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  1. I think blue needs all the help they can get. The regulars play red... and I just watched RVE and AXE steam roll four air bases in the south in less than two hours. It was pretty impressive if you like 11 v 2 odds.





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    Registered Pilots: 247 RED 331 BLUE


    Not sure why the numbers matter, I feel like the complaints continue because of "outnumbering" but I've seen several sessions that blue has out numbered red with bigger numbers. The truth is it happens every round, I understand you may have recently started flying BlueFlag but its something that has always been a problem.


    We've flown blue many times, as far as balancing its impossible as you have pilots that fly different time zones and this concept of "having even numbers" is impossible. Just look at the number registered pilots.


    You could limit the Mirages a little bit, by changing the spawning everywhere to just the "home bases". And have the F-5 and 21 spawn from any of the captured bases. To give a small edge to them. Pretty much how it was in the last round. Just with some more home spawns for the mirage.


    Mirages are only available at home bases? Just as they've been for the past testing rounds.


    Agree with the interceptors, they used to be available in forward bases and added some interactions up front instead of having to wait for cap to fly over 100+nm.

  2. Are you having issues using the x55 ones? I've found several profiles for the x55 and they've all worked fine with my x56.


    Obviously i've just adjusted accordingly as I use the bindings and make it more efficient to my liking.

  3. Put "Textures - high" and "VR pixel density to 1.5" in the settings and it should be better :)


    Will give that a shot, I messed with the settings and upped the textures and heat blurs as well as lowering the clutter and etc.


    Gonna try out the pixel density hopefully it helps as far as the blur.

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