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  1. Would be great to add a drop down for the server IP, seeing both 104th and buddyspike support would be convenient to be able to save server IP addresses (even though they've changed several times)
  2. Just having fun dodging missles, disregard my attempt to hit with magics lol [ame] [/ame]
  3. Thank you! Just found this and was pretty sad when I saw the yellow was removed. Quite honestly I love the contrast between the green and yellow. Thanks for the rework on the textures and alignment!
  4. Your are the devils son indead, priceless trying to find you in the mi8 while your setting up kubs. What I will say is the most adrenaline rushed moment I've had in DCS was when you were chasing me down in your mi8 while I was in the JTAC :lol:
  5. I also miss flying flying the Flanker and Frogfoot, but for the time being I will stick to my M2K on BlueFor :pilotfly: Regarding SR, I love it and would find it amazing to have it properly used by seperating the comms for each package. I'm guilty of using both comms unforutnately lol, seems that due to the lack of others being in I find myself also talking on TS.
  6. Hoping breaking of the magics leads to the magic slaving :) Weird, the magics seem to work with no problem in SP. Online they will not go off the rail after being warmed and with tone. Found out that if you don't load magics the stores select 2 will not work with either hotkey or actual selection in cockpit.
  7. Seems i'm still having issues setting the hot keys for the radio select About 4 updates ago i was able to use my mode selector on my x56 to set all 3 radios, now it will only pick up 2 of the keys to set (hotkey 14 and 15)
  8. Following, this should be interesting!
  9. Great job on the Simple Radios! Although I have not tested myself, I have it installed and ready to go. One issue I am experiencing is that the controls is no loner picking up certain hotkeys which were working about 2 or 3 versions ago. Previously I was able to use my mode selector switch on my x56 and set all 3 modes to be a radio selector, at the moment it will only pick up 2 of the 3. Has anything been changed in regards to binding the hot keys?
  10. Thank you! You continue to deliver great things for this m2k!
  11. Does the profile appear as active? I know I had a few issues with my x56 not activating the profile through the system tray on win10 and found myself having to open the software and activating the profile through the actual software.
  12. Recently purchased a x56 and I really like it, surely it has no significant changes from the x55 except the new joystick but it is solid. Just like the old x55 it experiences issues with the throttle leading to having to quickly move it forward and back in order to calibrate( 0-100% instead of the bugged out 0-80%). After purchasing it felt like I should of just gotten the warthog but then again its more money and also requires rudder pedals. All up to you, if moneys not the issue I would just say go with the warthog and pedals.
  13. With the push on Integrity Check and server admin controls for exports I would give a few weeks before making the big purchase if using for MP.
  14. As stated by Snark, it was a seemingly irrational joke. My apologize 373, if disciplinary measures are required you be the judge. As far as the Red team, well done with the cap over Sukhumi. S!
  15. Callsign: Jman Squadron: =RvE= Location: United States Aircraft: SU 27 Rules accepted
  16. Had the same issue, after my first landing the replay stopped following me :cry:
  17. Jman Lonewolf United States SU27 Both dates confirmed Agreed on rules Chico Lonewolf United States Su27 Both dates confirmed Agreed on rules tallestmexican Lonewolf United Sates F15 Both dates confirmer Agreed on rules
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