STBY_NAV_MSC.lua:can't open './Mods/aircraft/AV8BNA/Cockpit/HUD/indicator/STBY/STBY_NAV_MSC.lua'.
  12. As above. Just because I personally wouldn't use an autopilot in a warbird, I don't really care if others do, as long as it doesn't impact upon me. Sure, it might take some time to code and therefore require actual cost, but if these chaps are happy to pay for it, then go for it.
  13. Doesn't look like they'll be rushing into the front lines. https://thaimilitaryandasianregion.blogspot.com/2020/08/komsomolsk-on-amur-aviation-plant-plan.html 76 planned for delivery by 2028. So third parties look like having a reasonably long wait time.
  14. Should we assume that you either missed or couldn't be bothered to read the comments some months ago from ED that they'd stopped significant work on performance with the existing engine and were moving towards the replacement?
  15. Look up CSAR. It’s a script that can be easily added into a mission. in the event of a downed pilot, it will generate a rescue mission for chopper pilots. In short, it’s very good.
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