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  1. I believe dev said that they cannot add pilot body. The cockpit is too small.
  2. ImTooLazy

    Air refueling

    This is really good advice, work much better that way :thumbup:
  3. ImTooLazy

    Air refueling

    Any tips about correction ? I managed a 2min lock with the bucket with very slow and gentle inputs corrections but just one small mistake and it become very problematic...
  4. Sometimes the radar does the same in MP.
  5. Oh they could to t/o... At least one of them...
  6. Since I'm new with the warthog, is it possible to make a simpe toggle on/off switch without tweaking ? For instance, the master arm... I have to engage it twice for turning it off. It doesn't really matter for AP since you have to arm it... EDIT : okay I'm stupid, didn't read TomCatMucDe
  7. ImTooLazy


    I belive in you ! :) Trying right now ! :book:
  8. ImTooLazy


    Nice work! However the preflight checklist and engine start procedure are still not clear. Right now you can't start the engine without the hydraulic emergency pump off because your parking brake won't work.
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