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  1. ?? I don't remember mentioned "training" at all. I'm sure that I suggested that you turn off the laser, i.e. STOP firing it.
  2. The reason for your issue is laser "burnout". In short leave it running too long, it overheats and internal components start melting. The solution is to only start lasing a target just before (or after) dropping/firing a weapon. As soon as the target has been hit, turn off the laser. The flashing "L" denotes that the laser is running and should be used as a reminder to turn off the laser.
  3. Mine took a while post the update, but did get there eventually. Partially a side effect of having cleaned out the FXO and Metashaders folders. Give it a while and see what happens.
  4. Try these: - remove Tacview - before starting DCS, log out of windows, then log back in again. This creates a “clean” new instance (or that’s my understanding) - do NOT finish the 1st mission in DCS, then log straight into another one. Instead, completely exit DCS, then go back in and join the mission. I believe that the third point fixed the issue for me. My guess is that DCS missions are “locking” certain data sections in RAM, which is causing additional windows paging.
  5. Makes sense, thanks for the explanation. My thanks also to the very nice chap who gave me a warning that I had a P51 on my tail this evening. Ended up with my A8 looking like Swiss cheese, but still made it back to base safely. One question. At what point is it OK to "exit" the server, and not have that counted against you. My current assumption is that I need to be on the ground, not moving, engine off. Is that correct?
  6. agreed. Whilst I opened the thread, it was only out of curiosity.
  7. I just went in to update the mapping for a control, and was shown a "collecting profiles" timebar. At the time, I started from the main menu. As the task took maybe 5 seconds to conduct the collection, it made me wonder if this logic was being used if I try to change settings whilst in flight? If it is, can it please be disabled, or made optional during flights, as I've had occasions of crashes as a result.
  8. One question if I may. Some of the missions include hot started aircraft with no fuel. Can they at least have 5% fuel please.
  9. Just a note of thanks. Have logged a few hours now, and am really enjoying the server.
  10. Yep, normal practice. Follow the online guides on setup using the Virpil configuration software tool.
  11. Will definitely be checking that out. Amazing how this never made it into the 2.7 release notes. Thanks ED, have been asking for this for several years!
  12. Will do. Do you think that it might be an issue?
  13. Well that's a start. The "potential" for being able to use Foveated rendering does rather appeal.
  14. Track file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13R6G1EXkwIiyxy-BY4BlKHKsv9DRqgUO/view?usp=sharing I was out last night with a couple of squadron buddies in multiplayer, with one of them hosting a dedicated server instance. Part way through I swapped aircraft and saw a bit of a drop in performance. A little while later, performance fell to pieces, resulting in 1fps. I checked system usage, which showing the GPU and CPU taking it fairly easy, 30GB of RAM in use and VRAM maxed out at 8GB. I have experienced it before, and I think that I was also in multi
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