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    DCS: Bf-109K4+UH-1H Huey+MiG-21bis+A-10C+Mi-8
    , IL-2 1946, IL-2 Cliffs of Dover, IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad, Rise of Flight, FSX Gold Edition, Arma 1-3
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  1. Didnt know that the 206 is actually smaller than the Bo-105, but thanks for the info. I just never heard that such small helicopters actually carry sling loads that much before. :pilotfly:
  2. Well, surely looks like fake to me ;)
  3. I dont think so, I've never heard of a Bo-105 doing sling load operations. Wouldn't make much sense since it's a very light helicopter. :joystick:
  4. Is the other cargo stuff even implemented? Because I can only choose UH-1 cargo, nothing else. I go to static objects -> russia -> cargo, but there is no Mi-8 cargo. I'm using the newest DCS version, 1.5.5.
  5. Ah ok, thanks. Still a great mission :thumbup:
  6. The troops somehow won't enter my huey. I've tried the LRP team and the huey crew, but they just stay where they are and don't react. I'm using the newest version (3.1.17).
  7. +1 This is implemented in Il-2 Battle of Stalingrad for example, where it is very useful.
  8. Thanks for the info, I didn't know that nearly full down trim is used on modern aircraft to keep them flying straight. :thumbup:
  9. Hello, I've noticed two things while flying the Bf-109 and using the horizontal stabilizer and have questions concerning them. 1. The flight stick doesn't change its position when using the stabilizer, only the elevator changes its position. Is this normal? When using regular trim wheels on other aircraft, it does change its position, so I'm wondering why this is not the case here. 2. Even when "trimming" it fully down, the aircraft still wants to climb, this is extreme directly after lift-off. In IL-2 for example, this is not the case and the plane is far more pleasant to fly/take off because of this. So I'm guessing which is more realistic.
  10. Thanks that's what I was looking for :thumbup:
  11. Hello, I have a question concerning the switches on my new Hotas Warthog. Is it possible to bind the "OFF" position? For example in my huey, when turning the APU switch to start, it starts the fuel pump, but when turning it back to "OFF", it doesnt do anything, if I want to turn the pump off again, I have to turn the APU switch to the start position again. Thanks for your help, I hope the question is clear.
  12. My replacement X52 pro still has the exact same problem, I unboxed it, installed the correct drivers, plugged it in and opened the control panel and it shakes just as my first X52 pro. The difference is that even the X,Y and rudder axis are shaking, so this seems to be a quality issue from saitek. I've ordered the Hotas Warthog now and will send back both of them, this was surely my first and last saitek product.
  13. Did you untick the custom cockpit livery in the options under special for the Mig-21?
  14. Yes, I'm also experiencing the same thing. I don't really see a reason why it takes so much power to start rolling and when rolling, not as much power is required. In other flight sims like Il-2 Sturmovik, such things are not the case as far as I know, so it's probably a bug and not really intended.
  15. I know the Bf-109K4 is not made for night operations, but it's nearly impossible to start it up at night, because there's no light source in the cockpit apart from the instrument lighting. Is it possible that there will be a flashlight (like in the Mig-21 for example) in the future to make this possible? It wouldn't be hard to develop/implement I guess, so adding it wouldn't be difficult, but the effect would be great.
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