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  1. The only airbases that the M2K appeared at where F15's were not available was Sochi and Gudauta. All forward bases past the border only had f5's
  2. Please teach me how to live after taking missiles in the m2k... :joystick: Haven't had any options beside ejecting for some time now.... even with the FBW emergency override I find it difficult to even fly. Maybe change up the Blue AI for this round considering the mirage is being changed to the red side? Worth the try I believe.
  3. Yes it is fully functional Any update on the fix for the 4 magic loadout?
  4. Thank you! Best news i've heard up to date :pilotfly:
  5. Actually just noticed an issue with the start up sound, landed south of a city waiting for the CAS to take the city and found the start up sounds continued to go on. Even though I completed the shut down it continues to "start-up", once again thanks for the awesome sounds!
  6. Once again thanks for the awesome opportunity to use SimpleRadio this round!
  7. That would be amazing! Thanks for the continued releases and fixes. Worth every penny
  8. Just enjoy the last few days Can't wait for the next round, hoping to jump back in the flanker! Will miss my m2k :(
  9. Awesome sound mod! Thank you, I can finally enjoy the sund of my huey. Only thing I have to get used to is the guns sound, feel like they are not intimidating enough!
  10. Thanks for sharing, as far as sharing the tacview, I can get you the track for purpose of seeing the numbers, I can forward you the track for the sake of not hijacking this thread. What exactly is wrong with the "Matras", are you talking about the Matra R550 Magic 2 or Matra Super S530D? And regardless of which of the two, whats wrong with the missile track? If it weren't because of work I'd be on, I always find the final battles the funnest. Yesterday was fun scrambling and having over 6 bandits in the air to have fun with! Regardless of it all, great job RedFor. Well deserved win, hoping to push back some and maybe lengthen the round to the weekend :pilotfly:
  11. What theatre is this mission for? Will be fun to have RPG's flying right at me! Thanks EDIT: I see DCS World folder so assume its for 1.5, thanks again.
  12. Sad to say, but i'm sure a few people will abuse it just like anything that can be abused. I've been flying the mirage since testing round and now that it is "broken" (again) wouldn't be fair to remove it because of the mistake done by ED. Poor little mirage is such a big problem with only 4 missiles :joystick: Regarding the "super missles", I have not noticed any improvement in the missiles and still missing targets pulling high G turns... As far as how effective they are, when you're launching at 3-6 miles your bound have better missile performance. All I know is these 2 are round 8 mvps lol
  13. Time for 360 no scope super 530 kills :pilotfly:
  14. Sure as hell will be seeing the super radar as karma to them :pilotfly::joystick: Thank you for the fix on the magics! You continue to provide excellent support and changes when found. As others have stated, I hope you guy's have set the standard for the other developers as far as communication and dedication:book:
  15. Don't think that would work at all.. Would only cause the CAS and Helis to be destroyed by AI, most of the time there is all cas and heli but no CAP.
  16. Be advised SR will only work on the servers that are running the ServerClient (104th and Buddyspike atm) Loving the new single application approach... makes it alot easier to open up SR and be ready to go.
  17. All I know is 2 hours of huey flight to captures those 3 airbases was no joke... specially being the only heli lol
  18. This is a joke right? Lol the constant saltiness is normal during the rounds (even during testing) from both sides.
  19. Make sure to set your radio to manual mode and then tune the freq.
  20. Unload the starways texture pack (if your using JGSME) and go to: "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Config\Effects\Shadows.lua" Copy that file and paste into your starway pack inside "Config\Effects\Shadows.lua" and replace it.
  21. You need to replace the shadows file with the vanilla one, it will pass with no problem.
  22. Looks great! Can't wait to see the final product.
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