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  1. Hello, Go to 32. Good Freq and low cache latency as possible. DCS memory needs are growing because DCS gives more ( good ) stuff time after time. Check your ram usage with windows performances tool to get conviced If ram usage are near the physical limit, it's time to add RAM. Multiplayer need more ram than solo.
  2. Hi, You should answer to Flappie : send the dcs log just after a crash Flappie phone number should be 911
  3. Maybe a question of time playing When increasing swap, the limit is far away than before ( if this is a limit problem...) You should check memory usage when playing, if it is increasing continously or not... And what about free memory available while playing... I am interested about a link of 'hot swap connect' you mentionned
  4. Hello, My advice is : - Try with a 1080ti used card, or 2080ti used card My experience about DVS VR is : - you need a CPU at 4.5 ghz minimum ( mine is and old i5 2500k overcloked) - you need a good motherboad ( to allow oervclock as mentionned ) - you need good DDR and 32 GB minimm ( Cache latency and Frequency Ratio 2400 CL10 for me ) - you need good GPU with quick VRAM and quantity ( i upgraded to a customized 1080ti ) - you need SSD - nothing running on windows and a lot of tweak has to be done with last patches ( i stayed in 18
  5. Hello, Check you have enough swapfile in windows performances settings Windows needs swapfile when running DCS, even if you have 32gb RAM Try without any overcloking too. Others people are going to help you ..( Flappie ;-) )
  6. Hello, Did you check ram usage ? ( with basic windows perfomances tools ) Do you have enough swap file and free disk space ? Because DCS MulitPlayer need more Ram than off-line ( we can observe it.. ) If RAM needed exceeds a lot your physical RAM, the DCS process could stuck ( cannot exit !! ) or Windows stuck itself too, and you have to kill the process as you describe... I met a similar problem when my machine was 16 Gb Ram : not able to play on some multiplayer server or exit properly solved by upgrading to 32 ( until next DCS release needs goes u
  7. Agree 90Hz with Rift cv1 most of the time today in a multi-player mission i'm used to fly, that's great for me ( i5 2500k @4.5 Ghz, 32 GB Ram, 1080Ti ). My VR experience is better and better with theses OB Patch. Thanks ED Teams !
  8. Thanks for the link I can find link that are not agree It Seems there are a lot of combination to get the good choice. AMD, Intel, and Motherboard manufacturer should give us the correct answer. I noticed myself a little downgrade that i can see in VR ( FPS value , Windows needs was about 9 Gb RAM for my test ) on my intel machine when i upgraded from 16 to 32 ( one dual kit -> 2 dual kit , i added one dual kit with same memory specs ) I'll try to compare myself 1 dual kit vs 2 dual kit ( same total ) for my next machine.
  9. DCS is written with high level langages It use stack librairies and api that can use threads... Windows OS use threads to make your machine what you ask. And DCS ask a lot !
  10. Hello If dcs run smooth with no stutter, then everything is OK, dcs is not the problem Cpu need depends of dynamic script, and there are a lots ! If cpu usage stay under 80% during all flight, your machine answer to charge is good First Check temparature of your cpu, your cooler system may have a problem or box may be under ventilated Check about windows background process while rpm is high
  11. With only one dual kit ( 2 modules ) if possible ( 2 * 16 or 2 * 32 ). It will be quicker than 2 dual kit ( 4 modules )
  12. Hello cmdramasu, This is not an issue anymore in my point of view. DCS 2.5.6 needs are more about : - 32Gb Ram ( especially in MP ), - 8Go VRAM minimum ( > 8 for recent map as Syria, Channel... ) - CPU at 4,5 Ghz ( even an i5 2500k ) I upgraded from 16 to 32 Gb RAM from Gtx 1060 to Gtx 1080ti and DCS is now very good most of usecase.
  13. 8 Go VRAM is not enough for the DCS current version ( for many reasons ) Everybody hope it will be better in futur, you can find many thread about VRAM usage This is my point of view and my own experience ( i own a 1080ti and VRAM usage is > 8Go sometime ) It will work most of the time with 8go, yes. But you'll have to play with more compromises about settings with this constraint. Be aware of that part in the future Edit: RTX 2060 is only 6go of VRAM ( i believed ii was 8 ! ) , this is not enough for High resolution need as with HP Reverb. So m
  14. Hello Extra330, To enjoy the HP reverb, whatever version, in most of DCS uscase ( big mission, multiplayer etc.. ) You should get : - more RAM ( 24 or 32gb with good Freq and low Cash Latency as possible ( good RAM ! )) - more VRAM ( 1080ti or RTX series > 8go ) - CPU Overclock near 4,5 Ghz ( carefuly ! ) And be prepared about 1 or 2 days of settings the whole stack ( WMR, Steam Vr , DCS settings etc.. ) This is my own summerize about all thread about performances ( i planned to get the G2 too... ) Hope this can help you...
  15. Segax About budget, you should think about finding a used machine... Mine is a 10 years machine : Asus P8P67 PRO Motherboard + core I5 2500K overclocked to 4,6 Ghz + GTX 1080ti + 32 gb RAM ( DDR3 2133 XMP profile) And everything run fine even in VR .
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