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  1. Purchased my Oculus yesterday, love the immersion and fun to look over your shoulder. The air frame size is amazing and you really feel the size of it. Only issue i'm experiencing is that the gauges and text on the cockpit appear blurry to me, coming from a 4k monitor i'm finding it difficult to adjust - I can read the radio message and chat message clearly. I have tried zooming into the panels as well as moving my head up to them but still appears blurry. I have tried other games but it appears clear all around and does not appear blurry. Has anyone experienced this or have a fix? System Specs: GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 CPU: Intel® Core i5-4590S CPU @ 3.00GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM (15.94 GB RAM usable) Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Running graphics at the VR preset and tweaked a bit running smooth.
  2. Glad to have the server back up! S! Good to see you back Mav
  3. Not sure what the deal is but seems that BlueFor dropped a jtac outside of zugdidi and they were smoking targets for us? Came in to strafe and got alert that our Zugdidi city was under attack.
  4. I've been getting some dcs left and right, I guess slow and steady wins the race to blix.com?
  5. Sorry for the late response, just saw the updated roster. I see air frame is overbooked at Mirage 2000C, I can take an A10C slot or Mi8/Huey if needed but would love to fly the M2K. Thanks for the event, see you guys this weekend o7
  6. Not sure if anyone else has noticed all airbases randomly scrambling today. We were just attacking EJ08 with no friendlies north of the farp and all airbases started scrambling including some bluefors (gudauta, senaki, etc.)
  7. Getting the same warning from auto start, EP is from reserve pump is active
  8. This mod should help, it's done for 3 screens but you can modify lua to work for one monitor. Really the only thing that needs to be changes are the values that move the radio menu but it fixes the chat size. Not home at the moment but can send you the mod modified for one screen only later. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2019016/?sphrase_id=4308622
  9. I've actually been experiencing the same issue... recently was working on a mission went in for a rocket run at a high AoA and found the rockets doing the same, shooting and immediately dropping to the ground short of the actual piper designation. Can guarantee it was way more accurate previously, find myself raising my nose higher above the target to get hits.
  10. Thank you! Will give it a try, hopefully the changes fix my recent issues with connecting and timing out. EDIT: Glorious it works! Thank you Greg.
  11. Glad Blue Flag concept is back! Great change to AI from F4 to F16 :thumbup:
  12. I am also experiencing the same issue, as soon as I join and select a slot everyone that was online disappears and game crashes. I've seen a few people experiencing this same issue, i was able to fly all morning and after noon yesterday but after a restart started experiencing this issue. Have tried doing a continuous ping and experiencing no packet loss. Seems to be only present on buddyspike server.
  13. Jman

    ECM upgrades

    Although it might be usefull to have a key to change the programs, I like the fact we have more cockpit workload. Several months ago Zeus made a bold statement https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2702325&postcount=1
  14. This issue was several patches ago, worst case scenario all you have to do is unplug your track ir usb and re-plug. All peripherals are hot swapable now.
  15. Sorry mid fantasy football draft didn't verify it was working! fixed now. Thanks bud that worked
  16. Bottle rocket for the win!
  17. Tracks are always broken, haven't reviewed my tracks for months considering it continues to show me flying on the ground.
  18. Can't wait to get home.... makes me want to leagve work just to go slave my magics :lol:
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