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  1. Not 100% but 90% sure it is working rn, or will be When we get it. My reasoning is because the Animation and switch work, (Wags showed it in one of the videos).
  2. What would be cool is if they were to make the Balkan Map and the Caucasus Map Integrate into each other for realistic long range ops
  3. Although its not unplayable as some are saying, I have bad FPS too. The NAVFLIR seems very laggy for me, Im getting around 30 FPS with stutters. Its most likely not scenery as I spawned the Tarawa in the middle of the Sea and Flew around with some stutters still.
  4. Yeah it's a constant lower FPS with some large spikes. I have great performance on Normandy so Its not my rig. I'm a None VR user and have settings Maxed out.
  5. Just to get the obvious out of the way, have you set the Baro to the correct setting?
  6. This is very very true, the way these things work out almost never ends the way the Devs wanted it to, maybe for better but usually for worse. I now as you guys have brought to my attention, It makes sense to keep the Info scarce and sprinkle few teasers. Its unfortunate that we all (Everyone is guilty of this) get fixated on little things and when that little thing isn't there we immediatly get a one way ticket to Hateville. It is the same thing for movies, for me. Avoid the trailers and any hype so that way we come into it with, No expectations other than it will be another Great DCS Mod
  7. A lot of what you guys are saying makes total sense, I do see that many people will over react with the wrong adjective being used to describe something and I do see how many people do not like getting release dates. My opinion on release dates: I would like an estimation but i know many people will complain as soon as the month it was said to be early access passes. If I was a dev I wouldnt want to get spammed with 3000 messages all crying "Where is my Module" So Release dates are a bad idea. One Idea I have is just making a public checklist for Items that need to be accomplished, So t
  8. First off, I am in no way mad or discouraged by ANY of the DCS developers, I love this Sim and All the Modules are an 11/10 in my opinion. This probably has been answered before but, Maybe we can start a small discussion on this. As the title says, Why the secrecy? What I mean by that is, Not giving much info at all to the community on upcoming modules. I, as many other members would, would like to see at least a monthly progress update on what the status of the module is. Obviously some devs are better than others on this but most devs are quite silent. The main issue isn't knowing whe
  9. Hello all! First off, I am a Flight Sim Enthusiast and have poked my head into the civilian side(Vatsim, around 600 hours) and the Combat side, DCS. I would say I'm above average at basic Flight IE: landings, solo meneuvers, ect. But i can use some work on advanced formations. I am open for recruitment by any group that fly these aircraft: Hawk, Mig-21bis, Mirage 2000c, F-5E, and the F-86. I am located on the West coast of the USA and can be on all day on the weekends and from 3pm-10pm on weekdays. I am also a student Pilot and am going to solo very soon. Send me a message if you want to pi
  10. Affirm, Squadron. Ill do some digging later but does anyone know of any Nam squadrons that will Integrate the Tiger II?
  11. Hi, As the title says, Are there any F-5 groups or shall we create a group?
  12. Hello all, I have just recently been getting back into the HAwk and Have really enjoyed it again. I'm trying to do Aerobatics and every time I try to use smoke With the T key or my Joystick bind, Nothing Happens. IS there any other things I need to do(Yes I have loaded up the smoke pod)or is it just broken. I have tried uninstalling and have read the manual. Thanks.
  13. I'm looking for A friend to Fly with as well, but I just have no Real experience flying Formations. I am however about to complete my PPL and have a lot of Experience doing formations. I would consider myself better than average and formations and at combat. I have the Hawk, MiG-21, Ka-50, A-10c(Although never done combat with her), Bf-109, and the F-86. Oh and I'm in Cali. so Pacific Time zone, usually on all day on weekends and from 3pm-10pm weekdays.
  14. Hey all you Hawk Pilots, I am trying to create a Hawk Demo team that meets Every Sat. Or Sunday. US Pilots only unless you can fly afternoon hours Pacific. All skill levels taken, As long as you are willing to learn. Thanks, Reply If you are interested, Im thinking 7 main pilots and around 3 reserves.
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